Desires For Borderlands 3

A good point but should an orange rarity weapon always be the best available in its field? When I first started playing this game my answer would have been yes. Now- considering how difficult it might be gain some of these legendary items (after all, not a lot of folks have the patience to farm Master Gee or the Badass Round of Magic Slaughter)- having a Unique be top gun as it were might be an OK alternative…

The way I’ve always thought of it:
White - Purple (not including uniques) = Normal equipment that falls into distinct categories, easy to use, no real gimmicks.
E-Tech = Slightly more gimmicky equipment.
Everything else = Gimmicky custom equipment, equipment who by their nature are distinct even within whatever category it could possibly fall into.

If you don’t enjoy gimmicky equipment, you can always play with White - Purple and still do just fine.

EDIT: Also IMO, if you want the top gun, you should have to put in work to get it. Though I HATE that some things can only be gotten from so few sources.

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I disagree, because it’s argument riding on game’s difficulty. As for that, legendaries aren’t needed for mobbing and story bosses aren’t expected to be so hard as to require specific legendary gear.


I think the orange rarities should be the best as that is what the orange rarity is supposed to signify. I am not saying they should be the best in all situations as I am not saying that for any individual weapon. I am saying that they should be the best overall compared to lower quality items.

Having a blue quality Unique as the best is not something I would consider OK.

I would like to see the overall damage output of the weapons normalized based on their level and rarity so one level 70 rare sniper rifle is still roughly the same level of damage output as another level 70 rare sniper rifle with maybe a minor offset to account for ammo consumption between them. Shouldn’t have a level 70 unique sniper rifle be over the top compared to them or complete crap either.

I think the weapons should be chosen according to the players style, not because “This one rare weapon is the best no matter what in almost all situations as not even an epic or legendary can compete with it’s gimmick”.

Hated feeling like I was gimping myself if I didn’t use a sandhawk in many situations when I had other better quality SMGs that more matched my playstyle but just couldn’t match the damage output even remotely.

Legendary != best, by definition. Legendary just means something that is talked about and remarkable. Not necessarily remarkable because it is awesome.


Red text is red text. Whether or not it’s on a blue or orange gun is irrelevant IMO.

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Power of weapon should be paralel to it’s rarity, otherwise there is no need to go through trouble to acquire the rare gear. BL2 failpearlescents is a great example, what a waste of space and catalysts of disappointment.

I don’t see why should unique gear be focused on beign powerful rather than unique.

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In that case their is no reason to have legendaries at all because they already have something that fills that purpose with red text unique weapons that are meant to be talked about and remarkable.

By that logic, the rare and epics shouldn’t have any differences either.

Legendaries by the rarity system and how it was designed to work was that the legendaries typically had better states than the epics which had better stats than the rares which had better stats than the commons.

The issues we have is where we have gimmicks that overpower that system entirely. Actually having this normalized would be something great to include in the next expansion.

Hell, make all the weapon types able to be upgraded to legendary quality and I would be happy just sucks watching a blue weapon completely overpower purples, oranges, and pearls because their gimmick alone.

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You’re kind of missing my point because of the examples I gave. My point is very simple: “Should orange rarity gear always be the best of its type in the game?” How difficult they are to acquire is irrelevant- and I say this after spending the last few years trying to get both an Ogre and a Twister. I’m aware you don’t really need legendaries for bosses and story missions and pretty much said as such in a post about 5 messages prior to the one you responded to :smiley:. Strip out the two bad examples I gave and think about the question again. If an orange rarity SR is supposed to be the best of the best, WHICH one is actually the best- the Skullmasher, the Pitchfork or the Longbow? The Lyuda? The Invader? If an orange rarity weapon has to be superior to any other of its type, what is it that makes it ‘the best’ even among other orange rarity gear of its type?

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Legendaries and Pearls being the pinnacle of their equipment classes would further the divide between new/casual players and hardcore/veteran players.

Right now the 2 main differences are BARs and pure skill. BARs aren’t a huge impact, so the biggest separation is skill. If you made the ultra rare equipment into the best equipment online play would suck. New players and casual players would be constantly outclassed.

Thought of one tonight! In large areas (such as The Dust/Eridium Blight/Hunters Grotto!) perhaps the vehicle spawn points could double as fast travels within the area? :slight_smile:


@Fugus: Try Bandit ARs in general…

@kgk4569: A scoped Vladof Ferocious Rifle of purple rarity was my best friend…well, one of them, anyways. That, a no-scope Blockhead, a Binary Hornet, a Gentleman’s Storm…pretty much my core loadout.



  • Enemies that don’t randomly disappear like Vermi and Ultimates.
  • Loot that does not fall through the ground.
  • Tamer loot splosions (or, like above, better mapped boundaries) so I don’t have to watch loot sail into acid, lava, or off the map, while wondering if that was the loot I have wasted the last 2 ■■■■■■■ hours of my life farming.
  • Texture smoothing. Hitting a tiny pixel with the car that spins you 180 is annoying. Problem areas: The fallen Hodunk gate, Hypereon bridge.

BL3 absolutely must have Tubby Rakk Hives!


BL3 needs Tubby EVERYTHING!

Tubby Loaders
Tubby Surveyors
Tubby Constructors
Tubby Bullymongs
Tubby Chrysalisks
Tubby Marauders
Tubby Engineers
Tubby Goliaths
Tubby Threshers

Every farmable boss should have a 1/500 chance of being a tubby version of itself, with loot tables weighted towards the extremely rare!

Eridian Snacky-Cakes
Rarity: Unique Eridian Relic
Weight Gain - 100% - 250%

Special Ability: "To mock Snackies is to mock Deathmaw - and to mock Deathmaw is TO DIE!"
Increases the spawn rate of Chubbies/Tubbies. (Multiplicative: “Current Rate”(1*“Relic Value”)=“New Rate”)

Reference: Super Stupor Comic (

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Tubby Tannis?


Also train player could actually ride which would give some benefit comparing to using teleport stations. Speedrunners probaly don’t care as long as there is rocket launcher, but I envy the guy riding 5’o clock train in Lynchwood. Train from Frost Bottom has too short path.


She’s not a boss though. :confused:

DUUUDE! IDEA! I need to get my thoughts together. I’ll think this plot through and if it works I’ll start a new thread.

@kgk4569: Tubby Vault Hunters?

@Carlton_Slayer: More weight means more crazy. And speaking of more, more Moxxi…

EDIT: I just re-read that. Clarifying, I did not mean a Tubby Moxxi, just that she only bartends – I’d like to see her as something more, like maybe The Cavalry…