Desires For Borderlands 3

True- but it might stem the desire for folks to use 3rd party methods as a way of getting the gear they want- not everyone of course, but it might help to reduce it to a certain degree…

What about a “Hacker” class?
“Hack” your enemies so they can fight for you. Some weird mixture between Maya and Gaige.

There must be replayable Psycho class.
BL1 needed it, BL2 has K and BL3 could bring a new character or a even more badass Krieg.

‘Mama’ Krieg perhaps? :grin: As far as the Scavanger class idea goes, I’m mainly basing this on the old Gadgeteer class from Wizardry 8- while they start with a specialized weapon, they take scrap and odds and ends and build different and unique weapons out of them, most of which mimic spells. In BL3 his improvised weapons could have a variety of elemental effects- and also a high chance of catastrophic failure to help balance that out…

An absolute must: PUSH COOP PARTNERS OFF CLIFF IF AFK!! (super serious)

… ; )

Let us also reset every mission individually.


I’d easily pay eridium to level up low level legendaries. Or something to keep your lower legendaries relevant.

I don’t understand your last comment. Unless you mean that it would be more like, “here’s borderlands universe” and then they add DLC to it every year for 10 years. That would be neat. But at a certain point you would have to stop being able to get skill points or something, even if you were still leveling up.

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So much agreed. I was very surprised when I learned how low the drop rates were, even for hard to kill raids like this one. AND the fact that they weren’t really any more likely to drop a random legendary, just specific ones. If I kill a raid we should have a decent chance at any legendary and a very good chance at one of it’s named drops. I could even argue that any named enemy should have odds at least close to that.

I’m also a fan of my idea of increasing your odds of getting the named drops from a specific dude the more you kill that dude.

Flying enemies running away is like the AI rage quitting against your kill power. Not cool dude. Definitely agree that if a flying enemy goes too far away or out of line of sight too long it should either be destroyed or re-positioned.

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A turbo mansion!

Maybe it spawns 3 minions who each use one of your guns. If you swap guns they swap as well. This has lots of potential upgrades through the skill tree.

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Which also became incredibly boring because it took a full minute to cast. hahaha. unskippable!

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Yeah- but just getting the spell was half the fun… :sunglasses:

If any of the current or previous VH make an appearance in BL3, I’d hope that they have an upgraded skill tree at least- or in the case of Gaige and Axton, upgraded DT and turrets respectively. For Gaige and DT, I’d like to see a Heavy Duty DT skill tree, where he can be outfitted with short/medium/long range weaponry to deal with airborne enemies, machine gun pods for melee and short range foes, homing grenade pods for enemies that seek cover and the capstone ability to either lay a minefield while he flies about or to explode for a percentage of damage equal to (or multiplied by) your Anarchy stacks if Gaige goes into FFL…

@Matrixneo42: …which explains this:

Compiling/narrowing my list:

  • more cutscenes, and with character dialogue:


  • all characters have a skill to apply a damage-enhancing status (=cryo, slag, etc.), and can alter the damage inflicted by their AS in a manner similar to B1.
  • TPS-type skill trees; also (and potentially), enough points to bottom out each tree but not max out every skill.
  • character skills are better explained than simply listed as “Rank [x] damage”.
  • all characters would have skill trees individually dedicated to their Action Skill, weapon+elemental specialties, and unique playstyle. Like Gaige (Deathtrap, elemental, Anarchy) – “Close Enough” (IMO) was in the wrong tree, as was “Annoyed Android”.
  • certain (=multiple) character Action Skills can be cancelled.
  • all characters have the ability to command-cancel their Action Skill.


  • if the Grinder is kept, perhaps a few improvements: Desires For Borderlands 3

  • possibly enlarge status icons (like kill skills) a bit and put them at the top of the screen; makes it easier to see in couch co-op, and less of a distraction than looking at the bottom of the screen.

  • NPCs aren’t likely/able to kill everything in the area and leave a dying VH hanging: Things the AI has done to piss you off

  • temporary damage reduction upon respawning:


  • sort the sessions list in the manner of “B:TPS”:
  • difficulty
  • main story progression, with title of the current story/sidequest mission
  • player(s) in session)
  • connection status (at time of the list’s generation)
    • ADDITIONAL: to prevent accidental level-spiking, the matchmaking list can be sorted by the host’s level, and the host can implement a ‘level bubble’ to prevent anyone too high/low-leveled from joining.
    • ADDITIONAL: a “Resident Evil 6”-like tag system to specify the host’s intention(s) for the session; this was also (and first) suggested by Gothalion:


  • at least one ammo-regenerating weapon of each type
  • MIRV/Proximity Mine as grenade prefix, and Rain as grenade type.
  • double-mod available for SMGs (=the Anarchy SMGs from B1).
  • loot scales exactly to the highest level in the session, rather than setting the highest level as a cap and allowing anything below.
  • removal of ‘talking’ equipment with annoying/offensive content – the Bane and Boganella are respective examples of each.
  • Homing grenades prioritizing enemies you are looking at before enemies that are off-screen.
  • allowing combining/upgrading stats on a given relic in the style of Weapon Fusion used in"Orochi Warriors 3":


