Destro's Official Let's Play Borderlands 2 Thread!

Hello everyone! Some of you may recognize me from the Battleborn forum on this site, or potentially on the Battleborn subreddit.

To those of you that do recognize me, 'sup?

To those that don’t, well, my name is Destronoma, and I run a youtube channel called Royal Gaming Battalion which can be found here.

Anyways, today marks the beginning of a brand new series for myself and my co-host - we’re tackling the Handsome Jack Collection on Xbox One, starting with Borderlands 2!

Our first episode can be found here

This first episode is merely mine (Joey/Destro) and Jack’s introduction to the first area of the game. I didn’t want to make the video too long, so I kept it at about 25-30 minutes. We made it to about level 3 or 4 here, so there’s no abilities being shown off yet. Still, we’re loving the game so far!

My experience with this game goes back to the first Borderlands. I played as Roland, and made it to max level with him before the game kind of went on the backburner. However, I’m incredibly familiar with games like Diablo 3 and Battleborn, so this one isn’t tricky to me at all.

If you guys have any tips for playing the game, feel free to let me know! I’ll be updating this thread with a new episode every Friday and Sunday.

See you all around!

Hello friends, and welcome to the second episode of Royal Gaming Battalion’s Let’s Play Borderlands 2 series!

In today’s episode, we’re continuing from where the first one left off and doing more work for Sir Hammerlock! Gentleman, Hunter, Sniper. We’ll be collecting Bullymong fur and fighting a midget THAT IS LITERALLY RIDING A BULLYMONG! Oh, what kind of monster is this!?

Hello friends, and welcome to the third episode of Royal Gaming Battalion’s Let’s Play Borderlands 2 series!

In today’s episode, we are finishing up the search for Claptrap! He’s been stolen by raiders, and the only way to get to him is with bloodshed, brute force, and JACK PICK THAT ITEM UP ALREADY CHRIST-- ahem, our skills. Anyways, we’ve got about 1 or 2 more episodes we can make in our recording session, so we’ve got to record again sometime soon. Otherwise, you guys won’t have anything to watch!

Hello friends, and welcome back to Royal Gaming Battalion’s Let’s Play for Borderlands 2, which is part of Borderlands: The Handsome Jack Collection!

In today’s episode, we’re wrapping up the first part of the game’s first major hub area. Jack and I are rescuing Claptrap, but to do so we need to go find the bandit that took him - Captain Flynt!

Flynt. Hmm. I wonder if that’s some sort of indicat – OH GOD HE’S KINDA MADE OF FIRE! JESUS CHRIST!

Yea, he’s on fire. And he hurts. A lot. But have no fear, because today’s Borderlands 2 gameplay comes jam packed with Claptrap’s famous fire extinguishers! Now with 100% more gasoline!