@DEVS - Redeemed SHIFT keys on VIP website area never showed up in mail

Hi there. I would like to report that after redeeming 1 Shift code (3 keys) and 3 or 4 other (1 key each) on the website (VIP area) they never showed up in my game under mail.
Every time I redeemed a code I would get the message “your code has been redeemed…”. I’m sure this isn’t supposed to happen, how can this be resolved? Tyvm in advance.

You’ll need to file a support ticket for assistance:


Double-check how long it’s been since you redeemed the keys - the VIP site can sometimes take a little while to transfer to SHIFT. Note that you can also enter shift codes and check rewards directly on the SHIFT site:


Thank you very much for the reply, I really appreciate it. I will open a ticket although it’s not that big of an issue to be honest.

Also, the legendary weapon reward for unlocking 8 VIP rewards is still showing on VIP section as still having only 4 unlocked!

It’s been weeks since I unlocked all 8…but it still shows only 4.

Anyway, tyvm and kudos.