Despite what you say, do you always end up coming back?

I love Borderlands series, it’s easily one of my most played games out there. Well It’s getting there, Dragon Age Origin’s is still pretty high on the list.

Borderlands I’ve played in a total of 4 times. Once as Lilith, twice as Roland and just recently once as Brick. I do wanna play as Mordecai it’s just–hard lol he’s not my playstyle.

Borderlands 2 oh lord lol…ugh–This one is hard cause I restart alot lol I love trying every character before I settle down. I believe it’s 4 times (countless restarts though.) twice as Axton, once as Zer0 and recently as Krieg (though it’s almost gonna be a second time/nearly done TVHM with him.)

Pre-Sequel This one is really getting me on edge lol, to me it’s easily one of the most boring out of the series…set I love the hell out of it. There’s so much I still wanna do in this game despite how little there is. Anyway twice as Athena, once as Jack and once as Wilhelm. (4 times and countless restarts.)

The Pre-Sequel is just…so bothersome. I wanna say ok I did my playthrough—I’m done now time to move onto BL2 <3 then while doing my playthrough I see Nisha again <3 and Claptrap and Jack and Wilhelm! I see them and it makes me think–I’m still not done with the Pre-Sequel. I wanna experience Nisha/Claptrap and hell why not-- Jack again! Everytime I play something else weather it’s BL2 or Borderlands…I always go back to the Pre-Sequel. idk why lol

Think it’s cause of this picture. idk lol

Lol its the most addicting game for me and despite having games like eso, destiny , bloodborne and call of duty I always find myself putting borderlands 2 back in.

I’ve many times said…This is gonna be my last playthrough but it never is huh lol. I haven’t played BL2 as much as I have with the Pre-Sequel, idk why? it’s smaller then BLS, it’s more annoying then BL2 and the side characters aren’t as interesting as BL2.

But why do I keep returning to it even after saying all that? I think—hmm idk I think it’s cause I love playing the bad guys lol. Aside from like 2 of them, all the playable characters are just straight up a**holes or bad guys. Being able to play Nisha/Wilhelm or even Jack is so much fun cause then I’ll see/face them again in BL2 :smiley: It’s much more dramatic and sad for me killing them after playing as them thou :frowning:

I keep coming back because it’s the game my wife and our friend can all enjoy at the same time. There aren’t many good co-op games out there and we’re hoping Battleborn will be our next one to play the hell out of while we wait for BL 3.

It really is the best co-op game that everyone can enjoy :slight_smile: and as do I. I hope battleborn is very good, it looks very promising.

Why do you have to aim for my Feels mate?

Best couch co-op series made in what, now? Nigh on a decade?

Always aim for the feels, that’s my motto~

well not really, but I would like it to be :wink:

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The Borderlands series (well the first two games at least) are games I always find myself going back to. Borderlands is a series that has a combo of elements I absolutely love in games with it’s great gun play, variety of loot and being an RPG.

Brilliant game.

All too often, except for TPS. Which I keep sealed untill some more of the uniques have a drop source (Machine and Wet Work).