Devs! Please let us reselect helix!

please sometimes we miss click the wrong helix give us 20 secs or something to go back. it can ruin the match if you get the wrong helix and with benedict i just did the absolute worst one the multi loader!

please just get rid of that mutation -_- it just ruins how Benedict can fire

this is why letting us have pre select helix before the match starts to auto set is needed. i have never changed the pattern of what i upgrade for PVP!


Allow 20 to go back and change the helix choice > good idea, +1
Allow us to have a “pre-selected build” for each battleborn > Agree, however it should be “highlight the one you built with” instead of “auto pick it”

Get rid of that mutation > don’t agree. It can be useful sometimes (probably, I don’t have it)


Yes, a grace period or just one re-select would be sufficient. When I play a character I’m unfamiliar with I often select the wrong augment out of habit lol.

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it’s not, it changes benedict’s fire mechanic you can no longer hold the mouse button down to auto fire. it takes to long to load two rockets and as you do that you can no longer sprint. it also only loads max 2

if you want burst fire you just go for the hawkeye upgradr that lets you shoot 3 hawkeyes at once

To be honest, this mutation is truly horrible. They have to rework it.

Also, grace period for the Helix, why not. But less than 20sec, or some peoples would try to do some “new-meta” things with that.

My motto is no reselecting, one must adapt and overcome. No augmentation is a bad augmentation

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yes because adopting and over coming because you accidentally selected a mutation that lowers your character performance and cost you the game is a great motto.

play benedict for a while get that mutation unlocked and try to play competitive when it ruins your rate of fire


Thorn’s level 2 mutation, melee attacks Curse enemies while standing in a Blight field. Knocking enemies away from Blight is counter productive. That’s one example of a bad augmentation.

A grace period for being able to select any skill, and not just mutations, would be a great addition.