Desires For Borderlands 3

Agreed, by all means.

Lol, yeah, sorry. I just realized the Lance Assassins, but I should have specified human enemies. But you’re right regardless, I stand corrected. My point stands, though, if a little decreased. But yes, human enemies.

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A strong desire that the art work is the same and that YOU DO NOT repeat with added vigour DO NOT make it like Battle born because if you do I will hate you for the rest of my life and tea bag your corpse
[/quote]From what I understand, the problem was that Mr. Torgue and Michael Bay did the Fusion Dance…

We need some invisible Jack O’Neill…:

If we carry over the Relic system, we really need something like equipping two simultaneously, maybe even making a Binary Relic out of two normal Relics. Because quite honestly, the special Relics that sported more than one trait IMO kinda restricted things; with the Binary Relic system I’m thinking of you could put an Elemental relic in with an Aggression Relic to increase the damage of something like an acid SMG. Or you could put in two relics with different focuses, like a Proficiency Relic and a Protection Relic. Bottom line, the player could equip two of whatever to suit their custom playstyle.


Not sure if this was already mentioned, but one thing I would like is to be able to save different builds and have them preset. I’ll gladly pay the fee every time (in fact, they could go ahead and raise the price if needed), but it would be nice to be able to walk up to the respec station and switch between (for example) Sniper/CA stack Zer0 and melee Zer0 instantly.

I could see them limiting it to maybe five or ten different specs per character, but it sure would be nice for those random moments when I wanna switch it up or try something different.


I hope the Raid Boss Class Mods in BL3 are well designed than Slayer of Terramorphous with all +5 skill points bonuses and have different skill bonuses for each class.

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I’d also like to see an overhauled accessory system. The idea is that multiple accessories can appear on the same gun but in different slots with specific accessories in each.

Offensive Slot: Higher damage, higher fire rate or an accessory specific certain gun types have (more pellets, double, wild accessory).
Defensive Slot: Higher mag size or faster reload speed
Shooting Behavior Slot: Recoil reduction or higher accuracy
Melee Slot: Self explanatory. If it makes a return to begin with.

The idea is that it allows you to customize guns even further to your liking and class without creating a “definitive” gun (and also avoiding the “why can’t there be more than one accessory on any gun?” question). Perhaps some kind of combo accessories will be added here that combine the accessories of each slot at the cost of being weaker than separate and/or some smaller negative bonuses to balance them out, kinda like what the wild accessory for Assault Rifles already does.

Now how do multiple accessories even appear on any gun? The basics first:

Whenever a gun is generated, the game determines which and how many slots get an accessory. The probability in this step increases depending on the rarity of the gun. For example, a Legendary gun has a 100% of getting at least one accessory in one slot and a lower chance for the others. Perhabs a 50% chance for a second and a 25% chance for a third accessory, basically 12.5% to one in every slot.
The Melee slot is completely independent and always has the same chances at any given time so they don’t get in the way of getting the actually useful stuff, if they even make it back.

Getting an accessory in each of these slots would be very unlikely of course (for Legendaries that would be 6.25% if we include Melee). Here we bring a new feature to the black market: Illegal Modification.
Let’s be real here, why wouldn’t bandits do something like this? The idea here is that you can dismantle other guns to take their accessories and put them in another gun of the same type and rarity. Bandits (or Crazy Earl) are really terrible at this job, largely due to poor tools, lessened skill and intelligence, so it’s a one-way trip. Once the accessory is on, it can no longer be removed even if the gun is dismantled. Fresh guns can have their accessories removed but the gun is still destroyed in the process (we all would have trashed or sold the undesirable guns anyway). For the sake of simplicity we pretend that Bandit guns are still good enough to be dismantled safely.
For Uniques you can dismantle blue guns for their accessories. The catch here is that blue guns are of course less likely to have accessories to begin with so it’s still not that easy to get what you want.

Maybe you’d also be able to buy some accessories but that would likely make this process too easy, even if you’d get random accessories for a random slot.

In any case, you’d pay them with the new “exotic” currency if such a thing makes a return or just cold, hard cash. Lots of it. Naturally, the rarer a gun is, the more expensive the mods become.

Overall the idea here is to simplify the farming process while still giving you a challenge if you want to min-max and get the absolute best out of each gun. Stupid blade accessories won’t ever be the greatest disappointment either!

While something like this could be possible for the other gun parts, it’d probably make things too easy since there usually is one “definitive” part.


You can see they already went to a similar (or even better) direction with the second UVHUP COMs for BL2. We can hope they implement a similar pattern, but put it on raid boss(es).

Also, the reason Terra’s class mods were mediocre was probably because the mods are a guaranteed drop. Except they can make a balanced gameplay (where players cannot easily beat raids yet every class have similar chance to beat it solo), I wouldn’t hope so much for a guaranteed drop.

