Destro's Battleborn Let's Play Thread!

(Destro, the Coolest Pirate You'll Ever Know) #1

Now with 100% more ISIC Anti-Virus software! Because if it’s dead, it ain’t ISIC!

Anyways, the original title of this thread was for my “Week of!” series, but it’d be better suited to just keep everything under one roof from here on out.

So, nothing fancy to add here. This is where I’ll be compiling my videos from here on out!

Original “Week of!” post below…

Hey guys! Destro here, back at it with those darn, danged youtube videos!

Due to a scheduling misshap, my co-host and I could not record anything this weekend - we spent most of our time putting together a dedicated recording/streaming computer! With that being said, I had to get some sort of content made for my channel for this upcoming week, and so I decided to dedicate the week to playing Battleborn!

You can find a link to the first episode here -

Unlike the Battleborn subreddit, I can keep things nice and together here, so I’ll be posting the rest of the week’s episodes in this thread. Except for the Sunday one, which will contain a Community Question!

If you guys happen to use the Battleborn Discord at all, I’ll be putting episodes there daily as well.

It’s funny, because I sometimes feel like I need to apologize for making so many of these threads, even if they are spaced out. But I think small content creators need to do this kind of thing - it can only help to get us out there, right? I’d like to hope that’s the case. And to be honest, I haven’t done this kind of sharing with any other game - just Battleborn. And that’s because this community is much more tight-knit than, say, Overwatch or Halo.

Anyways, that little tirade aside, I hope you’ll all enjoy my “Week of!” Battleborn series, and I’ll see you all in-game!


(Destro, the Coolest Pirate You'll Ever Know) #2

In today’s Battleborn Let’s Play, I am playing as the mad scientist Beatrix! With her injector in hand, I intend on doing as much DPS as poss-- wait, what do you mean she’s not a DPS? WHAT IS SHE THEN!?

Seriously, I don’t know what to classify Beatrix as, but I play her as a straight up DPS character. Outside of Patient Zero, I feel like her kit suits the role of a DPS fairly well. But maybe I’m wrong with that train of thought? I have no idea.

If you guys know what Beatrix’s proper role is, please let me know. I’m interested in hearing your thoughts and opinions.

(Destro, the Coolest Pirate You'll Ever Know) #3

Welcome back, folks, to the third episode of the Royal Gaming Battalion Week Of Battleborn!

Once again, we’re playing on Overgrowth, but this time I get to play as my favorite bird, Ernest! I’m seriously considering doing a tutorial for him, so please let me know if you guys would like to see that!

We had a Caldarius that was very adamant about surrendering in this match, so I kept a little counter up of how many times he tried surrendering. You can see the total toward the end of the video!

All that being said and done, Battleborn Day is on Saturday, the 18th! Not sure what I’ll be doing during that day quite yet, but there may be a stream going on to test out the new hardware me and Jack got.

More info to come regarding the stream.

(Destro, the Coolest Pirate You'll Ever Know) #4

Hello mad scientists, and welcome back to the Week of! Battleborn, also known as Royal Gaming Battalion’s Let’s Play Battleborn series!

In today’s Battleborn Let’s Play, we’re continuing the tradition of playing on Overgrowth, but there’s a twist! Instead of just myself and Malifo commentating, we now have a third person joining us - Flags at Dawn!

Hopefully our commentary continues to work as a trio, because this Battleborn series would have been hard to do without them.

In this match, I once again try my hand at Beatrix, continuing to play her as a DPS because I don’t know any better. Honestly, I think I’m pretty decent at her! What do you guys think?

Saturday is Battleborn Day and Lootpocalypse 2.0, and I fully plan on taking advantage of that! After we record some Halo Wars, Jack and I are going to play Battleborn for the rest of the day, getting in our recordings AND trying to do some streaming as well for you guys! Stay tuned, because more information about that will be posted in tomorrow’s video or on Saturday on the Battleborn subreddit.

(Destro, the Coolest Pirate You'll Ever Know) #5

Hello lovelies, and welcome back to the Royal Gaming Battalion Let’s Play Battleborn series!

Or, in other words, welcome back to the Week of! Battleborn, presented to you by the myself, Destro, and my two guest commentators Malifo and Flags at Dawn!

Today we’re playing, unsurprisingly, Incursion on Overgrowth! I’m taking up the mantle of Reyna again (and those thunder thighs!) and doing my best to overshield our team to victory! Well, that probably sounded lame, so I’ll let the Battleborn gameplay speak for itself.

