Details on Handsome Collection Cross Save Functionality (UPDATED 4/2)

(Jeffybug) #202

Pretty sure it’s indefinitely. Let me run down and see if I can find out for sure though!

EDIT: The save should stay up there until you download it to the next-gen console. Keep in mind that you can only have one save uploaded at a time though. So if you’re selling your PS3, the last save that you upload will be the one that hangs around.

(EliteNagaX25) #203

Quick question. If I played both BL2 & BL:TPS and got unbelievably far on PC (Windows), could I transfer my save data to my Xbox one? It would be great shame if that was not possible.

(Jeffybug) #204

Unfortunately we don’t have a way to transfer saves between platforms at this time.

(Jenna2784) #205

I hope this is in the right place. I bought Borderlands 2 collector’s edition with the loot crate day 1 when it was released for xbox 360. I now have Handsome Jack collection for Xbox One. I have tried everything to get my characters transferred over cloud to BL2 for Xbone, specifically a high level mechromancer. I have done everything I was supposed to, but when it comes to getting my character it says no cloud saves found. I called Xbox tech support and after an hour of troubleshooting they told me it was a gearbox problem and to contact gearbox. Help?

(Matrixneo42) #206

Did you log into the same xbox account and same shift account on both systems?

(as a mistake) #207

Is there any chance that the feature to download saves from the cloud could be implemented on the Xbox 360 as it is on the PS3? The possibility to download saves from the cloud generated a very cool feature on the PS3, one that I actually always wanted to have ever since I started playing the game, where you can duplicate a character completely and legitimately from within the system. In the PS3 it’s as simple as “download save > save as new” and done, you got a separate working clone of your character to modify as you please without messing up the original one. In the Xbox 360 you can only upload a save, but not download it. I’d really like to have already leveled up duplicates of my main character, so I can have multiples of the same class with different names and builds. It’s just a pain in the ass having to level up a new character from scratch just to have two of them with different builds. To be completely honest, the possibility to make copies of your characters is a feature that should’ve been in the game right from the start.

(Jeffybug) #208

If you are still having issues, you’ll want to get in touch with our Tech Support team!

They’ll be able to help you sort things out.

(furies79) #209

Fantastically written, all the information I’ve been looking for!

It’s great to know that the Handsome Collection fully supports both way Cross-Save functionality,
so I can upload my Borderlands 2 save from my Vita (exclusively done) and leverage the power of the PS4 while at home, play and chat with friends on PS4 over Remote Play (thanks to the Vita’s powerful Cross-Chat feature), then re-upload my progress and keep the greatness going on the go!

Vita owns it!! I can honestly say that Cross-Save is the main selling point for me!

We seriously need more amazingly HUGE games like this on Vita, it’s a totally amazing feature!

Totally amazingly, amazing.

(dfree86) #210

Hi All,

Apologies if this question has already been answered, but I’m trying to navigate the Cloud Saves feature between XBox One and Xbox 360 with little success. A buddy of mine and I play together either at his place on his 360 or at my place on my XBox one. Each time we play for a bit, we want to upload our characters (and their progress) to the Cloud so that we can download it at either location, depending on where we are, and continue. When we finished last night, we went to go upload our saves from my XBox One and the only option from the Main Menu screen under “Cloud Saves” was “Download Character”. There was no option to Upload. Also, my main menu says “Cloud Saves” and not “Cross Save.” Is that normal? How do I get the “Upload character” option to consistently appear so that we can keep changing our locations while playing?


(Jeffybug) #211

Unfortunately at this time the Xbox One version of the Handsome Collection only supports one way transfers from Xbox 360 --> Xbox One.

(Matrixneo42) #212

Can he do what he’s trying to do if he stays on xbox one (from xbox one to xbox one)? Maybe even with a thumb drive to transfer his character?


Can we still transfer back and forth between ps4 and ps3?



(Astro Creep) #215

Hey I still have my PS3 but no BL2 disk… can I usb transfer this to my PS4 or do I need to have the disk? Am I SOL or is there something I’m missing? Thanks in advance…

(Berserker) #216

You need the game to transfer the save.

(Astro Creep) #217

I can’t even upload to PSN Plus?


Is it possible for you to rent the game, borrow it from someone or try to re-buy it used just so you can do a transfer? (just throwing other options out there)

(Birdmustfeed) #219

I apologize if this has been answered somewhere, but is there yet or will there ever be a gearbox sponsored method for transferring saves between xbox 360 and PS4? I got a PS4 recently, and would love to get the handsome collection, but I don’t really want to start from scratch.

(How much time do we have?) #220

That would more likely require some agreement between Sony and Microsoft, since it would require both a cross-platform AND cross-network transaction. Somehow, I just can’t see that happening.

The only other way around it would be if the save files could somehow be transferred through SHiFT, but that could also be problematic depending on the agreements GBX and/or 2K have with the console companies.

(Influencer Guy) #221

Yea, that’s unfortunately not up to us. FWIW, I was in the same boat as you – I played on 360 and then moved over to PS4. :slight_smile: