Desires For Borderlands 3

Agreed. I’m having troubles with my PS4 analog stick. You’d be surprised how much some of the seemingly more miniscule functions like movment, jumping, crouching, etc. make a difference in gameplay. Just in general too, as I’m not referring to Borderlands in this case. It’s not enough to be more conservative and try to contribute or survive from the edge of the fight.

I dunno what happened, but I have a PS3 controller that sometimes turns in counter-clock circles at no set turn rate – and this is when left alone.

That must be a console family thing, because when my PS4 controller’s at rest, and it’s relatively new mind you (no hairlike give from the center rest point), the cursor onscreen steadily moves to the left. It’s driving me crazy, because it throws my commands off. Whether I’m typing a message, browsing stuff, or trying to play any game, especially trying to land some kind of skill shot or gunfire, my accuracy is impaired.

Worst part of it at the moment is I was trying to earn gems on Smite earlier by taking the chance, but lost every game. Event ends on the 4th too, so I could easily miss out on 280 gems. Impeccable timing.

I got some suggestions for BL3:

  • Every raid boss arena must come with a chamber filled with chests to be looted by players after the raid boss fight. Triptych Games who developed both Captain Scarlett and Hammerlock DLCs didn’t add them next to the raid boss arenas. Which is why there aren’t much incentives to fight Hyperius, Master Gee and Voracidous other than Seraph weapons and crystals.

  • Introduce the Crimson Lance Chest equivalents in BL3. These chests have higher chance to drop/ spawn Pearlescents and able to drop/ spawn more Legendaries compared to the Red Chests. These chests can be found in the final boss arenas, raid boss arenas and raid maps like Digistruct Peak.

  • Make the Pink Weapon Rarity similar to the Glitch Weapons and Gemstone Weapons instead of the Seraph Weapons. I think the Glitch Weapons and Gemstone Weapons are more unique compare to other weapon rarities as they consist of common guns with extra gun bonuses. I felt having a third red-text exclusive weapon rarity after Legendaries and Pearlescents is redundant in BL2.

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I really think that a new set of vault hunters would be the best bet. Maybe have them not so…in the same groove as the other characters ex: Axton and Roland basically having the same ability(?). I also thought about the series and how you don’t really change the story in any way. It would be nice to have even the slightest of impacts on the main story line. And for the love of god please make bunkers and badasses a playable game in real life. I would but the sh*t out of that!

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Daily/weekly/Monthly challenges

Pickpocket ability

A “Digistruct Gun” that if it deals the killing blow turns an ememy into a special item.

Just don’t bring any of the art style of battleborn into bl3 or I will tea bag your corpse!!

Here’s what I was working on:

Toggled manufacturer-specific gimmicks:
  • Bandit: Makes all types with larger magazine sizes; toggling grants massively increased fire rate and decreased accuracy.
  • Dahl: makes all weapons types, and fires (semi)automatically. Toggling activates burst-fire mode.
  • Hyperion
  • Jakobs: has the slowest fire rate and largest recoil among all manufacturers, but better aiming stability; manufacturers all types except rocket launchers. Toggling grants increased stability at the cost of post-shot movement speed.
  • Maliwan: Higher element effect chance/damage, and makes all types. Becomes E-tech when toggled.
  • Tediore: base mode remains unchanged, but toggling increases reload speed and fire rate, at the same time decreasing magazine size on the initial mag when toggled, which dumps ammo back into your reserves.
  • Torgue: remain unchanged, and now/again manufacturer all types. Toggle doubles ammo consumption to increase detonation radius while halving fire rate.
  • Vladof: has fastest fire rate among all manufacturers, and they now make all weapon types. Toggling activates a 30% Overdrive mode that increases fire rate and reload speed while reducing ammo consumption, all by 30%.


  • RIFLEMAN: Increased Rifle Gun Damage and Magazine Size, and faster Rifle Reload Speed.
  • VAMPIRE: Increases melee damage, grants health drain from melee strikes; melee kills have chance to fully restore HP.
  • WITCH: Increased Chance and Damage of all Elemental Effects.
  • GUNSLINGER: Increases Pistol Gun Damage and Fire Rate
  • MARKSMAN: Increased Accuracy and Critical Damage; as a side effect, the COM also grants increased Zoom.
  • (Cooldown-related): Extends AS duration and decreases AS cooldown
  • TANK: Increased Shield Capacity, faster Recharge Rate, decreased Recharge Delay.
Aside from Maliwan’s , I’m still not sure about the actual use (versus selective fire) for toggled manufacturer-specific gimmicks.

