Details of Hedronic Amplifier Slow?

Now that Boots of the Brute have been nerfed, I’m reconsidering my Attikus gear.

Does anyone know how long the slow on Hedronic Amplifier is? And if you use Hedronic Amplifier and Boots of the Brute, do 2 slows stack to be a more potent or long lasting slow? Or would that be redundant?


More generally, Attikus has a bunch of slows now, so how does stacking slows work? What if you pounce slowed, then hedronic arc slowed (with Hedronic Amplifier), then melee’d with boots of the brute, then did a full stack ult. Would this quadruple slow rip a hole in the space-time continuum?

I run Attikus with the boots and his amp and while i don’t think the slow stacks, i did notice thay everything i attacked was pretty much always slowed. It was quite pleasant.

This new Attikus is awesome. all those slows makes you a sniper nightmare when you come crashing down on them :smiley: