Destiny 2 Trailer.....I think Bungie finally "Gets It"

Just watched the Destiny 2 Trailer and I think Bungie finally “gets it”.

Some humor…

Lots of guns

Lots of Loot

Lots of End Game

And FINALLY on the PC although that is still not “officially confirmed”

GB has OWNED the loot shooter genre for a long time…it was only inevitable that Destiny would finally wise up to what made the Borderlands series so successful.

And I welcome Destiny 2 into the arena…

Competition is ALWAYS good for the consumer (that be me)…

And GB…Please…pretty please with sugar on top… DO NOT release BL3 at the same time as this game in September. Take your time and make BL3 the AWESOMENESS we know you will. And release it at least 6 months after when the hype of Destiny 2 has worn off and folks are looking for a different game anyway.

Just please don’t have the “timing” like you did with Battleborn…it did not turn out well and it really hurt what was actually a VERY good game.


Tell 2k about release, they control that. In my opinion, and I’m assuming yours too, BL3 if released by destiny 2 will get itself hurt due to the fact Activision seems to be letting bungie have control (and as we know, for every new big DLC, destiny got better In gameplay and story, probably due to more freedom) and the gearbox name has been getting ■■■■ over the years

However, if released right, BL3 will do better than destiny 2 hopefully, for sure it will be just fine

I think GB’s product will be TREMENDOUS!

But they…or 2K…or whomever…just CAN’T release it around the same time as Destiny 2’s release, as well as any huge Expnsion Pack.

It’s just NOT a smart move.

Why compete with marketing giants? Especially when your side’s marketing just seems 2nd string at best.

Use the Art of War:
“So in war, the way is to avoid what is strong, and strike at what is weak.”

Or even good old Army Field Manual FM 3-0
Economy of Force: The allocation of available combat power to such tasks as limited attacks, defense, delays, deception, or even retrograde operations is measured in order to achieve MASS elsewhere at the DECISIVE POINT and TIME.


I take trailers with a hefty amount of salt anymore since they can make even the worst games look appealing (not going to mention names) and I have been disappointed many times in the past when I relied on a trailer and not an honest review being the catalyst in whether or not I purchase a game.

Trailer’s are about like car manufacturers showing off a sleek new vehicle that may or may not break down every month when it is finally release to the public, has breaking issues, or has some other fatal flaw in engineering.

Destiny 2 might be a good game but we will see. Until the actual is released they can sweet talk all they want.

Destiny= Hype and a HUGE BUDGET

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Hell, you can’t even trust reviews anymore. Three quarters of them are tied to vendors advertising and they have to be very very careful about what they say for fear of angering the larger companies. And the other one quarter are so artistic minded that they forget the basic premise that games are made to have FUN!

Instead they go on and on ad nauseam on this technology or that technology…and focus on some of the most inane stuff while sounding so smart and in the know.

And what scares me even more is that we tend to suck it all up and believe them…and quote them constantly. That sadly says something about us in the gaming community I’m afraid to say. Just take a look at how the reviewers treated Battleborn. And yes that game had some issues but their initial reviews were so far off the mark I almost felt it was a conspiracy against GB somehow.

The only reviews I trust anymore are from friends I know who have similar interests to me.

Destiny will never be better than borderlands. I played destiny from day one to about the middle of year 2. That game has a toxic community, and would just get rid of gear in year one that you grinded for and make it obsolete. They did this all the time! Why play a game that makes you work for something for hours then render it obsolete with the new dlc. Even if the borderlands games don’t keep getting updates at least the stuff I grind for at op8 levels never becomes obsolete.I could go on and on , but anyone hoping for destiny 2 to be better is gonna be sadly let down. Then again if people like being treated like garbage by a company have at it.

I always look into Angry Joe and other reviewers who are not paid by companies to give them good ratings. IGN and the other ‘reviewers’ had long ago sold their souls to the corporate devil and are little more than a joke now.

I’m not expecting BL3 until 2018 at the earliest.

Yes, I don’t think there is much to worry in this instance. But after the Battleborn fiasco one never knows. GB loves to “surprise”…look at TPS…came out of the blue.

BL3?, 2019 sounds fair.