Desperately seeking The Ogre & MMx4

Hey, can anyone please do a fellow vault hunter a favour and sort me out with an OP3 Ogre and a lvl 72 - OP3 MMx4?

Got some stuff to trade…

OP2 DPUH max stats
OP2 Impetuos Hellfire
OP3 Redundant Fibber
Legendary Sniper CM
Legendary Anachist CM
Legendary Berserker CM
Lvl 72 Hoplite
OP2 Flame of the Firehawk
Lvl 72 Shock Puissant Norfleet

If none of the above is any good I could help power level a character in return or help with mission
quests etc?

Message me if you can help, same as forum name.


@anon27689625 have the shock norfleet level 72 you want and the mmx4 grenade. also all level 72-op8 bee shields and dpuh. what level the class mods you need? class mods i have are level 72 except for the catalyst and berzerker which is op8. in return you could help me out with 4 of my characters with the terramorphous side mission. if ya want the request items, send a friend request, saying you from the forum because i don’t accept blank friend requests will be deleted or ignored.

PSN: AngelofLove57

Hi, thanks for the reply. I think there’s some confusion, the stuff in the list are things I have to trade.

I’m just looking for an OP3 The Ogre and the MMx4, would love the Nasty version of The Ogre but I’ll take waht I can get! Happy to help with some Terra runs for you in return.

I’ll PSN you this evening.

well then good luck in your endeavors.

Thanks loads to flameofphohenix, sorted me loads of loot for me helping with a few Terra runs. Happy to help anytime!