  • B1-type vehicle customizations
  • the option to customize your character like B1 or B2 – or potentially, a mix of both.
    • a combination of the color customization system (B1) combined and the head customizations (B2).
  • the option to replace boss battle music with music of your choice.
  • skill boosts on class mods can be customized to suit the player:


  • return of the Scavenger missions from the first “Borderlands”, with the missions involving all pieces and accessories from every manufacturer, all accessories, and custom-fitting them together as you like. This would at least allow some semblance of Gunsmithing, allowing the player to construct purple-rarity weapons from each manufacturer. Additionally, create the same for grenades and shields.
  • only host can obtain side missions; no restriction on Story missions.
  • optional objectives are tiered before the final (mandatory) objective.
  • optional conditional objectives are parenthesized: ~Assassinate Assassin Reeth with melee (optional)~
  • if mission can be turned in to multiple people/places, the final objective is listed side-by-side instead of separately…: “Turn in to [A] OR [B]”
    • …instead of:


  • larger backpack and bank on the scale of B1.
  • bank is (potentially) accessible from anywhere, akin to the original FF13’s shop system.
  • type-tier sorting system (when swapping an active-slot item for one in inventory) with swap>equip system from B2.
  • red-text items obtained by completing Story missions are not obtained from a physical source (i.e, loot chest); instead, each player present for the quest receives one directly to their inventory.
  • to prevent having to load another character (or even log out) when you backpack’s full, an item storage save file is generated, and functions the same as marking items as favorite/trash in your inventory and hitting a button to sell your trash. All items will be sent to the save file for later access.
  • trading of all forms of currency, or a pool for the game’s form(s) of unique currency – (Eridium bars, moonstones, etc.) – accessible by all character files in a player’s account.
  • retain the ability to examine items in either inventory or the VM.
  • favorite/trash marking system as of B2 to prevent accidentally selling all non-faved items in the VM.


  • mechanical enemies can be upgraded; they can also be hacked.
  • are less likely to spawn-camp; would be great if it was impossible, but this is a compromise that may yet swing.
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Something came across my mind which I think would work well.

Mission Rewards:
These are items you can only get once, unless you reset the whole damn world. Not cool. We want them in multi-elements and types and it’s just not viable to get them without spending a life time or cheat.

Now we have vendors for Torgue, Seraph, Weapons and Shields etc, why not have a ‘Mission Items’ vendor? Once you’ve unlocked an item it then becomes available to buy in different varieties just like the Seraph shops, and have them need special requirements (** see below). This would allow anyone to then go on and get the same mission item in what ever form they want - like a Shock Sandhawk or Slag Rubi etc.

This is turn would save people the hassle of having to trade (because I don’t want that in B3 anyway), or use ‘other’ means to acquire. i.e. CHEATING HACKING MODDING blah blah…

** So in order to get the Vendor items you would have to get special requirements. Many ways this could be done based on each item and how powerful or rare they should be classed. For example:

  1. A Sandhawk - A special drop from Hyperius (Gauranteed Drop) + Money and Eridium
  2. Rubi - A special drop from a GOD-liath + Money + Eridium

So I think in Borderlands 3 they could easily make it so certain enemy drop particular items you need to farm in order to get the requirements for other Mission Vendor items. Like Eridium or Moonstones or what ever other special currencies or item drops.

Just an idea. But I think it would be great. And I’d like to see the Loot System the same as B2, with ALL boss drops being farmable and chests actually giving GOOD stuff. TPS lost the plot.


Do you mean “aiming down scope”?

Or looking at the details of a weapon.

Aiming down scope should never go away. If you don’t like it. Don’t use it.

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Can’t isolate a feature like that to one class.

I posted somewhere else already that I think instead of hacking alive enemies you should instead be able to raise them from the dead, necromancer style. It might be random selection from recently killed dudes. If you haven’t killed someone yet this session then it would select a random enemy from those that spawn on the map. A single point gamechanger skill later might enable you to pick something. And other gamechangers would let you res more at once.

Seems like it would be less glitchy. Maya’s Thoughlock was glitchy, for example. It could literally make jack in BL2 invincible if you tried to thoughtlock his shield drone.

And yeah, Krieg was an awesome class. But it would have been nice if you could have specced his action skill into… not melee, so that you could make a more gun focused Krieg.

I always play gun focused with a bloodlust mania K, works great for me.

Make it so all action skills can be ended prematurely to start cooldown, like Digi-Jacks. Also, make it so solo players pick up ALL ammo, make green loot disappear (did they change this, I swear it used to disappear after some time) and furthermore all loot should go away once you leave the map. I didn’t pick it up the first time, I’m probably not gonna want it the second.