Also, something needs to be done about RTIs that are guaranteed drops from bosses or story missions. Nothing fun about it if folks can loot it while the host is elsewhere.

Additionally, maybe fix the slot machines so the rolls can be stopped individually, and stopping where/when you press X (or whatever), which would be better than FF13-2’s:

I have merged suggestions for Bandit and S&S Munitions for compare/contrast, reworked on my Pangolin Globe Grenade Mod idea, and added suggestions for E-Techs on my previous post.

  • Bandit & S&S Munitions:
  • Reintroduce S&S Munitions guns in BL3.
  • Both Bandit and S&S Munitions guns need more distinct traits while keeping their large magazine size and reload speed penalty traits.
  • Make S&S Munitions guns having faster projectile speed and Bandit guns having slower projectile speed.
  • S&S Munitions guns are more accurate than Bandit guns.
  • Give S&S Munitions the reduced ammo consumption gimmick like the Vladof launchers. Each gun types have different Nth shots that will not consume ammo.
  • Bandit guns need higher damage potential to compete with other manufacturers. Either increase their base damage or the projectile count. Think of them firing shrapnel, nails or any sharp objects they could find.
  • Bandit doesn’t manufacture sniper rifles and S&S Munitions doesn’t manufacture rocket launchers.
  • Vladof:
  • Reintroduce Vladof shotguns in BL3. General Vladof shotguns have high fire rate , decent magazine size, fast projectile speed, and have decent recoil management. The setback for the shotguns will be the reduced accuracy and lower base damage.
  • Pangolin:
  • Introduce Globe Grenade Mods in BL3.
  • This grenade mod projects an energy bubble/shield after being deployed like Axton’s Phalanx Shield skill. It can be used to protect players from attacking enemies and also trapping enemies in the shield. So it’s more of a utility grenade.
  • Only players will able to walk and shoot through the energy bubble.
  • Energy bubbles can be expired after being deployed for a time duration.
  • Parts of grenade mod will determine the shield health, bubble radius, elemental damage/ resistance, delivery mechanisms, and fuse time.
  • The energy bubble’s health, radius and lifespan can be stacked when additional Globe grenades are thrown at the bubble. This is to avoid possible issues of bugs and glitches caused by enemies being stuck in small intersections between the bubbles.
  • E-Tech:
  • Make all E-Tech weapons not affected by environment if Gearbox is reintroducing that mechanic from TPS. E.g., incendiary DOT from E-Tech weapons works in vacuum, and enemies can be freezed by E-Tech Cryo weapons in warmer atmospheres.
  • E-Tech sniper rifles having increased base damage, elemental effect chance, higher critical hit multiplier and able to deal massive splash damage.
  • Blasters having increased base damage, elemental effect chance, better accuracy, higher critical hit multiplier and able to deal splash damage.
  • Splatguns having faster projectile speed, higher elemental effect chance and damage, and increased base and splash damage. Make the Splatguns with the critical hit accessory able to score critical hits. Or introduce a new E-Tech shotguns in BL3.
  • Refined design for the Plasma Caster barrel.

MINE - Grenade Mod Type. Is placed in front of you instead of thrown or on a surface if you are facing it. When an enemy is within range (variable) it triggers and explodes. Main Features: Higher Damage and Knockback, smaller range, higher element chance.

L3r0y J3nk1ns - Sentient Loader (Batch Brother to J1mmy).
Action Skill: Transform - Transformation will depend on what type of Character Mod he is wearing, allowing him to turn into a JET (Allowing flight), BUL (featuring the ability to Ram enemies with significant Knockback), PWR (Allowing rapid melee attacks and some bullet deflection), ION (Allowing you to create a bubble shield and shock any enemies which venture into the shield), and (At the completion of a skill tree) having no mod allows you to turn into a WAR Loader.

Skill Trees:
5C4V3NG3R: Allows him to scrap weapons or killed mechanical enemies for health. Additionally performing a melee attack against mechanical enemies or machinery, and holding the button, allows you to drain off energy and rapidly recharge shields while draining health from the enemy. Unfortunately during this time L3r0y will be completely immobile. Also a skill allowing him to melee barrels and inherit their element (like skags and spiderants can do) for a short time.

R0B0T 1N D15GU153: Allows buffing of the various mod effects of the action skill effects, and action skill duration as listed above.

W4RM4CH1N3: Various combat upgrades, status effect upgrades, etc.


Regarding manufacturers, I love the gimmicks and the fact that they don’t produce all weapons. It gives them character.
However, I think there are some weapon restrictions that don’t make a lot of sense.

This is assuming the manufacturer gimmicks in BL3 remain the same.

-Bandits, being the scavangers of everything they can find, should produce all weapon types. The only weapons they don’t produce in BL2 are sniper rifles, so… Bandit snipers!

Bandit sniper rifles have huge mag sizes, even more than Vladof-barreled Vladof snipers, above average damage and fire rate, but at the cost of increased reload times, reduced accuracy and only a 370% critical hit bonus compared to the 400% of other snipers.


Bandit lasers have increased damage, and of course enormous mags - no Bandit laser has less than triple digits in the mag. However, they are the least accurate of them all and with non-Maliwan and non-Bandit barreled Bandit lasers, the fire rate is inconsistent - firing a shot randomizes the fire rate for the next shot. The next shot will either fire up to 30% faster or up to 30% slower.

Bandits also have their own laser barrels. Bandit-barreled lasers are turned into short range "flame"throwers, damaging enemies in a continuous but short ranged cone. The visuals of the cone change depending on the element - a standard flamethrower for fire, a violent stream of lightning for shock, and a spray of acidic or cryogenic gasses for corrosive and cryo

-Dahl should have a fully stocked armoury, as they’re the most militarized weapons manufacturer on Pandora. And as it stands, they’re missing shotguns and rocket launchers, which are pretty important things to equip your armies with.

Dahl shotguns, like all Dahl weapons, fire in bursts when zoomed in. They have, as is Dahl tradition, low recoil and high stability. They also have above average mag size.

Dahl rocket launchers also have burst fire when zoomed. During burst fire, however, they have reduced accuracy, meaning that the rockets will be spread across an area rather than all of them hitting one target - the first rocket in the burst always flies straight. They also have increased projectile speed and a mag size enough to last about two bursts.

-Tediore is the everyman’s weapons manufacturer. They should be making guns to fulfill the preferences of everyone - this means dirt-cheap assault rifles and sniper rifles made of plastic!

Tediore assault rifles have low recoil and above average damage, but a slight inaccuracy and rate of fire problem. Their reload is slower compared to other Tediore weapons, but the blast radius is much larger and the explosion happens on impact.

Tediore sniper rifles have above average damage and fire rate among sniper rifles, as well as reduced recoil. This comes at the cost of having reduced magazine size - 5 or 6 shots at best. When thrown, the gun’s flight path has less of an arc compared to other Tediore weapons.

-VLADOF NEEDS SHOTGUNS. PERIOD. SMGs aren’t as important however, as their role is already filled by both assault rifles and pistols. And Vladof’s high fire rate gimmick doesn’t translate well to lasers.

Vladof shotguns, of course, have high fire rate, as well as vastly increased mag size - almost enough to rival Bandit shotguns. This comes at the cost of having one less pellet per shot compared to other manufacturers, as well as decreased accuracy.

Also, Vladof shotgun barrels are rotary. As is glorious Vladof tradition. They increase the rate of fire of any shotgun they are atttached to, but deduct one pellet from non-Vladof shotguns. They cannot spawn on Jakobs shotguns.

-Maliwan shotguns really, really should be a thing. Maybe not assault rifles though.

Maliwan shotguns, like all Maliwan weapons, always spawn with an element. Every pellet from a Maliwan shotgun has 15% splash damage. They also have average fire rate and low recoil with a tight spread, but this comes at the cost of below average damage. In addition, Maliwan shotguns have increased elemental DoT damage and effect chance - their DoT damage is almost unrivaled and while their effect chance is lower than sniper rifles and rocket launchers, they’re still higher than other Maliwan weapons and the multiple pellets will almost always guarantee DoT.

