Diablo 3 Riftlike Endgame Repeatable Quest

Imagine a repeatable quest that ran you through some random minor objectives (kill enemies with grenades, get slam kills, kill certain enemy types, loot red chests, etc.) followed by some random mini bosses, culminating in a random boss fight. You wouldn’t know which mini bosses or main bosses you would get until you achieved the prerequisite goals in the quest. You could navigate the game world yourself like an MMO fetch quest, it wouldn’t need to be a specific dungeon like the Diablo 3 rift.

If you combined this with a large enough Luck multiplier (perhaps even like a pinball machine that you could watch increase as you went through the quest), and maybe some exclusive or guaranteed anointed loot (maybe even a new currency that could be spent on unique stuff), this repeatable randomized end game quest could compete with single boss rinse and repeat farming as the best use of time endgame activity.

This would greatly enhance my end game play experience. Walking my through this great big game world, and requiring me to use all of its mechanics in order to achieve the highest levels of loot gathering, would add a variety of game play that I feel silly doing on my own because of the sheer efficiency of rinse and repeat farming.

Diablo 3 rifts are a blast, but obviously can’t directly translate to Borderlands 3 because the level assets aren’t nearly as linear. This kind of quest doesn’t seem too difficult to implement from a laymen’s perspective and would capture the essence of the rift game-play loop in an MMO kind of way.


Maybe if it had a good, random selection of maps to draw from…

There could be somewhat reasonable daily/weekly objectives which result in a specific item reward that’s disclosed up front, too.


yes! i would love it - for bring up twinks and with more (?!) mayhem steps to get better stuff.

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Proving Grounds was supposed to be their answer to Diablo 3 rifts, but they forgot to actually make them rewarding from a loot perspective compared to boss farming.


Wasn’t there an hotfix to address proving grounds lack of rewards? Is it not good enuff?

It only affected the final chest, and the difference is marginal. You can still complete the round quickly and check all boxes and not even get a legendary, let alone an anointment. It’s honestly baffling.

And compared to boss farming, it’s at least 10x (yes, 10 times) slower.

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Diablo 3 player here.

The thing about diablo rifts is there’s a few different flavors:

  • There’s challenge rifts, which force you into a predetermined setup and you complete it for loot which is perfect for starting a new character at the beginning of a season.

  • Regular Rifts, which are randomized dungeons with multiple floors which drop (at the highest difficulty level) anywhere from 0-20+ legendaries a run, and can take anywhere from a single minute to 15+ depending on your setup. You can also run these as many times as you want with zero barrier for entry other than max level.

  • Greater Rifts which are also randomized and also drop a high amount of loot depending on the difficulty level, but instead of mobs and objects in the environment dropping loot you get it upon completion in addition to having a chance at leveling up your legendary gems. You can only open these with greater rift keys you get from completing regular rifts.

It’s all mostly random, and highly rewarding and mindless fun depending on your build and difficulty level.

The point is it’s endless endgame type content that is extremely replayable and highly rewarding. I can load up up my monk rn on my switch and run a Torment 16 rift (the borderlands equivalent would be like running through an area like konrad’s hold or athenas on TVHM M4) and literally get a legendary within 5 minutes easy. It’s a ton of loot and mats and mobs.

I think people are also bringing this up because from a player perspective we would assume it would cost gearbox less to design endgame content like this rather than create brand new assets and areas and stuff like that when rifts are essentially recycled content from the game remixed and repackaged into a clean experience with highly scalable difficulty and rewards.

Not even getting into the bounty system, cow level, puzzle ring portal, goblins, whimyshire, darkening of Tristram, and other cool endgame / Easter egg type stuff it’s all content that anyone can and does enjoy and it would be ASSUMEDLY be easier for the developer to implement over creating entire new levels, characters, storylines, and gameplay systems.

Your objective in rifts is simple: kill everything, get loot. You get loot from mobs, objects in the environment, and the bosses therein. It’s extremely replayable and simple, fun, and rewarding.

It’s not the greatest gaming idea ever, and it’s not the most challenging type of content ever either, but it’s fun and works.

Just my thoughts on this from someone who’s played hundreds of hours of both borderlands and diablo.


