Desperate need for team players

i’m searching for teammates , tired of running solo, i’m not a quitter and have a mic (bonus)! my gt on xBOX1 Spiritu Santo. send a friend request online, or reply to my post. peace. thanks and all that jazz. game on.

Moved your topic to the XB1-subforums, I hope you find some Battleborn to run missions with you!

I´m rarely playing lately thanks to reallife, but if you see me online drop an invite if you like :slight_smile:
GT is the same as my forumname, main focus on PVE.

I main Orendi and Benedict. Hit me up if you need a player, I’m usually awake past midnight (central time zone). GT: CrankShade

i sent you an invite, fyi

Always looking for new people to play with


I think we ended up in the same lobby at some point recently, I was probably an Orendi. I am in the same boat though, looking for people to group up with.

Always down to play with new people, any mode. I mostly play pve, but don’t mind pvp.

Just send me a message on Xbox, GT is the same as my username here. I’m online almost every day or so :grin:

ty, added you to my friends list

ty, added you to friends list

ty sent you a friend request

ty, added you to

add me and lets play i have a team of 3-4 i always play with and we always can use one more

Big Salv66 or send a message here we all have mics and play 5 nights a week