Devs/GBX - How are Medals Awarded?

Title says it all. Much like the once-confusing “score” mechanic in PvP, players want to know how medals are awarded. What are the criteria? And what effects it?
(A formula would be lovely)

How do the following things matter, if at all?

  • Time completed
  • Difficulty
  • Number of players
  • Score
  • Enemies killed
  • Player deaths
  • Challenges completed
  • Anything else

Oh, and if The forumla changes based on which level it is.
eg - does the Algorithm have a different requirement than The Archive?

Ya I’m not touching the campaign till this is fixed.

Why? It’s not broken, it just needs to tell you the criteria.

Oh, I really want to know this too. I have no idea why I am getting the medal I get… It’s confusing as hell.

I just completed the Renegade solo with Oscar Mike. No deaths, completed all the challenges, gathered all the shards I could, opened every chest I could (found a couple of loot packs and extra lives), killed every enemy I could see.


That was quite frustrating. :frowning:


All gold except The Renegade and The Archive (normal difficulty) and I don’t know how to possibly improve from the silvers I have on those. Frustrating.

Same thing happened to me, ended up solo Saboteur with Orendi and got everything i could put my eyes on and even ended up not dying … got bronze :dukenegative:

Not sure but I think it goes off of time n maybe deaths

With 78 hours in BB and most of it in campaign,I’ll try to help.
First,saw a post yesterday,a dev answering to a player,Time,critical hits and accuracy does count toward medals. And Critical are critical (see what Idid there?) in advanced missions,considering their health.
I did saboteur solo 2 days ago,just to farm blind kill on caldy. Got gold,so yeah it’s doable. (flash trap and thumper for saboteur,trust me,flash and thumper)
Have almost all advanced on gold (except void edge,on it) and 2 or threee silver on normal (on it as well),we started hc advanced and stopped when we saw no increase in drop rates.
Dying,as long as you have extra lives doesn’t seem to affect the score,but I may be wrong. We already had several really bad starts on some map to end up destroying it.
Also drop rates needs to be adjusted,I actually dropped more legendary out of normal than out of advanced. (4 or 5 leg looted in normal for 0 in advanced lol)

So Critical Hits and Accuracy are that big of a modifier for the Medal criteria? What about with melee characters? I still think there should be more transparency on the range of medals. Been trying to get above Bronze on The Archive for hours now.

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Yep, it would be great to find out all of the details.
My guess is that as the game progresses we’ll begin to figure things out and then some people will put together guides on the matter, ect.

It sounds as if GB wants players to figure things out and mess around with things.

It’s also good to know that critical hits, accuracy, and time do play a factor.

Anyway, something I wanted to bring up that I noticed.

If you all have been following/reading the ‘Sabateur is too hard’ thread (and it’s good to know the devs are looking into this mission) I noticed something when looking at the screen shots.

If you look at post 121 & 122 you see two sceen shots of players posting their victories.

Post 121 has the following information:
Gameplay: Single Player
Difficulty: Normal
Points: 54533
Medal Achieved: Gold

Post 122 has the following information:
Gamplay: Single Player
Difficulty: Advanced
Points: 54687
Medal Achieved: Silver

Anyway, it’s clear that its harder to achieve silver/gold medals on Advanced (from a points perspective) as compared to Normal. For this specific mission, 54687 will give you a gold medal if playing on Normal, and a Silver medal if playing on Advanced.

Now the question is…can you have the same point total on the same mode…and get a different medal?
i.e: will 54000 points on Normal sometimes reward a Silver and sometimes a Gold based on other factors such as critical hits, accuracy, time, ect? Or are those factored in to the final score…and the score dictates the medal for each mode/level?

I’m thinking that the score dictates everything and all of the factors contribute to the final score…but that would just be my guess.

Also, I’m sure you have all seen that different missions require different point totals for medals…which is a good thing, since some missions give you a lot of means to rack up points…while other missions don’t allow for point farming.

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time is a factor if you searched every corner you wont get silver or higher

Having accuracy count towards the score is unfair for certain heroes though (Like Isic, since he had to fire continuously to charge his abilities), so I wouldn’t be surprised if different heroes have different requirements for gaining extra score. Like perhaps everything in the Accomplishments tab. (So someone like Marquis would get bonus score from accuracy, while Isic would get bonus score from other things)

wtb official gbx response, lol

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Renegade and Archive on normal seem to have requirements out of proportion to the others.

Drop rate definitely. Im lv 41, and Isaac has yet to drop a legendary for me on any difficulty.

This mostly answers the question.

Good article.

Though, I would still like to get the scoring numbers (looking at you, @JoeKGBX) and what the actual threshold is for each map/difficulty.

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cough I actually have those values or at least the values they were before any hotfixes were applied to adjust them (future visual guide post?). Not sure if scaling is applied based on the number of players (i don’t think it does) in a match but there’s a different star rating threshold for each difficulty setting including for Diamond. As I think @Jythri mentioned on reddit, Diamond rating was disabled (but technically set to a value so high that you wouldn’t be able to reach it within normal play) until they can adjust the ratings so you don’t have any that are too easy but not impossible either. There’s also hidden (disabled?) challenges that reward you with 2 command packs for getting all gold and all diamond at least once for every mission on each character!! I’m still struggling to get gold on Renegade so I can’t test to see if these challenges are active or not yet :wink:

That official guide has a few more tips I will have to start trying. Very good write up 2K/GBX Staff!!

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The link above probably answers it, but basically it’s the little yellow orbs that drop after each boss kill and despawn a few seconds later.

Gotta catch em all.

Those things are worth big points, and sometimes spawn in unexpected locations. Every big chest drops a handful, Geoff -ahem- ARACHNIIIS, drops some when you fumigate him, plus a TON when you kill him … etc.

They drop a few seconds after everything else, so try to grab a speed boost when a boss dies (if one drops) and zoom around collecting yellow point orbs before they all vanish.

Edit: this is one reason groups tend to get higher scores. The point orbs are fully shared, so more people collecting means a higher score for everyone.