Devs made me smash desk! >:(_SCREW U!_)

So I was getting a group together for some PvP but then thanks to the devs who made it so everyone on the PC that was just getting on couldn’t because verifying their profile didn’t work so I had to play single player.

After that I decided to do the Montana and The Demon Devs OPS mission and the first run-through with Beatrix went fine as I made it through with 1 life.

Then I tried it again with Gal and WHAAAAM!!!

I got instant killed by the boss w/ 2.4k damage! and then I got killed by momma’s lil baby bears instantly to fail the mission!

Thanks a lot devs for making me smash my desk :head_bandage:

My advice to you: never play a souls game.




So… HOW is this the devs’ fault again? I re-read the post, and i’m lost.

Also, perhaps you’ve taken care of it already, but i couldn’t help but notice that your wastebasket is overflowing. I don’t know why that bothers me as much as it does…

ALSO, @nbrownlie237, he’s on PC, and using a MOUSE; i don’t think that a “soul-strap” (love it) will help, haha!


Just wait until the last version of the story, Nova’s version.

This is easily the worst designed PvE content in Battleborn. No thought, just gobs of enemies, hit point sponges, CCs from the enemies, and one-shots / insta-deaths thrown at you. It’s as “skill based” as the lottery.

At least in a Souls game there’s pattern memorization and broadcasts. In this Op, you can be knocked up, through a wall, in to an explosion or off a cliff that one-shots / insta-deaths you. There’s no pattern to learn to avoid it, no broadcast that it’s going to happen. It just happens at random and you die.

I don´t see why the Dev´s are fault here…
There are already topics about the high difficulty of this DLC, please continue the discussion there .

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