Detailed Miko Open Beta Feedback

I wasn’t a part of the closed beta or before so this feedback is entirely based off of open beta week. For my part I’ve been playing on PC and have used Miko as my main almost from the get go. As someone who primarily enjoys playing healers, reading through the character descriptions and seeing only Miko or Ambra as directly listed as healers felt quite limiting initially, but thankfully I really love playing them. I’m currently sitting on character rank 11 bordering on 12 with them with 3/5 lore challenges complete and fully intend to get Master of Miko within at least 2 weeks of full release.

So i’ll break down all Miko’s abilities individually and how I’ve found them with any criticisms etc. Obviously this is going to be a long post so be warned.

Primary Fire: Kunai

Miko’s kunai actually feel really good where they are at the moment. In both PvE and PvP they do more damage than you may expect for a healer and i’ve had more than a few finishing kills from the poison tick as someone runs away. In terms of accuracy they rate pretty poorly compared to most other characters especially with how they arc but I think that’s a perfect drawback for them. Making it any easier to aim with them would likely make what is already a very powerful character far too strong and they definitely don’t need extreme range. Unreliable damage with reliable healing works imo.

Secondary Fire: Healing beam

The healing beam, Miko’s bread and butter, works really well atm. The amount it gives feels really balanced right now especially when coupled with the Biosynthesis buff. In a 1v1 fight you can turn the tide, but its not quite enough to stop someone getting CC’d and nuked. Also the range of it really helps develop the play style as its not quite long enough to avoid being in danger when on the front lines.

Only thing I can criticise on it at the moment would be that the path finding can get messy at times around corners / partial visablity. I play mostly with a friend who mains Benedict and the amount of times the beam stutters trying to find them as they fly around just clipping can get annoying.

"Ability 1: Biosynthesis"

This ability in many ways defines the better players from the worse from what i’ve seen in PvP matches more than any other. Its buff component adds a lot more skill and timing than a self heal would ever usually involve. At times it can feel that the self heal itself is too strong though, especially when coupled with cloud of spores as there are few fights pressing both with a sprint wont get you out of. Especially when coupled with helix choices late game (like cooldown reduction) Miko’s can sometimes be harder than many tanks to kill if played well. It certainly doesn’t need a major change, and maybe people feel like its in a good place at the moment, but for me even just a small reduction or something might help.

"Ability 2: Cloud of Spores"

The ultimate in get out of jail free cards in melee, I feel people really undervalue quite how powerful this ability is. If you took away its damage entirely it would still be extremely useful, and if anything that the damage is quite low on it works well. Its that same boundary with the kunai of not making it too strong and tipping Miko towards damage, but enough to finish someone weakened off. When coupled with helix upgrades especially at level 4 it feels great to use and can add a lot of crowd control to a team in a meaningful way.

"Ultimate: Fungus Among Us"

Unfortunately this is the one ability of Miko’s I really don’t get on with and it feels quite poor as an ultimate. Especially in a game as fast paced as Battleborn there are few times that enough people are bunched together and taking enough damage that this thing can make a noticeable difference without just getting destroyed in the crossfire first. I find myself using it as an emergency self heal more often than anything else and people don’t usually have time to go back to it and use it as a supply station mid fight when you can healing beam them instead.

Its health being so low it dies from AoE abilities more often than not. I’ve rarely seen people have to directly target it because why bother when your splash damage does it for you. The character rank 12 helix mutation certainly helps with being able to throw it twice as often leading to it mattering less if it dies, but having to get to rank 10 in game and character rank 12 for the mutation feels a long way to go for this ultimate to start to feel solid.

My only suggestion for a direction to take it to help would be to make it so that it gives people a short lived healing over time instead of direct healing equalling the same amount. Even something only lasting 3 seconds would do it a world of good as then people can run through it, get a small boost and keep going. And in mass team fights, at least then you know its done something before it gets blown up.

Helix Mutations:

Rank 1: First Responder vs Breathe Deep

Not much to say here, both great choices and feels like immediately you are getting some meaningful differences in play style. Personally I tend to go for Breathe Deep to couple it with the rank 4 mutation later, but in very melee heavy PvP fights First Responder can get you out of bad situations while trying to save someone really well.

Rank 2: Regenerative Aura vs Heal Thyself

Both decent choices again. Heal Thyself coupled with Biosynthesis can make you very hard to kill in a 2v2 fight and Regenerative Aura works wonders in larger scale fights or when running between people. Personal choice is Regenerative Aura as I think Biosynthesis is often enough already and when you are getting killed you often need the healing then, not when healing someone else.

Rank 3: Evolutionary Emergence vs Swift Draw (vs Plentiful Healing)

Seems an unfair choice to me as Evolutionary Emergence benefits everything about the character and yet Swift Draw is rarely going to help outside of something like solo PvE. Miko isn’t really a damage character and putting a directly aggressive talent against something so broadly useful feels like a bad choice. This is especially compounded with the Plentiful Healing extra mutation as its extremely useful again and badly outshines Swift Draw.

Rank 4: Trail of Spores vs Sporeshock (vs Sticky Spores)

I love hitting rank 4 more than anything as the variety it gives your thrown spores is great. Between the choice of stuns, mass slowing and proximity bombs I think all of these talents work really well. It feels like reaching a new stage with Miko when this unlocks. Personally I love trail of spores as being able to slow an entire lane is crazy good.

Rank 5: Toxic Transfusion vs Pandemic (vs Pervasive Poison)

This rank is very strange to me as while the theme of modifying Miko’s poison is a great one, it feels like both Pandemic and Pervasive Poison would only be majorly worth taking if you could have Toxic Transfusion on top of them. At best I can see Pervasive Poison working well with the rank 10 to make their ultimate do damage but Pandemic feels like a lane clearing / AoE tool that doesn’t do enough to justify itself. To me, Toxic Transfusion wins hands down for the self healing and is too clear a favorite.

Rank 6: Probiotics vs Spore Strike (vs Healer’s Oath)

Two good choices here between Healer’s Oath and Probiotics depending on if you need more personal or group survivability. Spore Strike though outside of PvE seems like a pointless talent. Miko’s spore already does relatively little damage and 15% extra on top of that is such a tiny change that it just doesn’t justify itself or have any reason to be picked.

Rank 7: Fight or Flight vs Bladeslinger

Decent enough picks for this level. Both in a way survivability options though Bladeslinger kind of needs Toxic Transfusion to back it up. But still, both justify themselves well enough.

Rank 8: Biosynergy vs Residency

Basic choice again between self survival or healing others. I would say that Biosynergy is probably the stronger of the two especially in the late game when you often are spending a lot of time healing.

Rank 9: Spore Storm vs Resilient Strain

This rank coupled with the great rank 4 choices works so well. Both options add a lot of specialization on top of what you already have and make an already great ability even better. Good options.

Rank 10: Barkskin vs Vicious Strain (vs We Are Many)

With my reservations about the ultimate already, Barkskin doesn’t feel like it does nearly enough to be worth taking. 200 extra health doesn’t cut it when you are fighting level 10 players with massive splash abilities and ultimate’s themselves. Vicious Strain I like as it can help clear out a lane if needed and does make a differnence in team fights for helping finish people off if your shroom lasts long enough. I have yet to unlock We Are Many (soooon) but from reading its description when its unlocked it seems like the obvious favorite of the three.

That’s it from me. If you managed to read that entire thing, well done. Hope the feedback was somewhat useful!