Desires For Borderlands 3

A display stand like in Fallout 3 would be nice- or an actual weapons room with racks for all your best guns… :grin:

Wow so many suggestions. Many are completly reasonable and necessary. Others are… just meh, waste of types.

I got a single one to add. Latin speech!!.

We latin speakers, who likes games, have very limited roster of games with neutral Latin voices and text. We HATE Iberic spanish. Their pronounsation sucks really, and that spanish should never get out of their territory. In the late years we’ve seen (and heard) a good deal of games supporting our language. There are a few examples like Fable 3, League of Legends, Starcraft 2, Diablo 3, Destiny, FarCry 4, some FIFA and PES games, Killzone 3, inFamous 2, Uncharted 3, The Last of Us, Halo 2, good old Gears of War and even a Call of Duty has neutral Latin dubs. Who knows how many more I’m missing right now.

So, yeah, you Gearbox do not forget about us. Because we do not forget how good Borderlands is.

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Compañero, no sé de qué parte de LA eres, pero te apoyo en un 500%. Aunque la voz española del Krieg me parece mejor que la en inglés (por mucho que la haya hecho un weón de Breaking Bad).
Bueno sería destacar que 2K anduvo haciendo promoción del TPS acá en Chile por lo que vi, no tanto como la hizo Rockstar con el GTA V si.

YEAH GBX, remeber that there are more countries in America. Latin Spanish + Br Portuguese BL3. I think WWE 2K15 and GTA V are in latin spanish. Rockstar and 2K are brother companies… 2K publishes BL’s.

I’m gonna answer in english, sorry for you but sadly this is a foreign forum.

So yeah, I’m also from Chile. TPS DID had a lot of advertisement and related media prior to release here. So my best guess is that 2K knew already then that there’s a great deal of fan base here in the region and specifically in Chile, and they still threw to us that crappy european spanish for those not lucky enough to understand english.

And no, to my knowledge there’s not a single GTA game with Latin speech, though they do have spanish subs. And those are still european.

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Oh and before I forgot:

PC SPLITSCREEN!!!. Because any good PC is totally capable of handling more local players. PS4 and XONE supports my request (for those who still don’t know, those consoles are made of PC components).

About not using the same “local account” so anything like badass rank and any profile-level input-output data (to equal consoles and their “local user profiles”), that’s very easy to solve. Windows has user accouts, so does Linux. Don’t know about Mac though.

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From B1, I miss the Rain and Proximity Mine grenades, as well as the Anarchy SMG. While I never quite got the hang of the Rain grenade and abused the hell out of the PMs, I can see them coming back as a grenade type and grenade prefix, respectively. And the Anarchies, especially with a Double mod – good God, imagine Sal rocking a pair…

On the system side, it always annoyed the hell out of me when random players would join your session…and grab side missions that you were saving. An option to prevent them from grabbing anything but Story missions would be extremely helpful.
Relatively, RTIs as a quest reward should (IMO) be sent directly to inventory of all players in the current session, rather than being picked up. This was a major problem in TPS with Moxxi’s loot session as I’ve seen random people join, open the loot when the host was nowhere near the box, swipe it, and leave. I messaged one guy that did it to give the host first dibs before grabbing (which he didn’t), then informed the host precisely what just happened.

Another one I might mention is the Deathtrap’s “Buck Up”, and the problem of it refilling players’ shields…sometimes unwillingly. If this is ever reused, it should be programmed to refill all shields except depleted Roid shields and non-depleted Nova shields.

From TPS, I also had an idea for improving the Grinder. Heavily dependent on what you put it, it’s designed for those that know their parts; while it won’t work with RTIs, it can yield RTIs from purple mixtures. The result would be determined via dominant/exclude-or-match based on what you put in, listed as follows:

  • WEAPONS: [manufacturer][type][barrel]_[capacitor]
  • GRENADE: [manufacturer][prefix][capacitor]_[type]
  • SHIELD: [manufacturer][capacitor][type]

An example using weapons would be broken down as such: [manufacturer][type][barrel][capacitor].
If I put in a Vladof Rocketeer (normal), a Dahl Minigun (fire), and a Dahl Grenadier (shock):

  • Vladof assault rifle, unique barrel (Torgue), non-elemental
  • Dahl assault rifle, unique barrel (Vladof), fire-elemental
  • Dahl assault rifle, unique barrel (Vladof), shock-elemental

  • MATCH: assault rifle
  • DOMINANT: made by Dahl, has a unique barrel (Vladof)
  • EXCLUDE: fire, shock, or non-elemetal
The result would be an assault rifle made by either Bandit_Jakobs_Torgue, with a unique barrel (Vladof), and be in anything but fire_shock_non-elemental. Potential result – a Bandit Spinigun (acid), a Jakobs Cannon, or a Torgue Spitter.

As for what might fill the relic/O2 slot, I haven’t worked that up, although I was thinking of something that might work, like combining traits from Allegiance relics (from the same company) or Stockpile relics (which can boost 3 types), then combining same-type relics sporting those same traits to upgrade those on the first by 30% of that from the second.

Also, my other post here: [Suggestions] Borderlands 3
(-_^) Shouldn’t there be a unified thread on this, rather than one under each separate title?

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Nice too see I’m not the only one with this idea.

If you ask me, there should be an entire subforum! Individual ideas get lost too easily in a long list of posts like this. but an entire subforum would mean an entire thread for every suggestion worth detailed discussion. And it would be easier to find ones you like from titles.

Since Gearbox has just started to develop new Borderlands game, now it would be the best time to listen what the fanbase wants!

The only problem is if they screw up optional objectives, like prepping to fight Jack…and some idiot goes straight to Claptrap. Really, that needs to be tiered, or at least noted as optional.

Additionally, I’m sure I wasn’t the only one satisfied with the COM skill boosts, but I’m not sure if I was the only one working on an idea around that. Here’s what I drew up:

There is another I drew up on the premise that you’d get one blank normal mod and be able to pick up to 3 traits (Max Health, Gun Damage, etc.) to build your own mod, before loading up 3 skill boosts of your choice, akin to the unique mods in Tiny Tina’s DLC. However, much as this would be great, I think it extremely unlikely in comparison to the first.

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If a BL3 Deluxe Edition came with an actual Bunkers & Badasses game (complete with figures), I think I would go for that… :heart_eyes:

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“Roll for insan-- I mean, roll for initiative!”

Dude, seriously, B&B as a board game – now THAT would be fun for the family!


That’s another thing I’ve been considering. If there’s two routes in a side mission that affect the prize (i.e. bring item to x or y) then the host should have the right to decide which one to take! An toggle option which disabled guests commiting mission objectives would be one solution.

Tough I must admit that it could get rather complicated in practice. In Push-action-button-objectives (like pick up an object) it would be simple; the host would be the only one able to do that. But what about killing bosses or going to certain locations? Personally I wouldn’t even care that much if it wasn’t for those multi-choice objectives.

But one thing I’d like BL3 NOT to have is player characters talking in missions. It was fine in the Pre-Sequel (partially because we knew the characters already) and added some replay value. But as far as I’m concerned, RPGs are better the less characterization player characters have, since it lets you fill in the gaps. In the Pre-Sequel I found myself asking more than once if THIS is the kind of weapon this character would use, or if THIS is the kind of side mission he’d do, partially because of I knew what kind of people they were already. Besides, part of the fun in more bizarre side missions in BL2 was not knowing what your characters thought about it. Were they dumbfounded, were they totally into it, didn’t they just care as long as they got paid and so forth.

I liked TPS’s characters actually talking, but it gets rather boring in UVHM. Like thefirst missions of Bl2, we should skip them in UVHM. Don’t want to sit around listening to Gladstone for 5 minutes.

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Guess I’ll add my 2 cents:

TPS was a MASSIVE leap forward from BL2 in many aspects of the game:
The storytelling was a night and day difference, I’ll admit, it was a bit weird at first, but neither of the other games brought the universe to life like TPS did
The gameplay was significantly better than BL2. Talk about giving the people something they didn’t know they needed, the boosting/slaming and low gravity is hands down the best change made in TPS, and needs to stay, in some capacity in the future of the series.
The leveling/skills system improvements were fantastic, there are MUCH fewer skills that become completely useless in the late game, the skill trees are (generally) designed to work with eachother, instead of in isolation, and getting Action skills at 3 instead of 5 was really nice.

