Devs: Please consider releasing a quality of life patch

I say this as a huge fan of not just Borderlands 3, but the whole Borderlands series: Some of the quality of life problems in BL3 are holding this game back from its full potential.

I’ll offer one simple example: I have 380 items in my bank, I would estimate that a quarter to a third of those items are outdated in some way. Thing is, the sorting in the bank is so poor that what could be simple in other games is confoundingly difficulty in BL3. I have to sort through each item, some of them visually identical, others literally identical, looking for the single line of text or number that makes a weapon either viable or vendor trash. Meanwhile, a simple search or filter function could make a half hour ordeal into a five minute job.

There are so many little problems like that, irritations that are holding the game back.

“Do I really want to change my spec? Changing my spec means finding a whole new set of items, which could take twenty minutes, dumping all my old items into the bank, and digging them back up if I want to change my spec back.”

The community has hundreds of suggestions to fix “minor” problems with the game, hell, I have hundreds of suggestions to fix “minor” problems.

In previous Borderlands games these problems weren’t so significant. Looking through a hundred pieces of gear is, as one might suspect, substantially easier than sorting through 400 items.

Please, I’m urging you here, a comprehensive optimization, bug fix, and quality of life patch could be as good for this game as adding an extra talent tree, and I’m not exaggerating when I say that.

Note: I only spoke about inventory management, but there are so many other things out there that are important, reducing the glare and the fog of war, letting us save talent and gear loadouts, banking from the field, selling from the bank, balance… I picked inventory management because I’m dreading cleaning my bank right at the moment, but there’s plenty more that users could talk about.


Already have a topic on that for months hahaha (actually it’s a V2 haha)

Not going to say GBX doesn’t care… I removed all the things they already put in the game. But as you can see there’s still a crap load of things to take care off


Whats crazy about the bank and inventory, is that there were sorting options in BL2 that are no longer available in 3. Sort to pistols only, ARs only and etc.

For this specific issue, I’d appreciate a way to show only one type of gear and then to be able to further sort it by Level/Mayhem Level

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well thats mostly because many or most of the people that worked on BL2 are no longer with the company, so we have a lot of new people trying to recreate the borderlands experience, with no experience of what a borderlands game is, as several of said they’ve never played a borderlands game.

So we get this, the greatly awaited sequel to the OG looter-shooter but without the core team that made it special, instead a hodgepodge of things that made other modern shooters and other loot games good.

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I couldn’t agree more. They don’t need new content, they need to stop everything for a year and really test this game and work out all the bugs and make some qol changes. This game is unplayable to me in its current state

it’s not that the game is unplayable :wink:

it’s just that this game is so subpar :sweat_smile: