Dexiduous the Invincible

So, I got it into my head recently that I might like to try to take on Dex solo, to add him to my list of Raid Bosses that I have taken in solo combat. But I really have no idea how to do that, as all my battles against him have been with at least one partner, and we’d die several times. I’ve seen plenty of instructional videos for pretty much all the other Raid Bosses, not so many for Dex. So I figured I’d ask here. Which Vault Hunter would be best equipped for this? And what sort of gear should I bring? I have all six at level 72 OP8, so I’ve got options.

Thanks in advance for any and all advice.

You can take cover under the walkway that leads up to the Lodge. Just keep an eye behind you for drifters that spawn during the fight. Dex has these white bulbs / blobs / thingies that pop up on his body. That’s where you’ll wanna shoot. Since he’s bobbing up and down all the time, it can be pretty hard to hit them. I’ve just done the fight a couple of times, and I think I used an Infinity when I did it. You know… Spray & Pray! :smiley:

I’ve killed him with Zero twice, once solo and once co-op. Solo, it took me a good 30-40 minutes, and I used every bit of ammo and had to sit with an Infinity for the last chunk of it. Never tried with Maya, which is my only other max level character. Both times were op8.

Shooting his pimples, that much I knew already.

Zer0 was at the top of the list of characters I was considering for this fight. I figured sniping the zits and his critical damage would be better than BeeHawking. Is the Pimpernel effective against him, or would I be better off trying to snipe the zits with a Jakobs sniper rifle for the extra crit damage? I’d also assume the Bekah a good choice for when sniper ammo runs out? Also, Zer0 has most of my Infinities for when all else fails.

Do you want to go toe-to-toe with Dex, or do you just want him dead?

If you just want to see him dead, as was mentioned before, there’s a place beneath the lodge where his spitballs can’t hit you. Also, I believe you can even go so far as to fast travel between the two stations on that map without de-spawning him, so you can easily skip around to safety and take shots at him. Unlike many other raid bosses, you at least have somewhere to go hide with this one (heck, you can nurse right off the vending machines there). That’s a huge advantage.

If you want to go toe-to-toe with him, you’ll need some decent ammo regeneration, but I believe the biggest challenge will be dancing the circle of death around him without taking a knee or getting bored (dude’s got a lot of health).

There’s a bit of a middle ground with the hovercraft, as they’re much easier and safer to circle-strafe him in, and they don’t run out of ammo.

I want to be able to beat him solo. How is a detail, only important in that I can manage it. Doing it is just a matter of personal pride. I don’t plan to go for any time trials or anything. I just want to kill him, then order my XBox to record the last 30 seconds to show off to my friends.

Did not know about the fast travelling between those two points, and would not have thought to try it. Might be useful for hitting zits that spawn on his far side.

I will help you but I need help leveling up a character I’m at 51 on TPS and 54 on BDL2

And victory. That is 7 our of 9 I have managed to solo. Did a ton of damage early on with the Pimpernel. When it started to run low, switched to my Boss Bekah. Had to use my Harold to get myself up several times when lesser Drifters killed me. Dex himself got in a few lucky hits when he’d lure me out slightly to get those crit spots. But nothing the Grog Nozzle couldn’t get me out of.

Worse was actually fighting the savages and witch doctors before he spawned. Zer0 has always been my worst character for mobbing, and they killed me many times. Past them, though, it was a case of patience and a deep ammo supply.

That just leaves Vermivorous, whom I don’t think I’ll ever get to spawn solo so I’m not that worried about him, and the Dragons.

Edit: Thank you for all advice given. It helped.

[quote=“BunBun299, post:8, topic:322527”]Worse Best was actually fighting the savages and witch doctors before he spawned.[/quote]Fixed that for you. That little mob fight is my favorite part of this campaign.

And with any other character, I would not have minded it. With Maya especially, I would have gone through those guys in about 3 minutes. Zer0, though, I’ve always found to be inconsistent at best. I went with him for this kill because I figured his accuracy and critical bonuses would be the most advantageous things to bring along to this particular Raid Boss. And they certainly did help against Dex himself. Never even got to the point of needing an Infinity.

But fighting all those Savages and Witch Doctors, I was lucky to get one or two kills in between deaths. And my second winds were rare. Maybe its me, and I’m just a lousy Zer0 player. I can make all 5 of the others work just fine. And I used to be a pretty good sniper with Maya back in Normal and TVHM. But I can never manage to stack Critical Ascension, except in very rare and specific circumstances. And by the time I do get a meaningful amount of stacks, I’m out of ammo unless a Gunzerker with a horder COM is around.

Oh well, I’ve got 5 other characters to choose from.

I’m with you - when I step into a mob with Maya, I’m like “Whatever wankers, let’s do this” and I just start steamrollin’. When I step into a mob with Zer0, I spend a fair amount of time looking for weak spots, prioritizing targets, waiting for the right moment to pounce, then sweating whether or not I’ll walk out of it alive. To be fair, my Vladof allegiance assassin doesn’t have too much of a problem (he’s got a couple of Moxxi weapons up his sleeve in case things get nasty) but my Jakobs allegiance assassin… that dude is not equipped to recover from major damage to his health easily.

I think having as much cool down rate as you can with Zer0 is crucial for higher level mobs. You really need to re position yourself a lot and set up enemies with Death Mark.