Despite killing Krom twice, I haven't received the trophy for killing him

I’ve killed Krom twice now, once in pl1 and now in pl2. Despite that I haven’t received any trophy at all.

fwiw, had a similar problem (Krom not popping). Went back & killed a turret that was there (Krom didn’t respawn in PT1) and the trophy popped?! Maybe Krom’s turrets have to be killed too!

That actually sounds vaguely familiar… I think you might have to kill both Krom and the turret he rode in on.

Kinda late but I was having the same issue with Krom. The problem is, you kill the turret and Krom actually glitches into the wall in front of his turret so you then have to kill Krom after the turret. Just walk around the platform by the turret to find him. Took me forever but have now gotten for myself and my Girlfriend doing this. Hope it helps anyone else with this issue!