Desires For Borderlands 3

What I’m thinking about are the big changes. Because I don’t think they can make Borderlands 3 just another Borderlands 2, but with different unique weapons, action skills, and skill trees. Well I guess they can, but they probably won’t.
Between each game we have seen large changes to the formula. Even the small jump from 2 to TPS brought huge change. Low Grav/Airborne Combat, Skill Trees were compressed slightly and became more synergistic in nature, Action Skills became more involved and complex, Cryo and Slams added layers of Crowd Control. For a small game, meant to fill a part of the story, they made some pretty big changes to the formula.
So what’s going to be the new twist to the gameplay, to the guns, to the skill trees, to the action skills? I’m really curious.


Just saw Bahroo’s video about double-jumping/2Jing making a return. In the comments section, there was one about changing parts. Personally, I feel such would be a good system, but it wouldn’t be a main title.

However, there is one aspect where I might be able to reverse my stance w/o really affecting the gun’s performance – the sight/scope. TMK, it doesn’t affect how the gun performs, but does affect how you do. Could be nice if the gun is otherwise perfect, but the scope/sight is not one you prefer.

(Not sure about how to implement this, tho; also, wondering if such a system would be a Pandora’s Box if so implemented…)

I think derch has a video about the part system in the next bordlands game.

My wants are simple, as Borderlands 2 is already a pretty good game, even though its now 3 years old. I would like all loot to be at mission level. I would also like the drop to be equivalent to the weapon being used - example, Make Mike and that fantastic RL he wields (and then drops you a repeater)

In-game WIKIpedia, with pages unlocking as you find more info in game.

It would be great! Please add the feature in BL3. Would add more context and value to playing game and finding stuff.


[quote=“mlociks, post:823, topic:73886”]In-game WIKIpedia, with pages unlocking as you find more info in game.[/quote]An enemy database would be good. On a relative note…:

  • Paying extra, either cash or unique currency, to roll the shop’s timer forward and cycle in a new list. Also, shops offer only
  • green-or-higher items in NVHM
  • blue-or-higher items in TVHM>UVHM
  • COMs for DLC characters that you don’t have do not appear in your game, either as drops or shop items. Likewise, FTSs for DLC that you do not have don’t appear on the map.
Credit to @ippou:

Update to that air vehicle concept: Desires For Borderlands 3

Some of these are old ideas, but what about having the ability to equip/carry:

  • up to 2 separate builds so you don’t have to hit the New-U and reset/respec? Cannot be toggled, and buffs do not carry over, preventing loop-stacking.
  • (I’m sure somebody mentioned this before…)
  • up to 2 shields that are active at the same time but run off their own numbers, allowing for a multitude of effect combinations. A quirk to this is that their numbers cannot stack onto each other.
  • To clarify the way this works, a player equipped with an [x]-capacity Nova Shield (shock) and an [x-200]-capacity Nova Shield (acid) that has both shields overloaded will have the Acid Nova trigger before the Shock Nova; both shields will also recharge independently and retain their individual performances, resulting in an effect overlap up to the furthest common range number.
  • up to 2 sets of mod/grenade/relic [or relic equivalent], which can be toggled out with the push of a button to fit the situation
  • credit to @brad_fox10: Desires For Borderlands 3

I was thinking about melee weapons after watching @Derch and @DemoniteBL and, honestly, I do not longer think it would be a good idea.
In BL series, outside of VH with melee dedicated AS like Zer0 and Krieg, I dont think that melee should be a dedicated way to play. Borderlands is a FPS after all, and the main aspect is the near infinite number of guns. So why put it aside and start to only punch everyones face?

I like what they did with melee in TPS. The VH had an unique effect attached to their melee strike, complementing their gun playstyle.
Athena had the bleed debuff and Blood Rush, helping her to close the gap and benefit from her innacurate but safe AS.
Wilhelm has the Explosive Punch, taking down frost enemies with easy. Note that Cold War was a natural freeze source so there was some synergy, even the skill doesnt working properly.
Nisha has the range of her whip and some Interact with her first skill tree, being able to strip shields in a large area or going melee/gun hybrid with all her buffs from Order stacks.

