Developers need to stop catering to DPS people

For real make a four skill tree for all class. For Siern make a pure tank tree. No cast ur action skill. But a 40% passive Reduced damage. Feel like it can’t tank. Even with the 65% element resistance they take you down fast, also having 80% damage reduced with 40% from action skill, 13% from Shield and 29% from Class mod. The class mod called Salitary Breaker is broken and isn’t working. I mean I did create a broken ass unkillable tank build but I hate having to rely on my action skill. Also a new thing the developers can add to game. The more health or shield you have like a example with Mozes so far I got her shield to 76,000 shield should give her like 15% damage reduce. For health most I get on Amara is 24,000 for that 10% damage reduce. I know people will be rude and insult me for my ideas cuz they hate tanks and only care for dps.

no need for a skilltree when there’s a crapload of items that can beef you up :wink:

shields work great for this actualy :wink:

and also, there are tallents that beef you up (at least on amara and zane -> i don’t play flak or moze)

zane’s shield tallent makes you a tank, moze is pretty much a tank (1HP super shield builds?)

not trying to be rude here buddy, but there’s litteraly tank builds in this game where you can hardly die (hell, only place i feel i could die is in the takedown while getting spammed from all sides)

I don’t believe the devs are catering to DPS. Now with the hard times they going through with Randy I don’t believe it was their attention.

On the tank part that something I’ll sit out on the discussion due to opinions I have

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Idk what gun to used and maybe you tell me what else I need? I do have the 1 health Moze build down.

Why I said a new skill tree for all or a new Vault hunter cuz of the max level I bet will be either 70 or 80… a new skill tree would help with that many skill points.

a new skilltree down the line is needed, yes :smiley:

the devs didn’t realy say this was comming, but they hinted towards it (the no new VH but more skilltree aproach discusion :wink:

but there’s enough flavor in the game ATM to keep us going for some time

I know this could be some cool to do for new game but they need to add armor and shields for second weapon in hand. How awesome would this be?

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if there was a new skill tree for amara, she should have a phase shield like ava
that would be a good tank ability


That would be dope. Hope the developers see this. I be down to have that type of phase ability.

When you view job role distribution in MMO’s you generally find over half of a game’s population is DPS. The rest is divided between tank, healer, support. A few reasons for this are as follows.

  1. DPS roles generally have the smallest actual responsibility in a group.
  2. People like to ePeen on causing big numbers
  3. People tend to equate big damage numbers as being the “hero” in the group. (Though numerous RPG’s main character is actually a tank that often out damages the other characters simply due to being given the best gear and having a higher level)

I say add a 5th character that has a tank tree, support tree, healer tree because I would like some additional character flavor variety added as well in terms of personality and visuals. >.>

I mean other games have added characters and classes with a design around being odd, strange, unusual, and whimsically funny with little regard to being a top performer in actual end game content. Given how Borderlands is I don’t see why we cant have a class like that here. Tank tree specializing in surviving getting hit in the face. Support tree specializing in buffs to party members, vehicles, and pets and debuffs on enemies. A healing tree that… heals? And maybe forces your team mates to rise from their grave? It wont be outputting damage like the current VH’s but the point is shenanigans anyway.


This has always been me. I hate to dps in MMOs. Slight brag, in bl2 I had several people tell me they had never experienced a Maya who could instantly rez them and heal every time they went down. Love love love healing in every game. Tanks are my second priority once I’ve learned a game. If I feel like it, be way later down the road, I’ll pick up dps. That’s what in ended up doing in this game to win a SOR Moze, although, she’s never really felt like a real tank to me

I could get behind ‘SHOOT ME IN THE FACE’ Face McShooty style, as an action skill.


You know what’s great about playing a role other than DPS in most MMO’s? You get parties instantly while DPS players cry about having to wait 30+ minutes on their queue timer. Also in the case of FFXIV there are solo duty story missions. On a few of these I’ve seen DPS players crying about them being too hard when doing them as a tank makes it a complete joke because nothing outside an instagib mechanic can hurt you. I’ve been told those same duties are trivial as a healer as well because you can freely heal yourself whenever you want. A good DPS player will clear it a lot faster. However many of them don’t seem capable of doing more than remembering what order to use their skills in and don’t pay enough attention to what’s going on to avoid taking damage when possible.

I don’t think they are exactly catering to DPS but I’m sure Gearbox does have some behind-the-scenes data that says 90% of players just go full DPS mode so they just go with the numbers. Gearbox is a people pleaser in that regard.

Now, having said that, I WOULD enjoy some of the things you are talking about since they worked great in previous games.

TPS Athena: Shield that could revive players and taunt enemies? SIGN ME UP!
-This ability has basically gone to Flak’s Pet but most people, besides me, don’t even use Pet Builds or Gamma Burst Pet Tanks because then you sacrifice so much of your own damage to keep the pet alive and going.

BL2 Support Maya: This kind of goes away now that every VH has their own regen and can sustain all by themselves WHILE dealing damage. This is a huge leap from 2.
-Flak has the party Regen thing going
-Nobody has the quick revive so maybe that might be a thing in the future. I mean hell Amara can Phaselock so no clue why she can’t quick revive. I suspect because this would make most things trivial
-Zane has bubble shield if people want more support and stay still

TPS Support Claptrap/Aurelia: These 2 were amazing for party play. Solo…not so much. Maybe Gearbox knows that it will not work so they just incorporated a few things here and there into the new VHs rather than have a VH be based around party play.
-Nobody in BL3 really does the whole ‘support’ role because they can do everything themselves but it would be cool to see a more ‘tanky’ play style from Amara in the future or a support…Moze I guess? Basically something where the sum is greater than the parts so to speak.

But yea I had some GREAT times partying with friends in TPS and tanking everything as Athena. I’d put out my shield and they would go to town for 10 or so seconds without worrying about taking damage because all the beams were on me. Would like to have that feeling again. You somewhat get it with Flak but the feeling is different and lackluster.


I think creating support and tank oriented roles in Borderlands is difficult compared to traditional MMOs because this is a FPS/action game with a sizable single player population. In games with strongly defined roles, you are expected to party up for hard content and thus the game gates off abilities so no single class can do everything. In Borderlands, it’s important that all characters have a certain level of solo survivability, DPS, ways to avoid getting overwhelmed etc. so abilities geared towards party-wide healing or aggro relief at the expense of DPS are less impactful.

I don’t think you can make full-fledged healer or tank roles within the game design of Borderlands (even Nurse Maya and Tank Athena mostly did DPS and healed/tanked as a side effect in practice) but buffing some of the party-oriented abilities that already exist and adding a few more wouldn’t hurt.


I’ve just completed dlc2 with a Sapper Moze using weapons I had in the bank since she’s my least favourite VH and it’s been a chore…
Sure, I like her better now that I am not forced to spam grenades non stop and I don’t die constantly, but bosses I kill in 3 seconds with Fl4k, Zane or Amara such as Vincent took minutes to down. Eisa on his last quest must have taken something like 20000 bullets in the face… I was an invincible tank but with low dps this game is less fun than I had expected.
I wanted a change of pace from the usual full dps gameplay, but it became boring soon.

A dedicated tank tree could feature skills centered around getting hit or shot in the face. We could include things like skill based nova effects when taking damage, % chance of bullet reflection, effects like the spikes effects on shields when melee’d, ect while mitigating damage or inflating your own bullet sponginess. Base action skill could taunt everything in range and absorb damage for a short period of time before discharging it as an AoE around the character with augments adding element effects or changing how this stored energy is used.

Support tree could focus around on action buffs, on hit debuffs, or aura buff/debuff effects. For viability purposes the buffs would apply to the character themselves but maybe make them more potent for team mates to encourage more party play? I feel like this tree’s action skill should be randomized to a degree sort of like claptrap’s vaulthunter.exe in regards of effects ranging from things like transmuting enemies in range into a different enemy type like say from CoV into Varkids etc, making enemies move in slow motion, flipping the damage/resistance table, giving short duration potent buffs to the character and all team mates, enabling low grav. Literally it would be the shenanigans button.

A dedicated healer tree feels like the hardest one to fill a tree out with. We could have skills that cause healing nova’s around the character when they pickup health packs, let you shoot team mates directly to heal them, place debuffs on enemies that let people shooting them essentially leech life when damaging them, AoE regen aura. This may need to go the way of adding some more necromantic skills into it for a half decent action skill where it temporarily revives dead enemies as minions.

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Where do you get that shield?

funny thing is there is another reason people choose dps to be a small unimportant player in the group what I mean is I normally went dps in wow due to the fact as long as I pulled my weight I wasn’t focused on I prefer to blend in in social games not be a big key player

Why are we using an rpg too compare with a non rpg.