Diablo 3 General Discussion

Hey fellow Vault Hunters/Adventurers/People

I’ve created this thread to see who else is into Diablo 3 (which is probably no one!).

This is the place to discuss this incredible game. Share builds, item finds, stories of heroism and frustration, and other stuff here.

I shall join in, I still go back to Diablo 3 every now and then, on xbox 1, got the full Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls edition.

Have to say I started a fresh with that on the xbox1, so I tried the Crusader, I think I have died twice, man what an awesome class, blew my Mage and Barbarian out of the water.

I think I am about level 115 I think. I have the same problem with that game I do with BL & BL2, what loot is the best? what can I throw away? what should I outright destroy???

I am such a loot whore.

This was my first Diablo game, and I really enjoyed it, but I don’t find as much us in playing different characters, like I do in Borderlands, but the Rifts etc are very interesting.

(There you go, I helped)

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I got back into it last month and geared a witch doctor on standard and a crusader on ladder.

Then I got bored and quit again.

Gameplay is better, but im still mad at blizzard for the piece of ■■■■ they gave me on launch.

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Mind my n00b question, but what is the ladder?

There are two game types (on PC anyway, i dont know if they have this on the console versions) standard (general play) and ladder play, which forces everyone to restart from scratch with no saved gear/inventories/everything else. My friends were playing ladder and were able to boost me up pretty quickly, so I made a hammerdin. The ladder seasons have different and new gear that gets transitioned over to standard play when the season ends. I think this is ladder season 4.

Ahh right

I haven’t fired up Diablo in a couple of months on the xbox, so not sure if such a thing exists on consoles, I think the closest is Hardcore mode, 1 life, thats it, and you can only share equipment etc between other hardcore characters, so you have to unlock all your chest capacity again.

I tried Hardcore on the 360, got a barbarian to about 45, before I went over to xbox 1.

I’m running on Torment 1, with crappy gear, as a Demon Hunter, who is now lvl70 Paragon lvl30, or lvl100 now I suppose.

I keep tweaking my build to try and make it easier, but the build I’m using is working fairly well against trash mobs, but against Champions I have a hard time. Especially the ones with Reflect Damage and Molten.

I went into a Rift last night, and ended up spending half an hour trying to kill the Rift Guardian. He was putting me under as soon as I was back up, with his Fireball attacks that are basically one hit kills. What made it even worse was I had 3 Waller minions spawn in the same area, which were completely blocking me from hitting the Guardian. Very frustrating stuff. Because I’m running a Demon Hunter, the only things I’ve pumped my Paragon points in are Dex and Life On Hit. I have very little armor, although I did come across a nice legendary chest piece that was around 1000 Armor.

I keep going to the vendor to try and upgrade my armor but he never has anything better than what I’ve got, damage and armor wise.

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I did normal, then jumped 2 to expert. When i finish the game on expert i will jump 2 again. I also put all my parag9n points into defensive and healing. DPS can take care of itself.

Heh, I already had my witch doctor in torment 1 gear and at level 60 when I came back. My friends jacked me up quick with a few well placed runs. I’m told thats the way to go - look for groups to leech some rifts for gear and xp, then start looking for bounties when you’re geared enough to go.

I only play when a season starts up, get as far as I can, then stop playing till the next one. This season I went with a DH. I have full UE gear and power level is around GR 50. Did hit GR 60 when I was in a group of equally geared folks. So nice to have melee guys hold up the mobs so I can multi-shot spam safely!

I am stuck again, as I need friends for some speed runs. Need a speed run to unlock the last mission in my journey book :frowning:

Here is said DH:

Ugh the memories… It was so HORRIBLE!

Theres my two. Bonus points if you get the references on both names. And no, the witch doctor is not named after the chicken set in game. I’m at ~grift45 on chicken, ~41 on obara. I still need the 100% hammer attack speed thing with her, but ther eal issue with the blessed hammer build right now is having to stagger step. The dominion rune in my cube helps, but not a lot.

Its still not great. The things they did to the storyline were atrocious.

We do not speak of the “story-line” xD

It’s all about mindlessly grinding and looting over and over again to do more damage reaaaallly really faaaast to ascend higher and higher and higher until the screen is full of near billions of crit numbers. That is the real story line!

You see, thats a problem for me. Because I grew up with Diablo 2. I think I still have more hours in it than borderlands 2 by a long, longshot. Maybe as much time as I had in WoW in between the two. It was my game. And a big part of that was that the lore was really ■■■■■■■ good. Introducing the other two prime evils was great, and watching the wanderer’s trek was awesome. And then when that was done…

… the act five cinematics. I still get shivers.

“Your proposal… is acceptable…”

oooh. OOOH.

And then… deckard cain gets punted by a d list character. Couldn’t even have diablo, mephisto, baal or leoric do it. It had to be some random butterfly bitch. Tyreal cuts his wings off for no reason and then gets made the angel of wisdom for being the dumbest son of a bitch on the face of sanctuary. They throw in all this nephalem nonsense for no ■■■■■■■ reason…

I could still bitch about this for days, really.

As to the gear grind…

Well, I would say that the two characters probably have a combined 120-160 hours in them, not counting the at launch stuff I did for my witch doctor. Aaaaand I’m already done.

I have no desire to go back and play anymore, because they have the best sets that I think I can give them.

So… bleh.


I feel ya, that’s why I pretend there is no “story” in d3.

The first two games I gobbled the lore up like nuts. I read over those cool manuals games used to come with (RIP T_T), with all the kick-arse lore and pictures.

And then when it comes to D3, pretty much what you said and more its like… I am pretending this doesn’t exist… writing disaster TT

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MOER CHANGES: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/19941044/patch-240-ptr-preview-11-6-2015

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Also the revamped Jade Harvester sounds sick.

Is it weird that I’m annoyed by that? I dont like the jade harvester build, but did it cause I lucked into an ancient wormwood on my beef up runs. I like zombie bears so much more…

Actually I’ve got 1-2 hours in me. Any of our lower leveled members need some rift runs on ladder/standard?

Jade does need fixing a lot more than Helltooth does but I can see how seeing a build you dislike getting more attention can be disconcerting.

tbh though I never really liked Jade (aside from the green armor) but that might change with 2.4.

The way I played it was with the ancient wormwood that auto casts locust swarm on everything around you, which basically frees up another spell slot.

Even with that I didn’t like the build. It was basically “spam haunt and use soul harvest all the time, see also jerams bracers”.

Which seems to be a running gag right now. Getting the right bracers is almost more important than the right set.

I’m gonna start with my Hardcore Barbarian today, has anyone got any tips for Hardcore?

I think maybe worry more about armor this time around, and not worry too much about DPS, and probably stick to the lower difficulties.

What skills/passives should I use?