Devs, if you're still looking for expansion pack ideas, I think I've got a winner: Ultimate Inventory Management Edition

Borderlands 3: Ultimate Inventory Management Edition
BL3UIME for short.

Includes such new and exciting features as:

  • Save your favorite gear combos to custom load outs!
  • The bank doesn’t reset every time you load a game!
  • Search, sort, and filter items like never before!
  • Send items from the battle field to the bank!
  • Discover gear you didn’t know you had!
  • Find that favorite gun in seconds flat!
  • Have more than two tag functions!
  • Sell items directly from the bank!
  • Compare multiple items at once!

And much, much more! Over one billion optimizations!

Edit: Oh! Maybe, like, a “Suggest Replacement” function, for when I’ve got five Shreddifiers in my bank and I’d like to compare them all at a glance, or if there’s one that’s a level or a Mayhem level ahead of what I’ve got equipped.

Sorry, it’s just that I have to clear out my bank, and the thought of sorting through 380 old, outdated, but not quite useless items is not… I don’t look forward to it.

Please Gearbox? Let me not spend an hour going through my gear to pick the treasure from the trash.

In the one in a million chance that GBX sees this and decides to respond to it, what changes, features, or optimizations would you like to see to BL3’s inventory management system? It’s such a small thing, but it really could change the game for the better.

Edit: Since this is getting some attention, I’d like to expound on the problem, so that maybe, again, on the off chance that a developer sees this, they know what needs fixing.

It can be a pain in the butt to do anything related to the inventory system.

When I go into my bank I’ve got 380 items. Many of those items are visually identical, but perform extremely differently, and what that item is good for sometimes comes down to a single number, a single word, a single line of text, or a combination thereof. Finding the exact weapon I need can involve scrolling through a dozen or more nearly identical (or even literally identical if I haven’t cleaned my bank in a while) pieces of gear, looking for the one that has a different word on it. Then, as I continue building my loadout, I have to repeat that whole process for the next gun, and the next, and the next, and the shields, and the grenades, and the COMs, and the artifacts, putting together a whole 50 item kit can require looking through several hundred pieces of gear, (or, if you’re like me, and you often misread the tool tip on first glance, thousands of pieces of gear, some two or three times).

Exacerbating this problem is the fact that the bank sorts poorly, and doesn’t group similar guns together. The dozen Kaosons I’ve collected are spread out over twenty bank slots, making side by side comparisons difficult and unwieldy.

There is no easy way to find my 200% Cryo anoint.
There is no easy way for me to sort my M6 and M10 gear.
There is no easy way for me to compare and tag four nearly identical shields.
There is no easy way for me to flip through a dozen Cutsmans looking for the right combination of element, anointment, level, and Mayhem level.

Imagine you had a sack, a big burlap sack.
Then let’s imagine that you had 380 bottles of medication.
Let’s pretend that anytime you want to take your medicine you have to sort through a burlap sack of 379 nearly identical bottles of medication.

“Oh no deary, this is Vitamin D3 250iu, I needed two Vitamin D3+CalMag 250iu, they’re in identical bottles, the pills look identical except that one has a black dot on the front and the other has a black dot on the back; don’t bother marking the bottles, I’ll wash your marks off before you open the sack again.”

Our bank is a burlap sack, we need something better than that. Thanks for reading my post.


We really need better inventory management. I’d love to have custom load outs that would also track skills, so I don’t have to go through the hassle of trying to reset everything after trying a new build or playing around.

And I just know that one of the “features” of Arms Race is that our skills will be reset, until they fix the bug after a week.

Being able to see and clear out our LLM outside of Sanctuary would be nice too. As well as setting filters for what it picked up. NO MORE COSMETICS!!

Even better, let us apply filters to what we see as world drops. Other RPG-like games offer this already. I don’t need interact with ammo or health or white or green or blue items. Like ever, except for maybe 2 dedicated drops. I don’t want to see them or at least have them no register when I’m trying to pick up other stuff.

We should also be able to set filters for the anoints or elemental damage of the items. Sure, this is a game of a Gazillion Guns, but I don’t want to have to shift through each one to find something good.


OMG this.

Cosmetics should be from challenges, and only ever drop IN OUR MAIL or directly into inventory, akin to the challenges from Bloody Harvest. You don’t need to get them more than once, and, myself just finishing the last 2 dlc recently, I don’t even know if I got all of the cosmetics, because they often aren’t legendaries, which are the only gear I care about anymore. It’s possible, even likely, that I’ve left some on the ground.

I’m not excited for actually beating the in game achievements to get a small amount of useless eridium and cash, but I probably would actually notice it if it was “new Zane head” or whatever.


Also, the OP was so correct.

