Yeah, it really does seem like a dumb character…

Thorns are dumb character too but everyone still plays her. At least he had the bright idea to build a robot suit instead of grabbing a friggen bow.

I guess I like the concept (kinda), and the design isn’t TOO bad, but yea… that f**king name. My guess is it’s satire or something.

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You obviously know nothing about Thorn.


I hope he’s just small looking because there’s no one eise around him.

In the new characters pic, him and (who I assume is) Empress Lenore look taller than everyone else.

EDIT: Ahh, the website did not show the picture. No need to edit your OP.

Also, please don´t trick out the swearword filter, its against our simple Forum Rules .

His looking and name is so weird… I LIKE IT



Ernest’s Ult?

He’s talking about the next to be released Battleborn character…

Just edited my post - the Forum is veeery buggy to me today, the picture did not show up when I visited this topic the first two times and I was very confused.
So its just me being confused & Discourse being weird :sweat_smile:

This char looks…well…Megaman has a new sibling I guess… I…I really don´t like it :sob: Not that I was expecting Nova, but this makes me a bit sad -.-

@kdh5559 everything is okay, no worries :heart: I did not saw the picture you uploaded, somehow its buggy and only sjowed up when I visited your topic the third time. Just a bit confusion on my side.

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He was just saying that you should be a lot more specific as to what your topic is about in your topic title.

@Ganjamira No worries my friend!

Did you mean booster gold???


Oh my gawd. STAAAAAAAWP it. QUIT IT.

That name… ugh. Tough one. I hoped for a simple robot. But a kid in a suit… nay.

It won’t matter if Kiddo plays alright. But this one won’t be my favorite ever…

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I’m guilty for liking Kid ULTRA !!! :smiley:


I hope it is a joke or something like that.

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@kdh5559 I ment it would be good to be more specific about what you talk in your first post/“Original Post”/OP.
No need to delete anyhing here.
I did not saw the picture you uploaded, it just showed up when I reloaded the website twice, thats why I was highly confused what you were talking about and thought you talk about Ernest.

So no worries - I´m just a very confused moderator with laggy internet :sweat_smile:

Thats…This…Well, Megaman got a new sibling I guess… I…I…really don´t like it :sob: Not that I was expecting Nova, but his/her design looks so generic -.-

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I really don’t think it is.

It totally fits the back left silhouette in the “5 new DLC characters” image.

Thanks Discourse, now I thought my first post got lost in cyberspace and wrote it anew - and now there are two posts :expressionless: Sorry for the purple spam…


At the risk of bringing up a taboo topic, ge looks very much like a character from a certain “game that shall not be named”, the one that “watches over”.

But hey, Caldy looks like a Gundam (albeit a super badass and lethal one).

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i know EVERYTHING about thorn. Shes dumb.
@kdh5559 look at her hand when she runs ! shes skinnier than the arrows that dont fit in her bow.