Most of what you say here I would like to see applied to a whole new VH character- call him /her Improve, as they always improvise weapons and gear out of whatever they can scavenge. Kind of like the Gadgeteer class from Wizardry 8, who was able to not only improve his/her Omni gun as he/she leveled up but could also turn junk parts into items that mimicked spell effects (a great character to have around…)

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Settings that forbid players that join your game from starting, advancing, or turning in quests.


I want bigger bank and I especially want a bigger stash. I AM going to transfer those items between my characters so why force me to juggling characters multiple times with a low limit of 4 slots on the stash? Make it 8 or even 12.

I want more bosses in areas so they are more meaningful in the end game. For example, I love opportunity but I rarely run there as the only boss around is Foreman. Having the doppelganger respawn and maybe slapping another boss at the last statue os Statuesque would make the area a lot more fun. There’s many, many areas in the game that would be so much more fun if there were some bosses there besides just visiting there once for a quest.

I hope there’s no missable challenges as they suck. Challenges are fun so I hope they are kept in but for the love of god no missable ones anymore.

Also on the challenges, what’s the bright idea of having ridiculous numbers on some of them? Shooting thousands of enemies while crouched? Sniping thousands of enemies with rockets? Killing hundreds of enemies while sitting on the back of a technical? 25 thousand grinds in TPS? Ummm, no thanks. Challenges are generally fun, these are not. Reasonable maximums, please.

That’s what I can think of right now.


@kgk4569/@Lammas: Hell yes to both your suggestions.

@kgk4569: I also vote for toggling in the event that you run with players you trust not to go wild on quests.

Using action skill button to command the character class’ pet.


I have another suggestion: resettable red chests and other lootable objects in the raid boss arena. Similar to the lootable objects in Digistruct Peak, they will be reset when players pay Eridium/ Moonstone equivalent currencies to re-enter the raid boss arena.

I understand why the stash is so small, transferring too much would make collecting new gear virtually pointless. But I agree about the Bank.

Also they need to make stuff like Eridium transferable between characters. Nothing sucks more than having one character with more than you can use, and another character early in the game, struggling to up their ammos so they can survive.

Or- if you have two accounts (or a friend)- you can have the old character farm the Ancient Dragons, as they drop the most eridium. Let the new character join in after the Dragons are dead so they only get the cash and eridium, not the XP’s. It takes 1150 or 1250 eridium to max out both the bank and backpack IIRC…:sunglasses:

Yeah, I know, it is still just annoying.

To each their own on storage size. For me, I collect a lot, so I could use it; if I venture with you guys, if like to be able to carry a lot so I not only am situationally modular, but also so that I wouldn’t have to drop out to unload.

Also, it’s nice to hear support for transferring of all forms of currency. Thought I was the only one; can’t even remember how long ago I dropped that one.

My hopes for currencies


Make it actually useful. Simply making items of the day be purples more often would be good since (at least currently in BL2) there’s a lot of good purple loot with no reliable source. Legendaries in vendors could also happen a bit more than BL2, I think I’ve seen 2 or 3 and I have thousands of hours in.

The slotmachines could also take in more money than they do now but actually hit the blues, purples and legendaries a bit more often than now. Even blues from slots is like finding unicorns.

I’m not sure if there is a conceivable way to make money that relevant in the end game if there is another special currency but truthfully, I don’t think it matter much. OP levels and purple gear in vendors would already make it more relevant until the very end game, I think.

Special currencies:

For the love of god make it an automatic pick up like regular money is…

Hopefully no source like Dragons that just trivializes the collection of Eridium, especially if this could have good end game uses. What those uses actually would be, I dunno. I like Buttstallion but I wish she too would take more E in and toot out better loot out only rare loot. I also like the shrines in Dragon keep. I hope there’s something else too. I hope Eridium or whatever is actually a rare and valuable thing even end game.

If there is a raid currency like Seraph crystals, also make it an auto pickup.

There’s so much stuff I don’t like about Torgue tokens that I’m just hoping nothing like that doesn’t come around. Unless you are Sham fleeting the bar or something it’s just painful to try to accumulate, it’s tied to a small otherwise very unintresting are (CoC DLC) and basically the stuff you can get with it is legendaries from one specific manufacturer. At least the vendor machine is pretty manly but jeeeeeeesh I hate those things.

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At the end of Halo Reach there is an awesome bit of game, where The game is officially over, and waves after waves of enemies come after you, I would like to see a Slaughter Dome like that. Once you complete all the challenges, You enter into a “Free-For-All” mode, where you just kill and kill and kill and kill. You can stay in as long as you want and are rewarded in Gold, Eridium, or whatever currency based on how long you stay in.

THAT is what should happen to Digistruct AFTER you beat it on OP8.


Lone Wolf. I loved that.

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