I want to see something like this in the next BL. Every VH having some unique trait in their melee strikes.
I dont want something like Axton, with additive buffs to his melee strikes that count nothing in the higher levels. :frowning:

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leave moonstones/eridium but make the ammo/permanent character upgrades ACCOUNT WIDE it’s so tiring to get all the upgrades on your main then go on an alt and you run out of pistol ammo in 3 seconds so you have to farm it all again

especially in tps because there is so much other stuff to spend moonstones on like grinder … honestly the moonstones/eridum themselves should be account wide too


What about making all forms of currency account-wide?


Diablo 3 style. I like it.

Wouldn’t know as I haven’t played Diablo 3, but having my unique currency restricted to a single character is aggravating when I have them maxed on one character, but am unable to use them for another, which completely restricts it to accessing Terra, playing magi-slots, or stuffing Buttstallion.

For the next borderlands we should be able to be all the main characters from all the borderlands that are still alive and it should be called borderlands allstars

For the next Borderlands I want more ways of exploring, like Double Jumping, Swimming, Flying, etc…it’ll give a nice way to see the beauty of the game. Oh, and we need more customization, like outfits.

-Manufacturers should be able to make all weapons as long as it makes sense. I want Vladof shotguns. Bandit-barreled lasers that act like plasma flamethrowers. Dahl rocket launchers. However, I don’t see how Jakobs RLs or lasers would work.
-All-new cast of Vault Hunters. I don’t want to play as old faces, I want completely new characters.
-Touched-upon visuals. Update the graphics, revamp all animations, change the UI, etc. but keep the look of the guns the same. I should be able to recognize a Tediore or Bandit weapon at first glance. Weapon parts of different manufacturers could be made to blend in together better, though.

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You have a point with the lasers, but I can see a Star Wars blaster type of gun (like Han Solo’s pistol) as a Jakobs laser. I think that would be pretty cool, actually. As for Jakobs RLs, just look at the 12 Pounder. To me, that’s pretty much a Jakobs RL that carries the Torgue brand. A literal pirate cannon. That’s your Jakobs RL.

AI improvement:
– factions that would use flanking more often (via use of teleportation, jumping, wall running, dashing)
– nomads who would use shield formation (like legionnaires in Rome Empire used to);
– grenade mod usage (singularity, rain, slow (yes, slow, because if you are unaware, you should be punished));
– random predators in wildlife-dominated maps, who would ambush you;
– bullet-sponginess change with healers (or something simmilar to that);
– rare usage of jump-scares (psychos randomly jumping out of the bushes, simmilar to predators);
– traps (like in “Evolve”) which would mess up VH’s UI, cause hallucinations or mess up key sets (for example, button “d” would move character to left, button “q” would make character to throw grenade etc).

Of course these would be optional (like Shrine in Bastion).

Characteristics of environment:
– wind factor (for character, not for guns);
– slipperiness;
– earthquakes;
– moments of pitch black when moon is blocked by clouds;

Also, optional.

Basically I want OP levels that would change more variables (more than health and damage).

Flip it, I would pay additional 20 euros for this kind of improvement.

EDIT: removed numbering.

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Oh, God… No. Just no.

Also no.

Nothing that takes away the player’s visibility or messes up the player’s control over the character. That’s the laziest way to increase difficulty momentarily and the most annoying way to “diversify” combat mechanic. I really, really hate when games do that. I really like your other ideas, though. Original and sophisticated combat created by improving and diversifying enemy AI and behavior is always great, but please, don’t screw up or handicap the player’s movement, visibility or control.


At least not in this type of game- those effects sound more suited for games like Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem (a classic Gamecube game from Silicon Knights)…


So in regards to future Borderlands games I feel the key aspect that needs to be preserved is the loot.

When I think of Borderlands my first though has always been and will always be the elemental guns and unique projectile/gun effects (along with co-Op with your friends). One of my greatest fears is to loose one of these elements that have been added over time.
Personally I hope That Cryo and Slag will return in future games along with shock, acid fire and explosive perhaps with more multi elemental interactions and more elemental hybrid guns like the Tsumami from BL1 and the Florentine from BL2. Considering the elemental modifiers it could be quiet interesting to have say a mixed elemental gun tailored to say wreck shielded fleshy targets and so and so forth.

Likewise the unique red text effects are one of the things that make me look towards all the red text weapons. It is quite disappointing to get a cool red text gun only to find it is extremely sub par compared to other weapons/shields/grenade mods ect. I belive that every Red text should be a viable option for max level play regardless of their gimmicks and special perks.

That said I feel high quality purple tier items should be able to compete with red text equipment

In short I hope for high diversity in loot but without the issues of Borderlands 2 where only a small subset of equipment are viable in high level play.
In some ways the restrictive nature of manufactures in Borderlands 2 hinders the viability of some weapons as certain manufaturer perks have strong limitations, that said the flavor they add is useful at the same time.

For instance Perhaps we could see say explosive becomes a normal element via a specific Tourge elemental part. That said Torgue weapons would be guaranteed to be explosive and would give a bigger boom and maybe have more damaging splash damage/loud explosions.
We could also stand to see Torgue make Snipers and the like again with mechanics that Mr. Torgue would approve of say No scoping bonus as he is Torgue big explosion and naturally slow motion explosion or things along that line of thought.

That said the manufacturer interaction found in the Torgue vending machines was a nice mechanic I would love to see again perhaps expanded to more gun manufacturers with various loyalty tokens for each that can buy items with a legendary or maybe even on rare occasions pearlescent weapon. Seeing those really spurs you to try and collect enough tokens that you don’t miss “the one”, while also giving desperate players an alternative reliable means of obtaining a particular rare weapon at a far higher cost should farming the boss in question have been disappointingly poor in its drops. (Such as the infamous BNK3R)

The next point of discussion is leveling. The boosting of the level cap multiple times with a game that wasn’t designed for that scaling was really apparent so I ask that future borderlands games stick to there design plans with regards to leveling. I know for me the most enjoyable gameplay is going after bosses and arena quests or playing a DLC/Playthrough at max level with some of your friends. Borderlands 2 had such a tedious level curve that training up another character for higher level play got quite tedious. Perhaps BL3 could have a mechanic to allow you to say pay money/Eridium on one character to boost the level of another lower level character? I feel it would be a good mechanic for evening the levels of characters as levels differences often get in the way of a spontaneous Co-Op session with friends.

i.e. You are playing with 2 friends and are playing a level 40 character with two friends with level 40 and 41 and another friend who is rarely available wants to join but he only has a level 29, and level 50 character.

Sure you could all start a brand new campaign but you can only tolerate the opening sequences so many times. If their was a way to quickly adjust a character to the proper level then it would be far easier to have good co-Op experiences.
this along with a higher level playthrough that scales to the highest level like UVHM and allowing resetting would maximize replay ability and Co -Op expereinces

Another point more in regards to rare enemies and bosses is to make them more memorable fights without simply scaling up health and HP.

For instance Looking at raid Bosses Vermivorous the invincible was my favorite boss to spawn in late game play where you tried to find the varkid that could become "the one"Dexiduous The invincible had the opportunity to be interesting however his loot pool and battle were not enjoyable enough to make him worth fighting again.

I would love to see all story and raid bosses be more than meat shields they should be powerful, with raid bosses being particularly challenging but even they should have effective solo/duo/trio strategies for each character or combination.

Pool loot should be far more common than the normal drops with truly epic challenges like raid bosses or even a digistruct peak like gauntlet giving a guaranteed change at one of the legendary equipment found in their pool(heads and skins should form a separate pool) along with some seraph crystals that can be redeemed for some select equipment.
Perhaps a guaranteed seraph item that can only be obtained from the particular boss+some crystals that can be traded to a vendor and then a large number of regular items of blue(or even better purple) tier or better.

Raid Bosses are to difficult/important to have these crappy whites and greens.

For side objective games that give loot the best examples in my opinion have been the Tiny Tina slot machines( which had a chance to give seraph crystals(otherwise raid boss only), as well as Peralescent and Legendary Weapons.) and the Grinder in TPS which gave a way to ensure a non legendary item of the rarity and type you want. This objective shouldn’t be at the expense of normal loot and I feel that Red text gear might have been better off left out.

Lastly I would love a way to immortalize those weapons that helped you out so much that you grew attached to them to the extent you just can’t sell it they need a place where they can be put on display for all to know your glory list. BL2 had far too little bank slots to hold my gear hall of fame, I wish we could at least have a larger Bank than BL2 offers more akin to the maxed Bank of BL1 in size.


When you mentioned a place for your old favorite guns I thought about a room or vault you walked in and all the guns were in cases, and when you looked at them it showed stats like shots fired, total kills and so forth…