(Destro, the Coolest Pirate You'll Ever Know) #6

Welcome back, everyone, to the Let’s Play Battleborn series, presented by Royal Gaming Battalion! This is the sixth, and final episode of our Battleborn “Week of!” series. It’s been a wild ride, but we have another game we want to show you - more on that later.

In today’s episode, we’re playing Incursion on Echelon. Wait, it’s not Overgrowth? That’s weird.

Anyways, I’m playing as my main bird Ernest, because what better send off is there to this little spin-off than to play the last match as my main character?

I’m joined today by Malifo and Flags at Dawn, who I can’t thank enough for lending their playtime and commentary to putting this all together. I had a lot of fun with it!

Starting next week, me and Jack are back at the grind with our own Battleborn content (a few matches we played during Battleborn Day!) as well as doing a long-play for Halo Wars 2! As a fan of the first game, I’m very excited to give the second one a shot, and I hope you’re all excited as well!

(Destro, the Coolest Pirate You'll Ever Know) #7

Hello everyone, Destro here with a special upload for the Let’s Play Battleborn series!

While doing my first streaming session last night, me and a 5-man I was playing with came up against a team like no other, with a Montana who’s minigun was so hot it could melt steel beams!

We ran into Jythri, more commonly known as Randy Varnell, while playing draft mode yesterday. For those of you that don’t know, he’s (as the title says) the Creative Director of Battleborn. That’s kinda a big deal.

Both teams fought hard, but at the end of the day his team had a bit better of a late-game strategy, utilizing Toby’s abilities to split-push while Pendles and Rath worked in a marvelous combo.

I have nothing but respect for him and everything he’s done for Battleborn, and the only way I felt I could show my respect was to come at his team with everything I had - so I went with my main bird Ernest. It was a close match, and I’m really glad my team stuck it out to the end. Both sides played well, and I’d be lying if I didn’t say that was the best match of the whole night.

(Destro, the Coolest Pirate You'll Ever Know) #8

Hello everyone, and welcome back to our regularly scheduled Let’s Play Battleborn series, brought to you by the Royal Gaming Battalion - where dreams come true if you get salty enough!

I made a mistake in this video by calling it a “week of” episode - but it’s not. The “Week of” Battleborn is over, but until we can get our first episode of Halo Wars 2 out, this is what you have available to you.

Me and Jack are playing a super salty Meltdown match with an Ernest who doesn’t quite know how to Ernest! We take a loss, but it’s alright. Jack is still learning the game, so a loss or two (or three…) is inevitable.

Not much else to add here. I’ll be making a “channel update” video that’s going to go up shortly after this one - give that a look! We have some ideas but we need your guys’ input. Thanks!

(Destro, the Coolest Pirate You'll Ever Know) #9

Got an update about Battleborn and the state of my channel, for anyone interested.

After I put that Battleborn episode up, my friend made it quite clear that he wanted to cut back on the amount of Battleborn episodes we do. To him, it isn’t fun as an audience member to watch a Let’s Play that involves someone teaching somebody else about the game. He said that he needed more practice off-camera to really get better at it.

But, he also made it clear that he’s burned out on playing it, and I can understand his frustration. It’s not fun being the new guy and constantly losing. It’d be even worse if our Let’s Play videos were showing his perspective and not mine (which, in the episode I posted, I’m obviously salty, but still). For anyone that’s watched our channel’s Battleborn episodes, I’m fairly competitive/focused on the game, which is in a direct clash with how he wants to be entertaining.

So, in regards to the channel, we both decided it would be in our best interests to put a more entertaining game on there? Something less focused on multiplayer, and just straight-up co-op.
We’ve decided to play Borderlands: The Handsome Jack Collection.

In regards to Battleborn, it will still be on the channel. I’m planning on doing 2 episodes for Battleborn, Borderlands, and Halo Wars 2 each week. We’re still ironing out the details on what games go up on what days, but so far it seems like Battleborn will go up on Tuesday and Thursday (mostly because the Battleplan comes out on Thursdays).

Anyways, sorry for the long wall of text guys. I understand if this channel update turns some of you away from my youtube stuff, but I’m hoping we can still be friends! I’ll do my best to stream some Battleborn over the weekend to make up for the lack of episodes (and hey, maybe archive and compile said streams for youtube? Maybe.).

(Destro, the Coolest Pirate You'll Ever Know) #10

Missed the last two episodes, so I’m posting them now. Sorry, guys!

Today, I’m playing as Orendi on Echelon, which is an Incursion match. Jack had some schoolwork to take care of, so he wasn’t actively engaged in-game, but he was still there to commentate!

This match doesn’t last very long, though, as our team ends up surrendering part of the way through, which I found to be a little bit silly. But, sometimes you’ve gotta know when to hold em, and know when to fold em. I guess that was a folding match.

