Devs concerning the Lob buff

Can yall please unnerf the Protuberance!!? I had an Itchy Protuberance that did like 16000 radiation, i want it back PLEASE
I know ppl say, but its not supposed to be that powerful and whatnot but i loved playing and shredding anything i pointed at, it enhanced my enjoyment of bl3 rather than detract from it.

So please since the lob get fixed please consider un nerfing the Itchy Protuberance so I can have my fun
I play offline and always solo please please Gearbox let us have overly powerful weapons like Itchy Protuberence or Porcelain Pipebomb!

Protuberance is still considered quite powerful, especially on Moze…

And the Lob, being it’s legendary upgrade, SHOULD be more powerful than the Protuberance.

So… Maybe go get a Lob and have fun?

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I’m with the cat, that gun is still fun and powerful enough. If you want a one click delete any mob weapon the recursion still does fine.

Fixed? Look more like a Friday evening mistake. I think we’re lucky it’s still op and not “corrected” already.
We’ll see Friday but I wouldn’t get my hope too high.

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“we have reviewed the data and feel that the Lob is now over-performing, so we have increased ammo consumption to a bazillion and the weapon now has a 5 hour charge time” :smiley: