Desperate need for Inventory Bank management

It’s a hot mess to try and sift through what’s worth keeping/selling. Can we not have tabs for each gear type to sift through instead of one giant dump page?

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You can sort gear by:
Activation Cost
Type (Reversed)

Is this what you mean?
I do hope they’d add an additional one though; Type + Activation Cost :stuck_out_tongue:


Type is what I’m looking for. Thanks a ton!

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Holy hell, I need to pay attention to my screen more lol, I had no idea you could do this! Thanks!

I really think the button prompts Battleborn has could be refined a little, they can be easy to miss! (I’d imagine this to be especially true when playing on Console, several feet away from the screen)

Wish we had a sell multiple option

A “Mark as Junk” accompanied by “Sell all Junk” would definitely be helpful.

Yep, the “console style” inventory is quite clunky to be used. I’d prefer a bit more options to sell.
Moreover the continuous updating of the inventory makes the selection of the objects a real pain :sweat:

Edit: I noticed that if my inventory is sorted by “Type” then it’s faster and less sluggish than if it’s sorted by rarity.
A bug?