Devoted - Maliwan SMG

I tried it out.

  • 5/5 Matchet Set and Iron Bank
  • +40% mag size from artifact
  • Terror ammo regen, Forge, Redistribution
  • Binary devoted w/ 17+ firerate
  • Magazine size: 171

Ammo regen was excessive, but I don’t think you can sustain it without the annointment. Damage output was good. Not the best though. If they buff it some more, then I’ll definitely use it.


I’ve been able to sustain it with out the terror anointment on both a Binary and non-Binary. The Rate of fire get ridiculous.

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The Devoted is a decent SMG, but for Moze going Demo Woman, a Westergun works better because it does splash damage.

Yes, but not everyone uses the Demo Woman skills.

TBH your video made the Devoted seem more like TG compared to the Faisor. With the Faisor, you lacked flexibility, had to control your shots and went down like 5-6 times from your own splash damage. If anything, you proved the advantage of ADSing and range even on a class like Moze. Sure, the Devoted was dealing with an easier section, but Athenas is a very easy map anyway - and the Faisor performed pretty terribly in that short section.

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If it was at all important for the Faisor to do excellently I would have stopped and respecced instead of just slapping a Faisor on a crit bullet hose build and using the splash based under-barrel shotgun part. The video was only meant to calm things down and fire up the discussion. Part of the purpose was for it to be easy to pick apart.

So you’re not wrong at all, far from it, it just no longer really matters :wink: .

The Devoted can have a higher DPS than the Westergun, once the fire rate maxes out. Splash damage still helps Westergun, but it all depends on the build.

Hated Maliwan so much but got really into it after the green monster mod got introduced and this gun with a few others no one talks about are absolutely filth

I started playing around with the Devoted. Someone mentioned it doesn’t do splash damage. But all the +splash and +aoe I add seems to increase the damage. It doesn’t do self harm either when shooting in melee. Similar to the splash done by the Kaoson. I’ll test again to confirm.

Please do report back. That’s a pretty interesting thing to find out

I stripped off all skill points and gear and tested. Unfortunately I was wrong about the splash. It must have been something else increasing the damage for it. False alarm.

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S’all good. There’s a LOT going on in this game. So much testing is just “WAIT WHAT?” and then realizing you did something else entirely

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