Pretty much the only downside to having Maliwan shotguns is that Jakobs shotguns will be able to spawn with Maliwan parts. Yay.

-Hyperion, if it returns, I don’t think needs to make more weapon types. Assault rifles and rocket launchers are too brutish for Hyperion’s accuracy-focused design.

-Torgue doesn’t need to make more weapons either. SMGs, sniper rifles and lasers are too elegant for a manufacturer like them, and Torgue himself says that lasers physically cannot explode.

-Jakobs lasers and rocket launchers should not happen. Ever. And no amount of “Oh, they should fire cannonballs!” will change my mind. As for SMGs, I have no idea if anything remotely like an SMG existed among old firearms but if it did, I’d actually love to know.

Wow, I got a little bit carried away here. Too much typing, my arm’s hurting now. Help.


[quote=“SentySent, post:908, topic:73886”]
Both Bandit and S&S Munitions guns need more distinct traits while keeping their large magazine size and reload speed penalty traits.
[/quote]What about increasing ammunition consumption (=x2 bullets per shot) with penalty, unlike the Dahl Lascaux, to make up for the increased magazine size?

@BattleBee: IMO, a list-in-progress that I’m working on…:

  • Bandit: Assault Rifles, Pistols, Rocket Launchers, Shotguns, SMGs, Lasers
  • Dahl: Assault Rifles, Pistols, Rocket Launchers, Shotguns, SMGs, Sniper Rifles(?), Lasers
  • Hyperion: Assault Rifles, Pistols, Rocket Launchers, SMGs, Sniper Rifles, Lasers
  • Jakobs: Pistols, Shotguns, Sniper Rifles
  • Maliwan: Pistols, Rocket Launchers, Shotguns, SMGs, Sniper Rifles, Lasers
  • Tediore: Pistols, Rocket Launchers (which needs the reload-throw’s errant flight path eliminated), SMGs
  • Torgue: Assault Rifles, Rocket Launchers, Shotguns, SMGs (=B1), Sniper Rifles
  • Vladof: Assault Rifles, Pistols, Shotguns, SMGs, Sniper Rifles
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Bugs Bunny and Leon S. Kennedy to appear in a dlc- they don’t even have to be together…:grin:

No Vladof pistols? But they’re awesome!

Also thanks for reminding me that I missed Torgue in my little “essay” thing.

I’m still working on it – just needed to get out a proto-list. But thanks for reminding me.

The increased ammo consumption would negate the large magazine size trait, plus there will be serious ammo consumption issue with guns with E-Tech barrels and multi-barrels You wouldn’t want a shotgun with Torgue barrel that consumes 8 shotgun ammo per shot (innate 2 ammo consumption multiplied with Torgue shotgun barrel’s 4x ammo per shot) as the shotgun ammo pool is relatively small compared to other weapon types.

Been thinking about this today with my latest ‘Get ALL the Legendaries’ character.

I know it’s been overdone in all games but I thought it would be nice to track BAR/Raid Bosses/Legendary+ Gear you’ve earned in an in game Vault Hunters Lodge. Doesn’t have to be anything fancy or have customisation (although would give money a purpose!) but an area you can see how well you’ve done would be cool!

Have the Legendaries displayed on the walls and Raid Boss heads mounted as trophies or something! :smiley:


[quote=“SentySent, post:915, topic:73886”]
You wouldn’t want a shotgun with Torgue barrel that consumes 8 shotgun ammo per shot (innate 2 ammo consumption multiplied with Torgue shotgun barrel’s 4x ammo per shot) as the shotgun ammo pool is relatively small compared to other weapon types.
[/quote]To be honest, I didn’t exactly have that in mind for the shotguns. Definitely for anything with a large magazine capacity to begin with, namely ARs and SMGs.

I still think it’s a bad idea, an AR with Torgue barrel will consume 6 AR ammo per shot and a plasma caster will consume 4 SMG per shot. It’s better to leave the ammo consumption being determined by the barrels, not a part of a gun manufacturer’s traits.

Bandit might be able to do multiple projectile weapons with higher ammo consumption and reduced accuracy. Fits them.

edit: didn’t see you had a discussion about higher ammo consumption. So, what do you think about the higher projectile count?