Diablo 3 for which platform?

Should i get diablo 3 for xbox 360 or pc? I’m a console gamer but i recently got a macbook pro and tried the starter edition and it seemed to run pretty smoothly.

Opinions and suggestions all appreciated!

I think the general consensus is that the ps4/Xbone versions are the best because they have all the console bonuses AND are fully up to date. (And iirc include the expansion on disc)

But if your choosing 360 vs Mac. Get 360, simply for splitscreen multiplayer which is mega fun.

360 and ps3 versions are not getting any more patch support. They are older versions. The game is still great either way. But go with pc it has alot more content and will get all the latest patches

Diablo 3 is consolified to all hell, so play it on console.

but how many people are still active on xbox 360

Probably not many.

So if your relying on random strangers, PC is best.

But if you have friends who live close, couch co-op is the best way to play.

And PC is always on DRM, so if you have dodgy internet get console version.

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so support is finished for xbox 360 version, but its definitely cheaper with the ultimate evil edition

but pc for the constant updates and seasons

Yeah, and control schemes.

Console you move your character with the analogue stick, while on PC you click to move (I think, never played it).

is there anyway to get diablo 3 and reaper of souls digital downloads at cheaper prices? adding them up equates to 80 bucks which is twice the price of the console version

What about the xbox one version? I have diablo 3 for the 360 but not the one with the DLC. And I just got an xbox one. So, is it worth getting the xbox one edition? I probably will. Once I enjoy the remastered BL2 and TPS on xbox one for a while.

For what it’s worth I also bought diablo 3 for mac. But I let my dad use my license instead of me because my Mac isn’t recent enough to play it well.

Alright I got the 360 version folks. And just wondering if it has patch 2.1.0