Details on Handsome Collection Cross Save Functionality (UPDATED 4/2)

Yea. Remember, BAR is shared across your characters.

I have my PS3 saves on a USB stick but do not own the last gen game of borderlands the pre sequel can I still cross save my account using my USB Stick

Just upload her character from the 360. Have her gamer tag ready on the one. Log in as her start game then download her character.

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Wish, but sad to say no right now. You HAVE to use ure PS3 with the game installed on it, and use the ingame menu for cross save. I have same issue, no ps3, but saves on usb, don’t do me any good. Maybe they will change that, maybe

So are we going to get a fix for the badass ranking for this weekend or are we gunna be left hanging?

At this point, the fix is still in testing. Because the resolution involves a full update on Xbox One, it needs to get through certification of multiple parties. Thanks for your patience!


Will badass rank transfer between console families? If it is saved on shift too then I feel as if it should, especially after losing around a million bar because I chose a different console.

hoping all this gets fixed by Monday or Tuesday, getting the use of a PS3 then, so I can finally transfer my saves over to PS4. been waiting to really play till I can get my stuff, hate to loose my rank and weapons. hate that the main features pushed on this game for next gen aren’t workn the way intended, but I know they are working to get us fans fixed up, sooner than later I hope tho, Great games by the way 2k and gearbox, PreSequel seems to be the thing that’s mostly bugged and the coop
on a side note @Jeffybug , curious, I heard remaster was outsourced, but was it done by one company, or split between 2, just thought that might have a facture in it, just guessing here

What i can confirm after playing a couple of hours (PS4 BL2):
I precise that i’ve already plat on PS3 and tried to upload via cros save all my 4 charcters (Lvl 53, 35, 39 and 18th) to PS4.
all weapons, inventory story and missions are transfered to ps4 version so you can continue from where you were in PS3 version but in the PS4 platforme BUT :

After using cross save from PS3 and if you have already platon ps3 you unlock :

  • all trophies related to differents map to visit including glob trotter when you start.
  • all kill trophies related to a guven character by killing just one or 2 . Ex: just throw your saber turet once and you got the trophy.
    Except for gunzlinger where you should stay 90 s by shooting no stop (this one you should do it again)
  • 20 secondairy mission : just do 1
  • level trophy : just level up once . Let’s say you are level 53 , level up to 54 and you got all 5, 10 , 25 and level 50
  • purple trophy where should have all weapon and inventory in purple
  • 5 round trophy ( by playing once pyte bar chalenge)
  • and finally and not the least Chalenge trophy
    By playing simply some chalenge during a given mission ( i’ve simply done all requested chalenge during “killing of killers” mission and got “chalenge accepted” trophy at the end of the mission)

What seems to be done by your own and look like you’re good to do a whole plythrough for that :

  • all story related trophied
  • trophy related to do all 109 missions
  • gunslinger trophy
  • Italien Plumber trophy ( doesn’t take time as you can go directly to eridium bright and wait donkey monkey to spawn and kill him)
  • high five trophy
    And soome orhers which are not the time consuming one at all

I’ll want to mention that what gearbox say about trophy and acheivement which will not transfer to PS4 version is NOT true as every one can try and see what i’m trying to explain here.

What’s shame is at the end of the day when a noob look on your trophy card and say ‘you are cheating’ but you know that is not true even though the manner that the ps4 vresion give you all trophy look like that so please try to correct this or explain it clearly.

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Is there a patch to resolve PS4 badass rank not transferring or just Xbox One? Because the issue is present on both consoles.

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Nothing throughout the weekend, so when can we expect a fix?

I’m pretty sure they will keep us posted. They said they’ve submitted a fix for testing on Thursday and it’s just now Monday, be patience.

Since I’m not getting any answers in my own thread I created and this one seems popular still, I will paste what I asked before.

Some questions for you though. Let’s say I start a brand new game on BL2, level 1, new character and start playing.

1.) Once the badass rank is fixed up and I reupload my old save from XBox 360. will that affect the new game I created in any way?

2.) I’ll start earning a new badass rank on this new game (obviously) - does this “stack” when my real badass rank transfers over, or do I lose this new badass rank all together.

3.) Does this fix involve our loyalty rewards (keys, extra 5000 badass rank) or is that a whole other issue?

4.) Is it true when my original badass eventually gets transferred I get to spend all my tokens over again!!!? smiley

Thanks for your help and responses!!

  1. You’ll want to see this article for details: If you use the “Save As New” option to complete a transfer after the fix is in place, you’ll only experience BAR loss (Higher badass rank will override the lower number).

  2. See above – the game will check your existing badass rank against the badass rank of the character you are transferring in. Whichever is higher will equal your new badass rank post-fix transfer.

  3. Loyalty Reward issue is not-related. The team is prioritizing a fix for badass rank first, but these should be online shortly after.

  4. You will get to re-spend your badass tokens after your BAR gets transferred over post-fix!

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Holy crap Jeffy! That was quick!! LOL. Thanks dude!

Good to see an update and that it has passed through the first round of testing. I may start a new character just for fun tonight!

Thanks for your help sir!

Just got back from meeting with the development team. It looks like the fix has made it through our first round of testing. Hoping to have more info available sooner than later.

The Knowledge Base article has been updated to reflect this as well!


still haven’t even touched the game since I bought it day 1 (other than trying to transfer) because I’m waiting for this to be fixed. itching to play…

At risk of sounding like a broken record, is this fix only for Xbox One or will PS4 badass rank be fixed as well?

@Vitiosus PS4 Badass Rank transferring is an unrelated issue. Sometimes transfers don’t work properly if you transfer while the game is still installing or downloading/installing an update. Try pulling your character down again and see if that fixes the issue! If not, please drop a line in to our support team!

I just tried for the first time to transfer a character over a few minutes ago. I got the HC first day too but waited for these issues to get worked out. Curiosity got the better of me, i wanted to know how many thing my game let me keep after transferring.

Turns out not much. I didnt get loyalty rewards (as i expected), no original BAR, but also i didnt get my unlocked customizations to transfer. so disappointed :frowning:

All i did was get to see how beautiful it looks on Xbox One, now i know what I’m missing out on. I could play it still, yes, but we were promised our old characters as they were +bonus rewards. All i have now are essentially powerleveled characters.

EDIT: also, it is awesome to see the good level of communication from gearbox. Really nice to see!