Desperately need a Otto idol with pistol dmg and mag size, have lots to trade

Desperate need an Otto idol with pistol dmg and magazine size, 3rd stat optional. Snowdrift would be preferred but might take other options. Have lots to trade just let me know what

PSN: Mattgamer87

Yah that one will work, what do you want for that

Looking for

Last Stand Loaded Dice with Mag Size and hp regen

+5 green monster

Last Ditch Bloodletters I don’t have with good passives

Infinity Pistols in SNTNL cryo, Gamma Burst, Phasecast 250%, and Phaseslam 300%.

Driver mods 3+ mindfulness and good passives I don’t have.

I got these if your interested

I’ll trade you for the cryo Gamma Burst Infinity.

I will be on after a bit. Not sure if you are already on my list or not, but my PSN jorgeammo

Yup were friends already. I send you it a bit later aswell

Sent and thank you

Still need a Snowdrift one though :frowning:

Closed at OP’s request