Dev Tracker Broken

So the Dev Tracker seems to have become broken recently. It normally shows what the dev users say, but now it unfortunately does not and it makes it much less convenient and useful. pls halp

EDIT 2: Ohhhh dear, thanks alot @Kaleidodemon fo pointing that out - I feel a bit retardet now :smile:

The Dev Tracker appears to have been updated. Now it doesn’t just show the posts but also shows the members of the In The Box group. See on the top left there, if you want to see what they are saying click on the area marked as Posts. It’s under the highlighted Members.

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Well, I didn’t notice it right away either. I think it was a change made after people had complained about not being able to find posts by a specific person. Now you can find the staff member you are looking for and find their posts a lot easier than having to scroll down a long list of messages from different developers on different games.

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Huh… will ya look at that… thank you for your knowledge friend. :slight_smile: