Desperately need a reflux x14 CH, SNTL, 150/50

I have a lot of items so let me know what you need

I’ve got a Redunt Reflux on me with SNTNL, Do you have a collection of seein dead or moze class mods on you?

What stats intrest you?.

mine are lvl 57 but ive got some good rolls.

Same with moze depending on what mods

Was meaning to find either with action skill damage, but i can put that aside; Any with mag size and specific weapon damage rolls?

Ill send you pics of ones i got. and if you lke any of them lemme know

Seein dead +5 Donnybrook

Action skill damage
Action skill cooldown
Splash damage

Want it?

Oh yes please, would you like anything sent in return?

Add me, paco97214 and we will see on PSN

Would you happen to have a 50/150 rad. Front loader?

Shields don’t go with that anointment, only weapons.

So was it a modded one I saw someone else using then? :frowning: