Desires For Borderlands 3

Juba that all just sounds plain mean, I mean the host being able to pick what powers a guest could use LOLWUT and the loot idea LOLWUT and blocking certain Classes LOLWUT ._.

The picking what host you want to play with good idea. Thats a fantastic idea and should be a thing… all the others well… LOLWUT @_@"

I didn’t say anything about blocking any powers. Blocking taking loot on the other hand would at least prevent loot ninjaing and blocking classes would be useful if you wanted to have, say, only one of each class. One can already kick guests that play “wrong” classes so blocking them in the first place would at least spare time for both parties.

Ok my lack of english made me read SOME of that incorrect. But there is no “wrong” classes in Borderlands ._.

Kicking is already and major problem in BL2 this would just amplify the problem :I

The main things that I want are more weapon parts and more enemies on screen at once and since it will be developed for fairly modern hardware I assume that that will be the case. Other big things that I want are bosses that aren’t totally garbage for once and weapons to be on par with each other and not one type or manufacturer being basically better than the other ones.

I’m not saying there’s “wrong” classes. I just don’t personally like having more than one of each.

As for your second point, I think it would be the exact opposite. There would be considerably less kicking because there would be considerably less reasons to kick. With no chance of unwanted levels or classes, guests spamming side missions or stealing all the good loot, there wouldn’t even be reasons to kick out of paranoia, like I’ve heard some hosts doing after boss battles.

Where to draw line, well I already said where I’d draw it. Two for players, five for what they’re allowed to do. That doesn’t sound too bad now does it?

And if you don’t like having restrictions, then you can just join a game without them or host your own. Whether it’s freedom or order one prefers, I’m sure there would be desire for both kind of gameplay. And therefore hosts and company for them.

legendarys to have proper special effects. “increased damage and accuracy, compared to other guns of this type” is not an effect. (stuff like shotgun pistols are)

proper melee weapons, like the law/rapier.

an infinity type gun. preferably as a mission reward.

2 raid bosses.

DLC final bosses to be reasonably scaled. the handsome sorcerer was fine, but the badassasaurus, jackenstein, eclipse/EOS where frankly raid bosses missing “the ludicrously invincible” in their name.


all charachters to be scaled well. no axtons. TPS had this done well, but wilhelm was a bit underwhelming, especially for a brute made of muscles, metal and laser cannons.

a melee character. athena was melee-hybrid at best.

Zer0 is still tits. Thing is melee attacks are visually dull for almost any bl character over any gun fire. I think Mordy actually has more interesting slice and slash animations when viewed from another character than what poor zero does (all characters jab or hack simply. krieg has his wild swing during bxr). Definitely no melee inspires from first person. Outcomes are great, but lacks visual wow.

one thing i have to say is sliding from destiny is a nice movement mechanic. the oz kit thing seems gimicky to me, even as bouncing around is fun. hell prince o persia was muuuch more entertaining. stealth kills, dropping kills (a real death from above), maps and ai that can be flanked and that flank rather than just spawning in flanking positions. all of that might get too far away from shoot and loot, or they could be clever and integrate such things in.

Action Skills should supplement a playstyle (Decepti0n, Aspis, Phaselock) and have relatively short cooldowns, no more than 20 seconds, rather than replace it (Gunzerking, Buzz Axe Rampage, Phasewalk) or be a poorly scaled Pet class that cant kill anything and dies instantly with a cooldown of about a minute for 5 seconds of aggro draw.

If you need a pet class, they should be impossible to kill, or as near immortal as makes no difference. Wolf could only really be killed by Iwajira, so even making him killable was sort of pointless, but deathtrap and axtons turret generally lasted about ten seconds.

Now, the following weapons are Sadness: Hyperion Sniper Rifles, Jakobs Blue or White Sniper Rifles, Dahl Pistols, Tediore Shotguns, Bandit Weapons, Old Hyperion weapon, Hyperion pistols with Double prefix, Assault Rifles. Fix.

Give every character some way to, under dificult to reach conditions, deal massive damage, EG, money is power.

Big %$*@ing laser swords that EXPLODE!

And rideable Skags…that also EXPLODE!

edit Actually I would like a look at Earth in the Borderlands universe ._o"

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I like Tediore Shotguns and Dahl Pistols, to be honest. Haha
About pet classes, Saint and Wolf are a step foward. They are very mobile and hard to hit, dont have many AI bugs and you can actually guide them. But I like Deathtrap and the Turrets too.

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Lobbies back.

Bore knows no bullet bouncing :smile:

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Mr. Torgue as a playable character. His Action Skill: a giant airplane that crashes to the ground and explodinates everything!!!


Re-playable DLC. Instead of resetting the entire level. Be allowed to reset individual DLC…


This would be nice.

I’m hoping that we’ll get four new original characters rather than the option to play NPCs or previous characters. I want more characters to fall in love with, more vault hunters to kick ass with. Tiny Tina and Mr. Torgue… Even though I love them (to absolute pieces), aren’t vault hunters and I don’t think they should be in the game.

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the other 11 charachters do.

I want a DLC where an Umbrella satellite falls somewhere on Pandora or another planet in the BL universe and Brick and Sal get to investigate it… :yum:

I would like to see legendaries scale off level. So if you level up they should level up with you.

I know this next one will be controversial, but I would like to see the pixel shaded look go away. Not the complete style , just update it a little to look a lot better.

As the future of the series goes, I would not mind seeing the ability to create a character and instead of transferring the character with each new release, just add the new world and story to the existing world. This way we are continually building a character.