Dev Tracker Suggestion

I’ve been around the forums and have noticed that a lot of complaints on the forums are about not being informed by the devs of what is actually going on. Well they are on the forums pretty regularly and reply almost daily to posts. SOME forum members have actually tried to learn how to navigate the site and are actually able to find the Dev tracker button. This button gets refferred to quite often on the forums, but I have a couple suggestions to bring this portion of the forums to the light so that everyone can find it more easily.

First Suggestion: Rename it, you shouldn’t shorten Developers to Dev. Unfortunately I haven’t been a part of a forum that had this option before and I love the Dev tracker, but I had no idea what that button was used for and took me a while to actually care enough to find out.
I would suggest renaming it to something like “Follow the Developers” or “See what the Developers are doing/saying/posting”

Second Suggestion: Make it easier to find. Put it under category, right now it is literally as far from the most common buttons I use on the forums to navigate and should be in the same area you navigate the website.

I didn’t know where to post this or who to reach out to (Sorry mods) so I’m placing it here, please move it to a more appropriate area if needed.

I thought that the Dev Tracker is pretty easy to find at the top of the page:


What would be useful is a way to filter the Dev Tracker to show just posts in the Battleborn forums.

it is easy to find and easy to see how little they respond regardless as those that claim they do all the time say.

That’s simply untrue, as can be seen by the many posts in the Dev Tracker and the time stamps next to those posts (of course they’ll respond less at weekends as they do have lives too but even then they are still posting).

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remove all the commenting they do on the other games. im only concerned about this game

Right but everytime i go to look for the dev tracker, i look under categories first. Thank you for the screenshot though, it helped me realize another issue with its location. If i am looking at the categories from where i sit the dev tracker is literally in my eye’s blindspot. I can see everything else in my peripheral vision except for dev tracker. Try it out, its pretty trippy.
Edit: if you look at categories then move your eyes to the right dev tracker will appear more to the left than what you would expect compared to if it were to simply enter your vision from the edge of your eyesight.