Desires For Borderlands 3

I agree with you. 42 item slots just doesn’t seem to cut it, and having to make characters just to be pack mules disappoints me.

I was hoping the 15-tier system is enough, but if 15 tiers is not enough, I wouldn’t mind throwing Tier 16-25 (all Gold Quality) into the mix, adding 9 inventory slots each, but each one costs 500 ERIDIUM BARS (instead of having to win them at gaming places)

My understanding over 87 bazillion guns is, where do we put them. Let’s totally put them in a place that DOESN’T REQUIRE US to FIND OUT which character has a specific Legendary!

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What i’d like to See is some sort of Trophy room with all your Legendarys hanging on the Wall.

How about a character mash up- the Sirenzerker? Her Siren ability is that she can use up to 4 weapons at the same time (anyone with RTS playing time should find this a snap to play)…

I agree why Nerf things if you are supposed to be a hardcore badass fans want to make there characters stronger, bigger and more importantly better! People who moan about a weapon or shield or class mod to be nerf are all just kill joys.

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It’s not so much about needing nerfs as it is about parity of power. There shouldn’t be a handful of items that are just so powerful that once you have them nothing else is worth even considering, that’s a lack of meaningful choice, and poor game design.

Moreover, at a certain point enemies just aren’t dangerous enough to warrant more/better gear being needed, or on the flip side, so hard to you HAVE to use certain specific things to not have a really rough time accomplishing anything. This problem is magnified substantially when weapons are poorly balanced in a FPS.


Like getting Knights of the Round spell in FF VII?

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Not familiar with FF VII, only FF I am even passingly familiar with is FF IV (at least I think it’s IV) on SNES (dating myself here :stuck_out_tongue:) .

There’s probably plenty of people who disagree with me, but I’d like the enemies to have same kind of grenades and shields as player characters. It would bring more challenge and diversity when depleting some bandit’s shield would release an elemental blast or if they’d use amplifying shields to boost their weapon’s damage. Not to mention all the grenade modes. I admit that homing grenades f.e. could be rather troublesome, but it’s not like they’d have to spawn that often.

Also rocket launcer enemies back. I know they could be hard but C’mon! Fighting Badass Bruiser with a peacemaker was awesome and you know it! :sunglasses:

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I really like the Bruiser sound.

Rather than take up another (available) slot to load up another character for offloading when my backpack fills up, I opt to duck out; unfortunately, if the room was full and someone slides into my slot, I have to search for another opening. A good solution (IMO) to this be if you can mark items in your inventory, then press a button to send all of those marked items to storage (for later retrieval) w/o having to remove yourself from the session.

@Carlton_Slayer: Your idea for multiple banks is creative, but I’m not liking it much as it seems easy to lose track of items – joys to finding them, but PitA when you need them. On the other hand, with the possibilities of Tediore’s digistruct system:

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bl3 coupd do with a massive refinement on the lobby. especially a note from the host on goals n rules.

the map should have a cursor over itto select fast travel. the list o names on bl2 is a slog to scroll thru.

bl v destiny : bl got soul. destiny just feels dry. funny ■■■■ happens in bl like bodies fly when you kill enemies. i still want to lead a pack of enemy ai over a cliff or into a train (must kill vermi with train before i put game down).

humanity still likes hunting mastadons, and having treasure pop up in unexpected places. weekend wariors love trying out the leet discoveries…

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Yup! I’ve been suggesting that too, alongside with filters to make sure nobody could even break the rules the host has established. It would help everyone to find the kind of players who shared their ideas of fun.

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The way I’d do it is to have different areas for different items, i.e. one for shotguns, one for shields etc. etc.

That’s they way I’d sort it out.

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You seriously put your time and creativity in here, lovin’it large mate :sunglasses:

Just wait till my megathread.

Glad that everyone is liking my post, I hope they do it.

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Ehh no. It would be a needlessly long drawn-out and boring battle if your opponent countered your every move with the same thing.


I liked the grinder in TPS. I would like to see something where you can customize it more. IE I can request it be a specific maker (Jakobs is the best for me). Also idk about everyone else but I dislike weapon zoom so I would love to be able to remove that as well.

I’d like to see a Scavenger class character that can make his/her own gear from scavenged/wrecked gear- maybe they’re the person that actual came up with the grinder but got swindled out of the royalties and is now hell bent on making Hyperion pay for it…

Thats a really great idea. How awesome would that be to be able to build guns for your friends and co-op partners based on class, skill trees, and class mods.

I don’t think a builder class would be a good idea. The point of Borderlands is finding loot, not making it. The grinder was an okay addition but it only appeared in Concordia.