DESPERATELY need people to play with!

PSN: BloodRed87 (West coast)

I have no friends to play with and playing with randoms is a drag. I’m usually on afternoon’s and evening’s every day. I main Montana but I can switch to other support/attack/defend characters if needed. Interested in PvE and PvP. I own and use a headset and people who use teamwork and communication are preferred.

Psn: TubaofStealth

I have a few friends that all play together when we’re on but our team shifts based on whose on and what night. You are welcome to join us whenever we are on, we are always looking for more people to play with and having a mic and having fun is all we ask of you!

LFG facebook group, not clan, post, get notifications, and we set up some events just for fun. We play multiple shooters, small right now but growing.

Psn jhusmc21


I main Miko and Ambra primarily (can play orendi and Shayne if needed and Amani soon) and I’m looking for a group badly too. I’ve got a mic happy to communicate and am online most days for a couple of hours hit me up if you want for PvE and PvP.

PSN: KittyShoes18

Currently I only play with one other person, but I go to school and work full time so I primarily only play on Mondays all day, and Tuesday-Thursday before 2pm PST.
My mains are Attikus, Oscar Mike, and sometimes Toby or Whiskey Foxtrot. I’d be willing to switch it up if needed!

@palmedic89 Sent you a friend request. Hope to see you online.

@Kittyshoes Your PSN username doesn’t show up when I search for it. Maybe send me a F.R. or double check if you typed it correctly.

Oops, you’re right. I meant to put KittyShoes17.

It’s always one of the two haha. I’ll send a request when I get on if I don’t have one from you already.

Psn lleed add me if you want

hey! add mcfc_fan6 on psn

PSN: hotrods324

Currently the only one playing battleborn out of my friends so looking for new ones! haha Just shoot me a friend request

Reviving this this old thread. All the people who posted their PSN usernames in the thread I don’t play with anymore and I need more BB friends. I’m down to play story missions, story ops and PVP matches. Still play attacker/defender/support when needed and still use my headset.

@FlamesForAll MAY be able to help. Also, my PSN ID is the same as it is here, so feel free to add me. Finally, i think an eight month necro is some sort of record, haha!

You can play with me whenever I’m on. Even if you see me playing overwatch I’ll just ditch my friends :wink:

psn- JediSanjay

I play about 5 days a week, but I live in the UK so the time difference is prohibitive. Friend j03K3rDS on PSN and if we’re on together, I’m game. Mastered Shaurox, OM, Rath, Alani, and Marquis. Almost done with Gally, Kleese, and ISIC. Mostly playing ISIC, Alani and Orendi currently but willing to try anything (but Attikus).

I normally hop on and play for a bit in the mornings after work. Normally sometime after 8am east coast time. My psn is feni1977. Feel free to message/add me and lets have some fun. I am flexible as to which character I play.