Hello everyone, and welcome back to Royal Gaming Battalion’s Battleborn Let’s Play - where we draw the line at just how much foul language you can use in a single sentence!

All seriousness aside, I didn’t quite know what I was getting into when I joined these guys, so I apologize if any of their language offended you. But I’m sticking to my guns here of showing you all the full “spectrum” - the good and the bad - of playing multiplayer games.

Oh, and today’s match is actually a victory for a change! Yea, me and Jack kicked the enemy team’s butts, and apparently hit a bad lag spike at the end of it. Ouch.

But hey, a win is a win! And I like winning!

Today’s Battleborn Gameplay is on Incursion’s Overgrowth map, not that anybody doesn’t know what already. Still, just doing my part to help out!

(Destro, the Coolest Pirate You'll Ever Know) #11

Hello guys, and welcome back to Royal Gaming Battalion’s Battleborn Let’s Play series, where the salt water is always rising and I might be a shark!

Today we’re playing Meltdown on Coldsnap, where everything is frozen! Well, not EVERYTHING, but most things are… Anyways, Jack and I pair up to take on the enemy team of random players, and we lose horribly to a battle Miko!

Battle. Miko.

Let alone the fact that that should not be a thing, I was pretty annoyed at how my team played against them. Mostly because we had somebody quit on us. Seriously, why do people constantly feel the need to quit? It’s just going to turn more people off from playing. Anyways, let me know how my Alani is! I’ve changed my loadout since this match was played, but I’m still open to suggestions!

Hello everyone, and welcome back to another exciting episode of Royal Gaming Battalion’s Battleborn Let’s Play! The only series where you can become famous if you surrendered ten times in a previous episode!

Today, I am playing Incursion on Overgrowth, and I’m showing off my ever-improving Alani skills! My current loadout on her as of this match was a shard generator, heal power/attack damage, and attack speed. Attack speed on Alani is amazing!

My team was fairly well-constructed, except for one little issue - one of the guys on my team played Caldarius in a previous episode, and tried to initiate a surrender ten times. He’s an incredibly salty player, and tried to ■■■■-talk me in this match.

Fortunately, due to my game volume being a little bit TOO LOW, you won’t get to hear any of his squabbling! And that’s okay! I’d rather not have to listen to him speak.

Anyways, how do you guys build Alani? Let me know in the comments below!

(oh, and Riptide heal is better than Geyser heal.)

(Destro, the Coolest Pirate You'll Ever Know) #12

Hello everyone, and welcome back to Royal Gaming Battalion’s Let’s Play Battleborn series - the only series where I am defined NOT by my skill level, but by the helix choices I make!

Today’s recording is a little different. I wasn’t satisfied with a few of my matches I recorded with Jack on Saturday, and some of our footage was messed up by the new Elgato. SO, I recorded these during the week. Don’t expect any fancy introductions or goodbyes - this is raw gameplay footage of me and my other friend’s playing Battleborn!

Today’s match is an Incursion match on Overgrowth. Not much to add here - I went with Alani, and my team went with a pretty well-rounded comp in general. That’s a perk to playing with 4 other people. We work off of each other! This match was very fast, as the other team ended up surrendering.

(Destro, the Coolest Pirate You'll Ever Know) #13

Hello everyone, and welcome back to Royal Gaming Battalion’s Let’s Play Battleborn series - the only series where you can hear my sister or the tv in the background!

Today’s match is an Incursion game on Echelon. There’s really not much for me to add here - but I will say sorry for my lack of commentary. Anyways, I’m playing as Alani again (this whole session was recording when I was trying to get her lore done!). This is a pretty quick match, as the guys we were playing against were fairly low level.

(Destro, the Coolest Pirate You'll Ever Know) #14

Hello friends, and welcome back to Royal Gaming Battalion’s Let’s Play Battleborn series! The only series where friends band toge–


Something about them seems off. Their aura, it’s…it’s malicious! They stare at me with an intent to kill. Why do they attack me!? What’s going on here!?

Ernest is dead. Gone. I can’t call upon his power, but wait – there’s still someone there. Someone that may have the power to save my friends!

It’s going to take every ounce of strength I’ve got, and I won’t go down without a fight!

Yup…Battleborn decided to pit me against my friends in the matchmaking. Fun, especially since this was my first recording of the evening. Hopefully I didn’t get stomped too badly? I hope not.

If you guys would like to see that sweet thumbnail image in all of its glory, here’s a link -

Also, “Mizu Faita” is the Japanese translation for “water fighter”, which I thought was a suiting title for Alani. So yea. Japan. Dragonball. Yay!

