Devs: Please buff CC Reduction stat on all gear

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a single person run a Helmet or a CC reduction item. With the addition of Alani and her possibility of a 3 second(from start to finish of the ENTIRE skill) stun(basically) and most likely the addition of even more CC as the game goes on we really need gear to counter it.

I propose that the minimum number for CC Reduction should be -25% CC duration up to a max of 40% on Legend gear.

Most CC reduction gear doesn’t really offer much else beside the main stat so even with 40% I don’t think any of the CC gear would be OP and it would be a viable alternative to toss into a loadout slot if you need to counter a CC heavy team(thinking draft games in the future).


nice to see an alternative that isnt nerf every cc character but in alania,s case with all her cooldowns we do need something to get around it that isnt the nerf hammer

Jalapeño, reverend. Can I get an Amen!

Keep in mind though, that you can get it on a secondary, even on the same item. If you meant for primary alone, 40% might be just a little high. But yeah, you are making a sacrifice of something else to take that stat, it needs more.

I love spamming abilities since Borderlands. So seizure inducing. Awesome. Beats COD any day.

I don’t care if I have a weak damage output as long as I can be a speed freak fireworks launcher.

Even at -50% CC Duration I would probably not want to use such gear (unless that’s a secondary bonus). CC is a situational thing that may, may not, affect you. To give up shards and gear space for something you might not have to worry about at all seems very bad unless its really, really, worth it.

I think all CC duration bonuses should be secondary effects on all gear. Helmets should have a higher CC duration bonus as well as Primarily giving a player affected by CC a boost.

Gain +X% Damage Reduction/Sprint Speed/Cooldown/SKill Damage etc while affected by CC
-X% (where X is more than 40%) CC Duration.

Even the legendary Helmet gears are so subpar it makes me upset.

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Bad thing about Cc reduction on Alani is that, since we are apparently pretending that the 1 second pre-stun stun and the 1 second post-stun stun aren’t actually stuns, even at 50% cc reduction you’d still only shave 0.5 seconds off the middle bubble stun.

I think the game counts knock ups, slows and blinds as CC. CC reduction should affect the length of time the knockup, stun, and drop down take as far as I know.

Oh crap I confused CC with CD. lol