Developer not given credit

Just finished Homeworld 1 campaign and couldn’t help but notice once the credits had presented the “The Gearbox team is” then it displayed a large amount of names yet at the bottom left a member of the team has been unacknowledged due to one of the ship artwork background over laps his name.

Unknown team member I salute you o7

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“B…on” is his name.

Mr. ? Strikes again.

hehe… poor guy. When I saw that I immediately pictured some young guy proud of his work on his first game showing off the credits to his parents and then… deflated

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This guy is gonna be as famous as Maurader Shields

awww beat me to it lol

His name is BON!

We thank you for helping make this name, Bon!!!

When I saw that the other day I sent a bug fix in to GBX because it seemed important enough. I sure wouldn’t want to have my name cut out like that from something I put a lot of work into.

It’s probably supposed to be Bjarni Arnason.

Just speculating here but the “Gearbox is” section is not necessarily the developers involved in HWRE making, but the employees of the company as a whole …

That’s not speculation. It’s clearly labelled as such :smiley: