Devs remove posts they don't like - and the latest bad patch

My original post was removed by the devs/forum admins. Here it is, word for word.
100% nerf patches are awful. In my experience, all games who have 100% nerf patches flop within 6 months.

Reduced ISIC’s base health by 20%
Reduced Rotating Wards’ block strength by 50%
Reduced Watchful Wards’ bonus by 40%

nuff said.

Now he can’t brawl OR use his ult (because everybody has a CC now).
Take a hint from Blizzard - Any time you nerf, buff something else. Remove the F skill disable on CC, or give the dash talents more appeal.
Any time i’m in a game with Kelvin, I might as well just NOT use my ISAC ult anyways.

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The Dev´s did not remove it for the datas sake - If I remember correctly I flagged your original topic because the title and some lines in it were rather more an open insult than a honest opinion. Theres a fine line between those to.
Now you qoute yourself without the insulting parts - thats co mpletely okay and no Dev or Admin would delete or flag it this way.

Calling Devs/Admins/people idiots = No-go/insult. Calling they should improve on “X” = wanted feedback.

PS: I flagged alot the last 2 weeks, so it could´ve been not me, but I´m rather sure I was.


I did not quote myself with out the insults, my entire post is there, COPY PASTE because I still have access to it. You’re a lair and I am flagging your post for blatant slander and being off-topic.

See how stupid this politically correct babying is?

Now, please get back on topic. The patch was terrible.

Your title did label the development team as idiots tough, i thought about replying when I saw your thread, but I choose not to.

I can understand if people are frustrated and I also understand that to gather the attention nothing is better than a clickbait title. Nontheless it is rechnicially against the board rules to insult people wehter they are a normal user or a staff member at GBX

Negative Threads are all over the forum and most of the time they critiscise the same stuff that you do, and none of them are deleted


Off topic. Flagged.

I’m sorry to hear that one of your favorite heroes was nerfed but ISIC is still a perfectly good character. I’ve seen a few since the patch and they still kicked some ass.

Miko and Galilea also got a much needed nerf. I play both characters and find the balancing that was done on them more than fair.

Also, if you’re looking for an actual discussion, I would recommend toning down the attitude or this thread will get locked. The Devs value feedback, opinions and suggestions alike but it needs to be done in a positive environment.


Granted your post is not changed, but as I remember you insulted the Devs in the topics title which you did not post again.

Wow, hostile.

I directly answered to your topic which states Devs delete things they do not like, which is not true. Admins delete what hurts the forum rules, nothing more or less.


As the moderators here have to say way too many times, if you have an issue with the moderation, PM one of them or @JoeKGBX. Airing your dirty laundry in public doesn’t do anybody any good.


Ganjamira, off topic again. Please remove yourself from this discussion. Flagged again.

Very mature, I flagged your topic too my friend

You’re right CerberusCRW, many characters need balancing. Unfortunately patch balancing is as much about psychology as it is math. When you take 3 loved characters and, over night, make them worse with no alternative play style, players are forced to change characters or play on a worse version of what they came to love.
Of course being “OP” means everybody you fight against is not having fun, so they need balance. I see far fewer Miko and Galilea players on the forums complaining than ISIC - for good reason.

When you make a drastic change like -20% hp, -50% to his best defensive skill, and -40% talent to defensive skill you better have some alternate plan for the players. Mind you, ISIC is listed as a DEFENDER. He is also MASSIVE and SLOW.

I may disagree on the math with developers, fanboys, apologists, or anyone who ever died to an ISIC thinking “THEY ARE TOO POWERFUL!”, but one thing I have found is that 100% nerfs are the ABSOLUTE worst thing a game company can do.

this is what happens when u try to post your hero gets nerfed
everyone gets angry and think your wrong…

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It wasn’t actually just nerfs. They buffed the structures/defense points. Made at least two missions much more playable.

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Allow me to be more specific “100% nerf to player characters”

Fixing the two broken story missions and NPC turrets/structures are analogous to an MMO team saying “we fixed some broken quests and your town NPCs have more HP now, but so do the enemies.”

…ONE hotfix/patch out of 3 (since Beta) that didnt include buffs=/=100% nerfs. So…no, your proposed theory here isnt relative to this particular game.

Funny thing you mention psychology :sweat_smile:…they specifically mentioned theyve had a psychologist on their dev team specifically to cover that “base” from the get-go.

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Right. I’ll be reviewing what happened here in depth.

Also, as a note;

Using Flags in a retaliatory manner is against forum policy as it constitutes wasting the time of other users, and the mods.

I will not be closing the thread in the meanwhile, but I will also be reviewing what post was “removed”.


Ahh. Would you look at that. I was the one who closed the thread.

What @titanbubu may have failed to mention is the fact he referred to the Dev’s as “idiots”.

Disparaging comments, towards literally ANYONE ON THIS FORUM REGARDLESS OF THEIR POSITION WITHIN GEARBOX, EARTH, THE UNIVERSE OR ANYTHING ELSE, (I felt the need to stress) will result in a thread getting closed.

There is the “unlisted and closed” thread.

For the record, this thread will not be closed as you’re free to have any opinion so long as it isn’t supplemented with curses.


R.I.P. titanbubu, October 29, 2015 - May 14, 2016


Rotating ward was nerfed to much in my opinion. Hes still good dont get me wrong. But 30 percent might of been better.

Isac is one of my mains and I just beat the single player solo with him. I didn’t really notice the nerf at all.

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