I realized after reading your post that the diablo 3 analog I was actually describing was the adventure mode that you used to get rift keys. Perhaps an adventure mode quest could award loot multipliers to actually make proving grounds worth it.

In any event, I think borderlands would benefit from adventure mode.

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Yeah there’s the campaign mode in diablo 3, which is a scripted semi linear affair, (you can travel around a bit after you unlock fast travel points, but you mostly are just concerned with going from point A to B) And then there’s adventure mode which is just the entirety of the game opened up and you can fast travel anywhere any time.

Adventure mode is great because of the activities I mentioned before, and how it brings it all together. Coming from a base game that just had a campaign and no other ways to play it was an awesome addition. The gameplay loop is something like this: You run bounties for mats so you can reroll loot and take passives from gear to put on your character, you run rifts to get more loot and currencies and greater rift keys, then you run greater rifts to upgrade and unlock legendary gems to further strengthen your character and also get more loot. It all ties together and ultimately rewards and powers up your character.

Borderlands kind of is already structured like a more bare-boned adventure mode since you can fast travel anywhere, it’s just the execution of the individual activities is where it differs greatly. There’s no crafting or really any substantial ways to cut down on rng other than just dedicated drops, so there are no vendors that have specialized shops that enable you to craft or reroll or customize your gear. The bounty system in adventure mode is specifically for mats for crafting and gear tinkering, so if BL3 were to have an adventure mode or copy diablo 3 more directly that may need to be addressed.

There’s proving grounds and circles of slaughter but they aren’t randomly generated or dynamic environments, and only the slaughter shaft is a standout in terms of rewards vs time spent. Either way it’s not as replayable, randomized, or rewarding as any of the endgame content in diablo 3 IMO.

The raid would be darn near perfect if it wasn’t for the bad spawning system, inconsistent matchmaking, and bad dedicated drops. But it’s a welcome addition and I still enjoy running it, it’s basically the most challenging content in the game.

My point in another lengthy ramble here is that borderlands isn’t worse than diablo 3, but rather it should take the ideas that make D3 great and improve and build upon them. Diablo 3 is also not a perfect game, with a lot of people feeling like it’s either too easy, too repetitive, or too simple. You know, the same criticisms aimed at borderlands 3 currently.

I feel like taking the rift idea or adventure mode in general and expanding upon it is a great way to improve the endgame, and save the developer time and money in the long run compared to designing a big Tiny Tina sized dlc or redesigning large chunks of the game.

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This idea sort of reminds me of the Raid on Digistruct Peak.

Proving Grounds was the endgame activity i was looking forward to the most in BL3, but after running all the locations a couple of times it doesn’t have the lasting fun feeling that i had hoped for. I hope they take a look at them and improve and/or expand to make them worth while like rifts/grifts are in D3.

I suggest a randomly generated proving grounds with random factions and bosses something like a D3 rift system is what this games needs. If anyone is unfamiliar with a D3 rift, its a dungeon with randomly selected tilesets, monsters and bosses at the end. GB gets to reuse it’s already created monsters, bosses, tile sets/areas, and should just need to stitch together the selected tile set while creating a timer to complete the rift and rewards to go with the rift. The randomness of a D3 rift is insanely fun. This could also give another use for eridium as a cost needed to pay your way into the random proving grounds. Thus, GB could modify the existing trials to allow a random generation of stages from any of the 6 trials. Typically, each trial has 3 stages and then its boss. In the random trial rift, GB should add a chance for one or more loot tink type/loot enemies to spawn in each random stage as well as each random stage will have added a random named bosses/mini bosses that has an associated legendary drop with that named bosses/mini boss. The added boss/mini boss will make each stage harder because of that beefier enemy, plus some interesting combination of enemies and bosses could occur. In the final stage of the random rift proving ground, the end boss would also be random. The final chest should have a higher chance at generating legendary class mods and artifacts including the M4+ exclusive class mods, when the player completes the rift/ random stage trial within x time as modified by other trial factors such as killing the guardian. I suggested legendary class mods and artifacts because finding a good one of those is harder and less predictable than finding a good weapon. However, the final chest could also have a higher chance of generating a class specific anointment on gear than in general. A random stage proving ground would add something fresh each time played. This would complement the current farming static X map and Y boss/mini boss for Z item, which gets boring very fast. Thoughts?