Desperately looking for Athena head (xbox one)

Hi there :smile:

After hours of farming the sentinel, I did not succeed to get the Gynoid Agent head for Athena yet. I had others but not this one :unamused:

I still have a double drop to trade if you want (for Jack).

If someone is kind enough to give it to me, please reply (or PM if this site allows it).

Felicity in the Production Plant drops the Gynoid Agent head. I farmed her on story mode.

I see in all wikis that the Gynoid agent head is only dropped by Zarpedon and the Sentinel, which I farmed for days now.
I got the head I’m searching for but for any character but Athena. That’s just bad luck, that’s why I ask for help.

What is you source saying that this head also drops from Felicity ? I can’t find it anywhere…

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My source is my own list:

Heads and Skins list

I posted a couple of screenshots as evidence

I thought that the head was an orange dropping from the Sentinel and Zarp but the wikis are maybe wrong.

Anyway, thanks for your info. I will farm felicity a bit then :persevere:

My source was :