Here’s how I play:

Starting with an empty bank I go do whatever I’m doing, whether it’s farming or playing DLCs or whatever. As I get legendaries, I drop/sell the clearly crap ones (extra melee on a gun with no melee bonus) and throw the rest in the bank.

When the bank gets full or close to full, I sort them out to mules.

Rinse and repeat.

This is all because there isn’t a good inventory management system WITHIN the bank.

So every few days I end up spending a few hours unloading my bank to an actually usable inventory management system. Gotta say, not the most fun… and still not as useful as if we had a real bank that could sort multiple things. If I only want, say, items with x anointment, my system can’t do that (unless I rearrange them all by anointment). The bank can’t currently do that either, but if it could, that’d be a useful feature.


This is my exact problem!

I’ll really be getting into the flow of gameplay, maybe doing an hour worth of quests or missions or whatever, then I’ll have to stop midway, go back to Sanctuary, clear out my bags, try to make room in my bank for the new items I want to keep, and either I do a really ■■■■■■ five minute job and find just enough room for the next hour of gameplay, or I try to do a good job and it takes me a half an hour or more.

It’s like having sex, and half way through your partner stops and says “I have to organize the condom drawer before we can go any further!”

Buzz kill.


I use mules for key items that I either want for future builds or that I think might get buffed later, or that are seasonal drops for “just in case”.

Even with those, I still have very little room in my vault because it’s a pain trying to swap out gear for characters.

I’d really love a full search bar, but would settle for fixed filters (that make sense). Anything to make finding something easier. And I would probably not be hoarding so much if I could compare multiple items or filter by specific stats.

Another thing that would help, which is really the cause of the problem, is a more streamlined itemization process for loot. If stats and anoints were reduced or combined to lower the number of variants, then we wouldn’t need to keep so many items. Or if we had a way to reroll/craft items.

But really, I should dump some of this stuff. I mean, they already “buffed” the Woodblocker. What are the chances that my 300v90 or SNTNL Cryo ones will get any better in a future patch…


We really need to stop with this mentallity of wanting to pay extra money for basic features that should’ve been in the main game to begin with… like a prover inventory and a stash with multiple tabs (who was the genius that thought it was a nice idea to add 300 slots into a single page in the current stash?) and better filter options.


I really hope they get this one sorted before Arms Race drops. Sorting through your extracted gear, when to begin with it’s hidden among hundreds of other items, will be a major problem otherwise. Alternatively, they could have extracted items appear in our mail or a dedicated locker of some kind.

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Yes Gearbox should do this. Pisses me off when I have to travel to Sancturary to pick up some gear and my inventory is already full. Billion weapons but no inventory space.

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I like the sort idea, filter by DPS. wink wink looking at you weapon tiers
Unending Magnificent cough fix that shiv

But for the bank are we talking a larger grid, smaller slots? Its the whole screen

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Shut up and take my money! Love this idea. :+1:

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I’m pretty sure everyone wants this to be a FREE feature. But if GBX isn’t interested in doing itfor free, we are hoping they would be enticed with money.

But I doubt that. I don’t think they believe they’ll make money out of this and if they do make money, they will receive a strong uproar from the community. So it’s a lose-lose scenario to them if they do this for free for nothing.

Edit: Of course that’s my speculation and opinion. I am happy to be proven wrong by GBX.

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Just for the record: I was being snarky when I said that it could be an x-pac. Everyone who’s saying “It should be baseline!” is completely correct, this should have been included in vanilla.

At the same time I’m ashamed to admit that a $1.99 Inventory Management DLC would improve the quality of the game so much that I’d be at least tempted to buy it.

BL4 needs to be as moddable as Skyrim was, so that the community can fix problems like these ourselves instead of making snarky comment treads in hopes that the DEVs will see us. :confused:


Well I hope those mods can be applied to console. We don’t wanna be left out.


Sorting through the bank takes too long. I’d like to see tabs for each manufacturer as well as being able to sort by element. I think the bank does need an overhaul.


I wasn’t having an issue sorting by manufacturer and flipping pages (L2/R2, ps4)… But now “sort by element”, is out there its just like…

Yeah bro. This is 16pages long

I think that’s a great idea. The bank needs a LOT more organisation and options. Even sorting through it to see if the new gun I’ve picked up is better or worse or just different from the one I’ve picked up previously is a pain in the butt!
Come on Gearbox, make this actually USEFUL for us.

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I would take this purely for the “sell items directly from the bank” option…

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Give me the option to add something to my inventory and mark it as trash at the same time. Gun on the ground I dont want to use, but want to sell? Hold [button] down to add it to your inventory as trash! Also selling from the bank would be amazing.


One thing I would really like to see is gear extracted from Arms Race going into the vault hunter’s backpack, rather than the Bank. That would make item management soooooooooo much easier.

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