Destroyer Fight Mechanic

So on the Borderlands show the boss designer said that you can melee the meteor Tyreen throws at you back at her to stagger her. I have never seen anyone do this, did I just miss out and everyone else knows this?


In my first play through, I really wanted to get inside that vault for all the delicious loot, only to be welcomed by 4 chests full of whites and greens.

Now, I think most of us are just too focused on killing her fast and hoping we get a good drop which can take 30-50 runs.

I go there occasionally for a protracted fight (and have never heard of this). Sounds like a fun little risk: return the meteor or eat it. Anyone familiar who can explain how?

If that really is a thing, it’s a bad mechanic…

Who would even think to melee an attack, let alone a huge fireball of death??

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Probably the same people who thought to melee Ganon’s projectyles back at him with the bug net or an empty bottle.

I did it! Knocked a few at her for practice, whittled her down to a sliver, and then used it for a finishing blow. I’m uploading to Youtube now, so it should be ready in a few hours, but here’s a still (I’ll post the video when it’s done uploading).

  • Despite what I saw on Reddit, they don’t use the Eridium Resonator for the hit.
  • If you have the Barrier up, it’ll stick to the Barrier. This will work for a shatter, not a reflection (you have to hit it out of the air before it sticks into a surface).
  • It seems to aim on its own? I’ll have to practice more to see if I hit it at a bad angle if it still flies at her.

edit - that was fast!


Huh, neat.


Ok, so yeah that is a thing, very cool.

Cool. I will have to try that sometime. I always expected it might maybe shatter when melee’d.