If you guys would like to play with me, my gamertag is Destronoma . The only time I’m not really available to play is Saturday, as this is the day I record our Battleborn Gameplay! It’s also the time I use to get our Let’s Play Battleborn Online videos ready!

Description stuff out of the way, this was my first time having the game pit me against the people I play against. Honestly, I was a bit of a wreck during this match, and it didn’t help that the randoms I got paired with were seemingly low-level players.

But it happens. Honestly, I find it fun to go up against people I know, as I can really test myself (or have a really, really bad game.)

This episode was a bit informal, as I let a good chunk of the pre-character select stuff get through, just to show my reaction to the realization that I was playing against the people I normally play with.

For those that don’t want to watch the reaction stuff, here are some timestamps you can use as reference points.

1:30 - Character Select
3:11 - Two-sided conversations with my friends on the enemy team (sorry there’s a bit of an echo, that’s an elgato thing)
5:11 - Royal Gaming Battalion “Intro” (with 500% more self-doubt!)
5:40 - Match starts!

Cheers, guys! Let me know what you guys think of my thumbnail image - I spent a few hours playing around with Photoshop and Illustrator to get the colors and effects right.

(Destro, the Coolest Pirate You'll Ever Know) #15

Hello demons, friends, and genetically altered clones, and welcome back to Royal Gaming Battalion’s Let’s Play Battleborn series, where every surrender is the equivalent of a punch to the face.

In today’s Battleborn gameplay, Jack and I play Incursion on Overgrowth with our friends Malifo, Silph Chocobo, Shrike, and Zorness!

I’m playing as Shayne and Aurox today, and she is honestly becoming one of my favorite characters! I enjoy her toolkit a lot, and she has a great variety in terms of what legendary gear you can use on her.

Personally, I enjoy running a shard generator, Intermittent Angel for random shield procs, and Cya Module for shield procs if I’m hit by a CC (which has honestly saved me a whole bunch of times!).

Shayne is one of the most powerful characters in the game, if you know how to use her properly. I think I’ve got a good grip on her playstyle.

(Destro, the Coolest Pirate You'll Ever Know) #16

Hello Destronomas, and welcome to Destronoma’s Royal Gaming Battalion Let’s Play Battleborn series!

In this particular series, everybody gets to be Destronoma! From my mannerisms, speech, character picks, and snobby-elitist attitude to my critical ways of thinking and the long walks on the beach that I take!


In today’s match, the Destros are playing Incursion on Overgrowth. Supreme Lord Destronoma (That is, me. So, you) is playing as Alani, because the other Destros needed it!

I really do love Alani’s Legendary. It makes Wellspring pretty darn amazing by turning it into a HoT. (Heal over time)

Anyways, we did our pubstomping thing and found out that if someone touches your foot, that makes you fall in love with them. Oh, the agony!

(Destro, the Coolest Pirate You'll Ever Know) #17

Hello friends, and welcome to Royal Gaming Battalion’s Let’s Play Battleborn series - the only series where we can make an entire episode based around memes, Dr. Seuss, and some potentially questionable life decisions.

In today’s episode, we’re playing as Dr. Shayne and Aurox, the popular children’s author and violent demonic-pair. We’re playing an Incursion match on Overgrowth and continuing the trend set by this week - playing with a group of friends!

I think I’ve said it before, but if not - Shayne is my favorite tank in the game. She’s got so much survivability if you build her around getting her shield back up. It’s insane.

And the pulls! Oh man, I think I’ve gotten pretty decent with the pulls.

This Battleborn Let’s Play episode was made with 50% more jokes and 100% more fun! It’s like Juicy Juice, but not.
And apparently I’m very elitist, but I’m not seeing how. If anyone would like to show me how, please tell me in the comments section below!

(Destro, the Coolest Pirate You'll Ever Know) #18

[quote]Hello, you lucky so and sos, and welcome back to Royal Gaming Battalion’s Let’s Play Battleborn series - the only series where one episode can range from memes and jokes, to an episode where we critically analyze ourselves!

Well, maybe not critically. I asked my co-host what he thought of the word “elitist”, and we both came to the conclusion that, in all likelihood, it doesn’t apply to me. Crisis averted! We can all get on with our lives now.

In today’s Battleborn Let’s Play, we’re playing Incursion on Monuments. Playing as Ernest on this map is fairly simple, due to how linear it is in structure.

Also, still trying to figure out if I should just run attack damage instead of skill damage on him. I haven’t seen much difference between the two stats.

Like the title says, Ernest is a character who really shines when your team is coordinated. Alone, he’s still a very powerful character, but if your team has any kind of organization, his wave clear and suppression can help to set up for kills. Also, getting kills with stray grenades or satchel charges is the best thing ever.[/quote]

Now that the description stuff is out of the way, I can get on to the shout out part.

So, two days ago my channel hit its 100th video. In the first 7 minutes of that video, my co-host and I kind of talk about our journey so far on Youtube, and what exactly has got us here.

Well, part of what’s propelled our channel forward has been this subreddit. Honestly, I was a bit skeptical about doing a Let’s Play series for Battleborn at first. Compared to the other hero shooter I was playing, I was worried that the small playerbase wouldn’t really get us much attention. But, it turns out that it actually had the opposite effect.

When I made my first “Let’s Play Battleborn” thread, everyone here showed great interest in what I was presenting - I’d like to think it was because of how passionate this community was that I even got a chance to show you guys my videos.

That first video blew up big time (or, in relation to our channel, what I deemed was big time), and every video since then has made me really proud that I took that first step and came to this subreddit with my first episode.

I just wanted to give you guys a big, big thank you from my heart. Compared to other subreddits, and other communities, this one has really helped to shape the way my Let’s Play videos get done. I know that sounds silly, since this is geared toward Battleborn, but it’s true. I’ve been approaching my other series the same way I approach this one - with the desire to reach out to the community in any way I can.

I also just want to say thanks for all the friend requests and advice I’ve gotten for the game itself. I came at this series with a little over 30-50 hours of game time, and not a big wealth of knowledge at my disposal. Since then, I’ve played for over 100 hours (last time I bothered to check), and I’ve got several characters under my belt.

I owe that to you guys, and to this community. These Let’s Play videos have changed me - I’ve been having so much fun with them, that I don’t think I could stop doing them if I wanted to.

Cheers guys, and I’ll see you in-game!

(Destro, the Coolest Pirate You'll Ever Know) #19

Hello demons, and welcome back to Royal Gaming Battalion’s Let’s Play Battleborn series - the only series where you can hear me do an awful Aurox impression in the first two minutes of the video!

In today’s episode, we’re playing Incursion on Overgrowth as our favorite demonic, teenage-angsty pair, Shayne and Aurox! As usual, I run my “shield recharge” build, which utilizes the Intermittent Angel, as well as a Health Regen item.

Today’s match is played with a group of randoms against another group of randoms! So, you know, the usual.
Anyways, we talk about how unique this type of medium is, in terms of entertainment. Youtube and gaming are definitely becoming more popular as each day goes by, in my humble opinion.

And that personally drives Jack and I to want to provide you guys with the best content we can! I hope we’re delivering on that mission!

(Destro, the Coolest Pirate You'll Ever Know) #20

[quote]Hello friends, and welcome to a special installment of Royal Gaming Battalion’s Let’s Play Battleborn series!

Why is this one special, you ask? Well, simply put, Jack and I talk about our personal beliefs and our own friendships. We talk about our pasts, and how our friendships (or lack thereof) have changed us!

We also talk about my views as a feminist. Yes, I am not afraid to say I label myself as a feminist. I believe in the equality of everybody, and I wish I could do more to help.

This is also a disclaimer that Jack and I do not mean to sound like we are pushing any sort of political agenda on you guys. We’re not. Today’s episode is just about a more touchy-subject for us. [/quote]

[quote]Hello everyone, and welcome back to Royal Gaming Battalion’s Let’s Play Battleborn series - the only series where a very personal episode can be followed up with an episode talking about conventions, Indiana Jones, and Star Wars!

In today’s episode, I’m playing as Ernest on Monuments (Incursion), and this match is a fairly decent one. We end up losing, but it’s mostly due to running out of time - both team’s scores were fairly close.

While that’s going on, Jack tells us some trivia about Indiana Jones’ clothes, and some Star Wars trivia! Also, we talk about conventions we’ve been to!

I’ve only ever been to Stan Lee’s Comikaze in 2012, so my experience has been skewed. But, I have met the likes of Norman Reedus, Stan Lee, and Ray Bradbury (though, this was on a separate occasion, and not at Comikaze).

Also, Ray Bradbury is an author, unlike the other two who are just straight up celebrities. Still, it was pretty awesome![/quote]

In other news, I’m wondering how difficult it would be to make an Ernest cosplay for the next time I decide to go to a con. It’d be more or his outfit, and less of looking like, you know, a bird. Anybody have any ideas how that might look?

Also, if you guys have been to any conventions yourself, feel free to share your experiences! I’d love to read about them.