Desolation's Edge at 91%

I have
Location 9/9
Fast Travel Stations 2/2
Eridian Writing 2/2
Red Chest 3/3
Crew Challenged 12/12

The only thing incomplete is Mission 6/7… :frowning:
I did all the mission I could find on my first playthrough though… :confused:

what could that be?
Could it Be I never even visited the trial of supremacy?

It’ll either be the mission you get from Grouse after completing the main story to remember Typhon or finding the trial of supremacy.

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Oh… I think I might have missed this rememberance mission! :open_mouth:
Thanks man will check it out when I finish my second playthrough! :slight_smile:

I just went to the trial of supremacy that was no it… I think I might have visited it already, I believe I quickly went to all their entrances after first playthrough…