Desires For Borderlands 3

I just hate that BL2 has only the matchmaking by level…to a point. If OP levels return, seeing the host’s exact level is one of my few demands, especially if you yourself are trying to raise your OP level. Sucks to jump into a Peak run and find the host is doing it at a leve-or-more below you, rendering your jump-in completely wasted.

And then there was the auto-save indicator next to everyone’s username on the HUD. At least then you know who’s still saving and who’s done so you don’t have to find out by travel-spamming the gate or FTS.

I think the most they will probably give would be heads of the main characters at best which would be interesting being able to have the heads for Rhys, Fiona, Maya, Lilith, Brick, Roland, Axton, Kreig, etc. For having the games.

Something unique for having the game but not functionally better than not having it.

I didn’t see any link to the post you mentioned, but as for host migration, that would be great if the host changing from “online public” to “offline” or “lan” was not allowed to pick up loot, but the group continuing would still be allowed, just something needs to be done to penalize these noobs for screwing other players that worked just as hard to get the loot as he did.

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It’s somewhere, I gotta find it. But basically, if the host changes settings that ultimately boots everyone (normally), migration would essentially be succession, making another player the host.

Diablo 3 did pretty well, if the host left, then whoever the first player to join would have been made leader and the game would continue, host would not get loot as he had logged out of course, thats how it should be in BL2.


This sounds like a good solution to the problem. It even has a slap on the fingers for the guy trying to be a lootninja, if you are after penalization.

Host goes offline > lobby changes host > the guy going offline is no longer the host but can’t be a part of the lobby as he went offline > original host is returned to main menu instead of everyone else.

yeah thats what I was originally saying with the penalty thing.

Probably the reason why I like this so much is that this is generally beneficial to everyone as the host having a short network error wouldn’t crash the lobby for everyone and the original host could get back there too. Preventing people from being a-holes is a nice cherry on top.

Exactly, now wish they could patch BL2 to do this /sigh.

Borderlands 3 should be the hunt for the Vault that Rhys ends up in at the end of Tales. Whether that’s somewhere on Pandora we’ve never seen/is cut off somehow and you can’t just float Sanctuary over to it, or another planet, or wherever. The game starts with Fiona or someone else finding a clue as to where it might be, and the rest of the game is actually getting to it.

Then Tales season 2 can pick up from after you get there and let Rhys out.

Bam, Gearbox hire me.

Soo, here’s a kind of random though. I was going around in multiple area today. Lot of weapon switching, shield switching and grenade switching going around in the inventory and then I started thinking about a game that I never even liked: Diablo 2.

That game allowed you to equip 2 different sets of gear. So instead of having to go to you menu and switch everything around you’d have a 2 sets of gear and could switch between them at the press of a button. While I don’t think this would eliminate time needed to spend switching gear around in menu it might at least ease it up a bit. I think some way of having something similar would be good.

Maybe that secondary loadout would only switch gear that is equipped on the secondary loadout, for example. What I mean is that if as Sal you want to switch between CE Monk and Leg Hoarder you’d just equip hoarder in your secondary loadout and instead of menuing in the middle of a fight (most anticlimactic choice) you press the switch button and it would only change your COM as that would be the only thing equipped on the 2nd loadout. Press again to switch back. If you had anything else on the 2nd loadout beside the COM the items in those slots would change as well. This would ease up a bit on farming requirement compared to the loadouts being completely separate from each other.

Or just have a secondary set of weapons on the 2nd loadout for effectively 8 weapon slots so you wouldn’t have to go switching elements and gear around for different areas all the time, which is the thing that this idea originated from.

The old classic CRPG Temple of Elemental Evil had different inventory set ups for different gear that you could switch to just by clicking a color coded button. IIRC there was a total of 5 slots available so you could set up your character to fight with a wide variety of weapons and armors and switch to the new setup with ease…

My biggest desire for bl3 is for my actions to have consequences. If you think about it none of your choices mattered in the end. Not really. It’d be nice for my choices to feel like they made a bigger difference in the end.

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Already covered, and a good one. Or binary (=shield/grenade/relic only)…speaking of which, that itself might warrant a dedicated discussion thread.

Would really really love to either still be able to play Zer0 or at least have the vanishing special power, even the death blossom and Kunai.

I am now playing Borderlands 1 but I still instinctively hit the LB key to disappear and I forget I can’t.

I think there should be a Zer0 style Assassin, if not Zer0 himself.

If not originally, maybe an expansion pack that allows you to play you favourite characters from the previous games?

Also, be able to run a little faster and jump a little higher. One thing about the Pre-Sequel I found REALLY liberating was the huge high jumps in zero gravity. One thing I found slightly annoying in BL2 was that you couldn’t sprint very fast. It always seemed not quite fast enough.

I just want Server Sided Save Files and No mercy to Hackers, Dupers and Gibbed users. Clean game with no hackers.

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… and no modding scene.

Are you b*tthurt, mister? If one buys a spoon, it doesn’t mean he/she couldn’t shove it up his/her ***.
Same applies here: BL can be played as intended, modded, with gibbed, trainer you name it.

The problem appears when people start to mess up with other individual. That’s it.

Again, if it doesn’t/won’t hurt you, you shouldn’t care about it at all. This “I want people to do this or that” mindset is interesting to say the least.

Here’s solution for ya - 2 types of save files
*Server sided save files for playing online;
*Local save files for foolin’ around and stuff;

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With all due respect, dupers are a grey area in regards to team effort. Hackers/gibbed, tho, are prime targets for Order 66.

I’ve a weird suggestion – if it gets to the scale of “Destiny” where it’s communal and folks can see your custom character in the game, hide (on-screen) usernames for folks with their session set to Private/Closed, and maybe Invite Only as well. As of late, I seem to be getting invites from folks when my session is closed, tho I figure they should get the hint since I switch my session to Open/Public when I am in need of help.

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It would be epic if there was a vault hunter with a power like Quicksilver from Xmen.

I love his scenes.

A multi-player mode would be epic that’s all i ask for and more legendary smg’s love my corporate B!#%$