Desires For Borderlands 3

Multi player? The game already supports up to 4- more than that would make for the beginnings of an MMo, which BL3 should not be…

You misunderstood me i mean multi-player as in player vs player you know capture the flag, team death match, everyone for themselves players vs players… I know they have a 4 player CO-OP mode

And it wouldn’t lose it character at all lol it still would be borderlands no matter what the game is to unique, these are whole different game modes, there is nothing wrong with expanding

OK- now that I can agree to…

MOAR SIRENZ! That’s about it, really.

This is not important but something I’m just wishing to see.

So far they’ve managed to include Arid Nexus in every game (don’t know about Tales, but the FPS ones). In BL1 it’s Fyrestone and it’s surrounding badlands. BL2 has 2 parts of Arid Nexus including the remains of Fyrestone. TPS Cluster Pandora has has some of the area designed after badlands and the music is a remake of Fyrestone / Arid Nexus for a bit more throwback. I’d like to see that tradition continued in BL3, probably in one of the DLC’s.


I’ve been playing “Destiny” quite a lot lately, and found a few things. The things that have been pissing me off mostly is how rampant it is with Fallen grunts having homing sniper projectiles, and the Fallen Captains having this rapid-fire shotgun BS:

  • restrict higher accuracy to higher-tiered enemies.
  • prevent higher-tier enemies from having grunt-level spawning. For instance, Variks and Goliaths are one thing as they require leveling (in most cases), but anything that can 5-second your shield AND health is completely different.
  • do not implement full-auto shotgun BS.
  • I really cannot underscore it enough, but counteract a lot of the stuff listed here: Things the AI has done to piss you off
  • if “Borderlands 3” does follow “Destiny” in being a communal MMORPG (I think is what it is), give the option to engage by interactive actions, but hide your username. Having been on the receiving end of a lot of invite spams and one incident of harrassment (=over 100 messages inside 30min), this would very muchly be a plus.
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I still want a dlc that has Leon S. Kennedy as a surprise guest star- Las Plagas + T virus + Pandora’s creatures = Epic Win! :grin:

MISSION NAME: Adult Content
REWARD: Money, Eridium (or what passes for it), and XP

Moxxi is going to do an “artistic film” for a friend. She has some Creeps which have been stalking her, she’d like you to guard the building and make sure nobody disrupts the proceedings.

LOCATION: a seedy rundown bar/tenement, much like Pyro Pete’s bar.

On arrival Moxxi meets up with 2 other scantily clad, well endowed women, and 3 guys with roughly the same build as Mr. TORGUE. After some talk she reminds you that nobody is to enter the room. The 6 of them go into the room and close the door.

The assignment will be guarding against a few waves of enemies that are all trying to get a look at the proceedings.
During the mission, if you are by the room, you can hear Moxxi-esque innuendos.

New Enemies:

A rat that specializes in melee, it weilds a large stick and tries to beat you with it.

Badass Creep
Much like a standard Creep, just hits harder and is harder to kill.

Ultimate Badass Creep
Like an even more upgraded Creep. It also has the ability to go invisible for a short period of time. Has a high percentage chance of dropping the item Stalker Creep Shield.

  • Ultimate Badass Creep can be found in this building after the mission

Stalker Creep Shield
Rarity: Unique Legendary
Manufacturer: Bandit
Type: Roid
Elements: None

Special Ability: "Can we skulk? I haven’t skulked in years."
Source: David Eddings "The Elenium"
Does not do increased melee attack damage as would a standard shield. While Shield is depleted the wearer is invisible (like Zer0’s ability). All damage dealt is increased during this time.

Mission “Easter Egg” (aka. Gearbox Trolling)

  • After Moxxi and her “friends” go into the room together, the door lock stays green, if approached you will get the prompt to open the door. If the door is opened the screen goes black, and you gear Moxxi scream, the mission is failed. After this she will no longer talk to you in this playthrough, nor will she give you missions, guns, or anything else. She utterly refuses to interact with you. Additionally the Ultimate Badass Creep will spawn whenever you try to talk to her.

Spinoff Mission

MISSION NAME: Mr. TORGUE’s "Art Project"
PRECEEDED BY: Adult Content (success)
REWARD: Mr. TORGUE’s Mankini, XP

When you get the mission:
Mr. TORGUE: “Moxxi told me how good you are at guarding rooms and stuff! I’m going to be doing an ART PROJECT for a friend, and I need you to make sure nobody disturbs us!”

LOCATION: another seedy rundown bar/tenement.

This time you are in the room with just TORGUE and a photographer.
Mr. TORGUE: “Make sure nobody gets in the room while I’m making some bitching art! AIR GUITAR

Nothing happens. It is 5 minutes of Mr. TORGUE in a mankini flexing in various poses and saying TORGUE-esque lines while a photographer moves around shooting him from different angles.


Mr. TORGUE’s Mankini
Rarity: Unique Legendary
Manufacturer: Torgue
Type: Amplify
Elements: None*

Special Ability: "…It smells like sweat…I’m not wearing that…"
Increases Damage based on it’s % charged. Has very little drain when compared with other Amplify Shields. Additionally damage from Elemental DOT is reduced, inversely proportional to the % charge

EASTER EGG: Whenever player wears this and walks by a VH from BL2 they will say their line from the Tiny Tina DLC about smelling like Butts and Death.

UNLOCKS: After this mission Mr. TORGUE will gain a dialogue option to “Buy Calender”. This acts much like the Moxxi Tipping in BL2, except with Torgue Products. I haven’t yet come up with what they player can get…


Gold. Pure gold.

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I made a thread but @Carlton_Slayer said it should be moved here, so here it is. I was too lazy to write it out again, so I just copied and pasted.

In BL3, if it will happen, I want to see a new manufacturer that solely manufactures suppressed arms. They might have lower base damage, but get increased crit damage and stealth bonuses (think Fallout 4). And like how Torgue has synergy with Axton, Maliwan with Athena and Hyperion with Jack, there could be a stealth based character that has synergy with this new manufacturer. Just a stupid idea, but it could make for some interesting gameplay

And I just thought of something for ECHO logs. Anyone played Bioshock? Radio diaries and voxophones can be simply played from your player menu thingy at any time once collected and I think that would be a good addition

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I’d like to see more and better guns in BL3. Also I’d love to see Captain Scarlett again the sister was awesome. People say Tannif was autistic. Heck I’ve been autistic all my life and if anyone in BL2 is autistic it is Captain Scarlett. When Captain Scarlett tells the Vault Hunter that she is using you for your skills but will gladly kill you once you are of no more use THAT WAS SO ME WHEN I WAS AN AUTISTIC CHILD! Captain Scarleet has no social filter, she says EXACTLY what she feels and reveals her plan to you as a matter of fact even when it should be held secret till spung.

I can understand why the old guy loved Captain Scarlett so much I was head over heals for Captain Scarlett myself. Borderlands 3 needs to scale the Unbeatable Bosses so they can be beaten with a spot of effort by single players. Most of the Invincable Bosses can’t be beat by a single player unless they have all gold or pearlescent weapons. I just avoided the Invincible Bosses once I realized they could not be beaten. The unbeatable bosses made the game boring and depressing. The bosses should scale in hardness based on how many players are taking the boss on.

The gun machines and weapons mechanics should be more like they were in Borderlands 1. In Borderlands 1 you had the chance to find awesome weapons anywhere in machines, dropped by enemies, in chests almost any where. Borderlands 2 actually reduced the weapons types and limited certain elemental and explosion weapons types to certain companies. Limiting the guns made the game to certain companies stale and boring after a short while. Also some companies did not produce certain guns boring. Getting rid of the revolver as a stand alone weapon boring. Axston was made too weak because he had so special super kill skill.

Make Borderlands 2 Axston more like the Handsome Jack character in The Pre Sequel he was a lot of fun to play and powerful too.

I have a slightly different idea using your same theme. Ok I’d like to see the choice of character, skills and character mod in the game give extra complimentary powers to the stats of each weapon, shield and grenade performance. I’d like to see the system made so the player can mold a character to more exactly suit their playing strengths. Being able to personalize a character to the point where their abilities become an logical extention of your strengths as a player would make the game more immersive and fun. The scaling can be self limiting but the abilities should so completely mesh with the player that the character becomes one with the play style of the gamer. The character should configurable to fit the player’s style like a glove.


Yes they can, and it has been more than proven that you don’t need legendaries to do it.

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All raid bosses can be beaten solo (not easily, granted, but still possible)- and you don’t need all legendary or pearlescent gear to do so. Depending on the character, I’d wager that most of the gear involved is generally blue rarity (sometimes less, but only with really skilled players). Raid bosses- like the game itself- already scales with more players involved. As for the weapons, Gearbox made a deliberate design decision to change, restrict and modify them. What’s the incentive to keep playing the game if a weapon you find at level 10 works just as well at level 40? Where’s the impetus to change, develop and perfect a build if the best weapons for it are found in a random box at the beginning of the game? (This is a complaint a lot of folks have about playing Salvador but that’s a debate for another day…).


Also figure all the raid bosses ARE NOT too challenging on NVHM and TVHM. In UVHM (where U means ULTIMATE) and OP ( OVER POWER!!) The bosses are HARD deliberately, these modes are meant to require skill, thus their names!

As for the amount of guns, there are a SH*T-TON of weapons and A LOT of powerful ones. Equipment IS NOT a replacement for skill, that mindset needs to be discarded immediately. Otherwise the game becomes unfun, and everone is pretty much an untouchable god. If you (generic you, not YOU Carlton!) want that, please, just mod and let us develop our skills in peace.

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not too challenging on NVHM and TVHM
Hmmm, I dunno about that...:

shrug On your first pass while you are developing the skills, yeah it is challenging. But your next playthrough (as in a new character) it is easier.

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I want the weapons to be much better balanced where the all do roughly the same levels of damage as other weapons of the same types, rarities and levels.

Hated that on Borderlands 2 where the guns gimmicks were more important than anything else.

The Sandhawk shouldn’t have been that much more powerful than other epic or even legendary guns, same goes for the pimpernel.

I like having unique guns that are better suited to 1 play style or another, but having a gun with a gimmick that makes it the best period and you are downgrading not using it is another thing, especially when it is a gun that is only a blue and yet can still beat a purple or orange of the same level or even 3 levels above it due to just its gimmick.