Dev's Consider an Element Toggle for Amara

Just like it says on the tin. GB claims amara is the most versatile, even with the least customization slots. Something to consider… a toggle button for your Ability element, say for all the elements you have unlocked… shock, and or fire, acid.

Just a thought


It’d be cool if they made it like a “hold your gun swap button, then a HUD comes up to click left/right on the D-Pad”. They used to do that with weapon swaps in BL1

TBH they need to give her all 5 elements, by default, to many of her skills are tied to her element for her to be limited by her builds so much and lacking 2 of the bases,

Given Infusion element matching in this game is far less straightforward than previous games (3 different health bars one one enemy :laughing:) I think this would be immensely helpful and make the skill a worthwhile investment where now Infusion can hurt more than help .

I still love Infusion but man at times it can be inconvenient lol

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