Developer chests are real?

So red chest have better loot than grey chests, I get that, but there’s a rumor that some of the red chests are better than others (“dev chests”, with increased odds of containing legendaries and stuff).

As far as I know, there’s one in Tundra Express where you have to suicide to get to it (I mean afterwards, in order to exit), there’s another like that in the vault of the warrior, one or two in Arid nexus, etc. And I noticed that I got a legendary item twice in normal mode after farming the chests in Marcus Munitions Storeroom, so it would seem to be true.

…Or am I wrong? …and all are equal

There are better people out there to answer this than me, but I know the consencus is that not all chests are created equal.

I think it is just luck and what with the legendary drop rate increase the chances of such a thing happening is a tad more common.

That is the red chest from WEP by the Midget Motel. Right before taking this picture I had the following:

I just attribute it as RNG not flipping me off like it usually does.

In Borderlands there was in fact a developer’s chest that was hidden off of a ledge. Whether or not it had better loot I have idea but after farming it for a while I moved onto the Crimson Fastness since that had 2-3 chests total and was not a hard run. That and I did not like having to risk blowing myself up on a Bad Motha Spiderant while driving towards the developer’s chest in Borderlands 1.

[quote=“orion5666, post:1, topic:549876”]As far as I know, there’s one in Tundra Express where you have to suicide to get to it (I mean afterwards, in order to exit)[/quote]I don’t believe you have to suicide to exit? You do have to dodge the train, but that’s fairly easy. The border sentries will also warn you, but they won’t attack if you stick close to the wall on the way out (the same way you came in… you can just walk in and out from the backside of that bandit encampment).

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You don’t. There’s one in BL 1 you do though.

I don’t think there are any developer chests in BL2. That one in Tundra Express has never seemed special to me. And, FWIW, as others said, you don’t have to kill yourself. You can just run along the tracks to get back to the main area. The only problem is if a train happens to come along.

The red chest in Tundra Express and the Hyperion red chest at the end of Hero’s Pass have been exceptional to me. I’ve had far better loot from those than, say… the 4 red pirate chests in Hayter’s Folly, the chests in Pyro Pete’s Bar, etc.

Also, where is the chest in the vault of the warrior? I’ve apparently missed this for 3 years.

I don’t know if this is one of those; “RNG means RNG” circumstances.

I’ve received an unusually high number of Legendary items from the one next to Brick’s Throne, as well as some of the more hidden ones.

This of course could be purely my speculation, as I tend to have specified farming routes, and may not be accounting for the frequency in juxtaposition to attainment.

Enter the area and walk a bit. When the cave opens up there’ll be some rocks you can jump on (normally you’d go right for the first time now). Jump down into the small lava river and you’ll surely find the chest and the associated challenge.

You could also use that video down there

Gothalion has a vid on the hidden dev chest in Tundra Express; given its location, I think the suicide thing is necessary.

You really don’t need to. It can easily be accessed from the ground near the railroad and left in the same way. I’ve done it a few times. Unless you have a “meeting” with the train that is.

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I didn’t realize that, and I tried to get out of there…I thought I’d stray over the map edge and be shot by the sentry cannons.

Thanks for that.

Understandable, it is pretty intimidating if you don’t know. It is an homage to the BL1 dev chest after all.

And you’re welcome of course.

In my long experience with bl2. All the red chests felt the same to me. I would get legendarys and better loot more often than i would in the really hidden ones. Not to say theres not a better chance in the well hidden ones. I just never saw that when i opened them.

Thanks for the follow up about the VoW chest! The video was obviously very helpful!

In my experience, it’s not the well hidden ones that yield the best loot, sometimes yes but chests from Marcus, Brick’s throne and the one red chest in The Dust are examples of the ones that feel like they have a substantial increase in loot odds and they’re quite accesible.

The red chests is BL2 are just random I think, except MAYBE the ones in the back of Marcus’ shop, because they are only accessible during that one mission. Even then, they are most likely just random. I don’t think they have the ‘awesome level’ like BL1 chests had.

Anytime mate.

What about the one behind the elevator in B&B’s pit?: