Devoted - Maliwan SMG

Since the Top Gear thread was deleted I don’t really have a place to talk about this gun.

I’ve been using the Devoted on my Moze and loving it. The huge mag is even better with Redistribution and a random grenade to help proc MoD. I also messed around with the Mind Sweeper COM with an extra point in Redistribution. The Fire rate increases as the button is held and as long as you hit crits the fire rate can get pretty nutty and hard to control.

Plus I feel like the explosion from Radiation is buffed by Torgue Cross-Promotion and other splash buffs. Might be worth looking into.

Anyone else use this gun and enjoy the carnage?

Edit: I have since been using this gun on occasion with my Bottomless mag build and can get over 150 in the magazine.


I’ll have to give it a try next time I see one.

I wasn’t aware about the fire rate increasing that sounds interesting.

I used it for a while on an ammo regen build but in the end it spent too long being too inaccurate to be thought of as a “good weapon for Moze” though it’s certainly a fun one.

I just got one that has 194% cryo efficiency. Definitely going to be one of my freezing tools although nothing beats the cryo trevonator - 269% cryo efficiency what

Inaccurate? Thing fires like a Lazer with hardly any recoil.

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At it’s base level:

It’s not bad for an SMG but it’s terrible compared to a lot of things. There’s a lot of ARs and pistols that beat it hands down at even relatively short range. Of course auto-aiming features on console versions make these things less apparent (but even on PC you can see bullets bend in flight to hit their targets these days :stuck_out_tongue: ).

If this were just in the loot and weapons section then fair enough… but it isn’t.

When it comes to Moze specifically:

Let’s face it, in BL3 any gun with average accuracy and handling fires like a laser when you’re aiming. The game has a skill ceiling that doesn’t even give Hobbits enough headroom and aiming plasters over a lot of player skill/gun accuracy issues to let people feel like they’re uber.

When hip firing though it’s a different story. Without going into conspiracy theories on the motivations behind it:

Having to slow down to shoot is considered a big deal. Aiming slows you to a relative crawl which is normal but the Vladoff stabilizer trades off movement speed for accuracy (accuracy + handling). Rushin’ Offensive’s is the polar opposite where the value is in adding speed at the expense of accuracy on a case by case basis.

So when using Rushin’ Offensive the kick on the Devoted gets rather savage unless you use short bursts because if you aim you stop sprinting and just move the same as walking and aiming. If you have to use short bursts to keep it accurate while sprinting then a player has to start asking themselves what is the point in using a gun clearly set up to be a bullet hose? On top of that if you’re firing in short bursts you don’t need that big mag size the Devoted has in order to power ammo regen either.

Suddenly it becomes rather pointless because it’s inaccurate.

Grenades and AoE/Splash aren’t the only way Moze is set up to be played without constantly looking into a scope.

In hindsignt I should have been clearer in my original comment about “not a good gun for Moze” for sure. Still, I’m not wrong on the inaccurate thing either.

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So in other words, for your particular build that uses Rushing Offense it is bad. Well most people don’t uses that skill and most people aim down their scope. The is also not a vladof with Stabilizers. Your thinking of a different gun.

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One gun not being the best thing since sliced bread for a build doesn’t mean it’s a bad build or a bad gun. It just means other guns are performing better than that one in that build. When you spec around the abilities of certain weapons that’s only to be expected.

Most people are not driving a Ferrari either, that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t trade their Honda Civic for one in a heartbeat if offered the chance. :wink:

Popularity is just not indicative of quality or performance.

I know, it’s a Maliwan SMG, I’m not thinking of the wrong gun. The Vladoff AR thing was just an example of how the devs have traded off speed/mobility for greater accuracy/handling with monotonous regularity is all.

I’ll deal with stuff in more depth this way:

With the Faisor and more than one other gun (not all legendary by any means) you can just run around like a lunatic blasting stuff and have a whale of a time and also get more than one type of content done faster than playing the game as if it’s a tactical shooter.

DPS just isn’t the same as TTK once you move past an individual target with no resistance which is why I used Radiation on both guns for the run against Maliwan troops. In TVHM, Radiation gets +50% bonus damage against shields and suffers no penalty against Flesh. On Athenas the only place there’s Armour (which gives rad a -30% damage penalty) is on NOGs and Dogs and it’s not a lot on either. There’s not a Heavyweight that has Rad resistance either. It’s not until you start running into Maliwan robots and hardened troops with armour that Rad has any real troubles.

That means Athenas gives a pretty fair performance comparison based solely on gun stats interacting with skill and gear buffs by using Radiation. I think you can agree that with the kill rate I was getting switching weapons to get access to different damage types would just take more time than it saved.

This is all pretty clear cut stuff for anyone with a history in the Borderlands franchise used to considering the web of mechanics it offers.

And hey, don’t take any of this the wrong way. This wouldn’t be the first time I’ve made a video to clear these kinds of things up, I find it’s a lot easier to not appear antagonistic this way. In the end you’d either like to learn or you just want to be right even when you’re wrong. I have all the time in the world for the former, no time for the latter.

Up to you bud.

I watched the video without audio as I can’t right now. What I saw though was you using an SMG (Devoted) from long to mid range and standing still. They when you switched to the Faisor you were up close. The TTK was marginal.

In your post you also didn’t even have to talk about resistances. I know what the resistances are and that it’s irrelevant. I also know that there isn’t a right or wrong. Where in this thread did I say the Devoted was the best gun ever and the Faisor sucks? It’s entirely possible to use more than one gun, kind of why we have four slots. “As anyone with a history in the Borderlands franchise…” you should know this.

No one is right, no one is wrong, and I’ve been a number cruncher for this franchise since 2009.

Look, I already owned up to where I went wrong.

I had thought that after owning up to my mistake you’d be willing to move on. Apparently you have your hackles up and that’s just not going to happen.

If you like, watch the video with audio and you can see why I used the Faisor and how I use it as a discussion point on what’s a “good gun for Moze”. Or don’t. Up to you.

Either way, have a nice day.

It’s my thread, where I opened the discussion for this gun. You have your input and will move on. I will continue the discussion that you keep derailing.

And since you can’t read tone from text, you should know I don’t have my hackles up. But if you can read tone without descriptive ques then I’d suggest you do something with that, because you could make billions being the only human that can.

And like I said previously, it’s okay to use more than one gun.

Like I said, Have a nice day. :slight_smile:

don’t have one but will look for one and give it a shot. I love Maliwan with her.

I hated Maliwan when I first started and after BL2 but have learned to love them.

They have a bit of a learning curve and were buffed after the 2nd week. Most legendaries are pretty good across the board.

Just like to point out, while it may not be the “best gun for moze,” she can probably use it better than any other character, because of the huge mag/ fire rate with ammo regen. Are there better options for her? Sure. But is there literally any reason to use it on other characters? No, not really. I’ve tried it on Amara, and it’s not great. With Moze though, at least it pretty dang fun. Heck, the recoil and inaccuracy is probably a big part of that. Shooting a pinpoint laser all the time can get boring :grin:

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I love this gun on Moze. Problem is MoD does not proc for me cause it’s not splash damage. Or is that a bug for me? On PS4

The Devoted isn’t splash damage.

Thanks. I’ll try it with short fuse and the rest in BM. My 2 fav trees.

It’s crazy fun. Used it for shield stripping on my maliwan Moze build until I realized the ASMD functions better for that purpose.

Westergun is all around a better smg for her though… You can get it with 48 mag (84 with Bottomless Mags shenanigans) and it does splash damage. Which procs just about everything.

If you don’t run a Demo Woman build the Devoted is about the same overall as the Westergun.