I hope to see even more growth in these areas in the next game.

That said, not every change was possitive: The balance of enemy types (fleshy to armored espically) was quite bad, this issue was mostly fixed in the DLC, but I hope this mistake is not made in the future. The Unique/legendary weapons were dumbed down significantly. This is probably the single biggest issue I had with TPS, I understand that they were trying to make the game more accessable to newcombers, but making the Uniques and legendarys essicially regular loot with higher numbers is a major disservice to the existing community. I know I'm not the only one who enjoyed learning how to use a complex weapon, It's probably the most rewarding thing in this game for me. Specifically, I'm refering to the very low number of weapons with firing patterns differing significantly from the norm. Related to the previous, many of the uniques were hamstrung from the very beginning by having locked parts and/or being locked into a non-neutral element. One of the legendary shotguns: the viral marketeer, is almost trash-tier becuse of the near complete lack of armored enemies in the base game, nearly all of the legendary lasers suffer enormosly because thay cannot utilise their status effect in a huge portion of the game and they don't scrach shields.

I really hope the Gearbox crew learns from these mistakes and does not make them in the future.

End of the day, I think TPS was a step in the right direction, but it's not with out its issues and I hope they do better with the loot in the next game. Also, I would love to see some changes to ARs to make them more interesting weapons (and I don't just mean increaing their numbers).

The game list should show both host’s main mission and side mission if one is active, and their levels. It would also be nice to see all players in the game and their classes.

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Agreed, but with an addendum. It already does that with the host, but if B2 was a format, I’d like, only up till “72” or “72+” – it doesn’t tell you what specific OP they’re at. It also doesn’t tell you the highest level of the other player(s) in the session, which would be good to know if the host isn’t the strongest one present. So the game telling me something like [host]/[strongest in session] would let me know whether the host is leading the charge, or backseating it. If the game caps but has additional ‘levels’ (in the manner of OP), “72+” doesn’t tell me exactly how much higher.

Switching tracks, here’s something else I was thinking about – picking your own battle music for boss fights. We already get the option to alter volume levels for BGM, SFX, and dialogue – I don’t think altering all BGM would fly, but picking some 2SFH for raids would be AWESOME:

Or this one, although for reasons of setting, I think it would go better with ones like the Empyrean Sentinel:

(Play the boss fight with muted audio, and one of the tracks with full audio.)

There should also be an ability to block certain players from joining you.

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Doesn’t turning on ‘Invite only’ or ‘Friends only’ do that already? (I rarely play co-op so that’s why I ask).

I mean that you could block all the jackasses you kicked from joining you again. Honestly I was rather disappointed when I realized PS3’s blocking system didn’t so this. Only prevented them from messaging you.

I put up just such an idea way back when:

Just do it like Borderlands 2 an please bring back Salvador (like he is in B2).

BTPS was nice, but not more. Anything you did an B2 is way better than the whole BTPS. Come the way back to your B2 ideas, jokes and fantastic gameplay. I have both games on one Disc on my ps4 and missed playing BTPS so far. Now I stopped with my Nisha at level 50 an went back to B2. And I have found and seen EVERYTHING in B2 with my OP8 Salvador. Now I farm for my Lev. 72 Axton any boss again and its more fun than playing a BTPS where I have just seen 60% of the game. Whats good an B2?

  • great bosses
    -a lot of bosses
    -great guns
    -great characters
    -brilliant ideas (vakrids spawn to spuermonsters, chubbys, lovely designed levels, raidbossES, GRAVITY!, Mr. Tourge and Tiny Tina…!!!)
    -absolut great DLC’s, each better than a lot of stand alone itles (mmh, ok Sir Hammerlocks DLC was not hat good…)

Just get your Team from B2 back and pimp it up. New Planet, a few (I dont know the english word, that hole you have to open and the loot comes out) in german its “Kammer”, great Bosses, great Guns. And not to much from these alien guys at the end of BTPS, Bandits and Monsters are cooler…

Thank you for the best Game ever: Borderlands 2